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Welcome To My Website


Dr. Linda Groff, Director

Global Options and Evolutionary Futures Consulting
--Global/Evolutionary Futures, Peace, Intercultural/Interfaith Dialogue, & Spirit

WELCOME to Our Personal, Planetary, and Evolutionary Futures, & To This Website

This website introduces you to a number of topics and issues impacting our personal, planetary, and evolutionary futures.  All topics are interesting and relevant to people's lives in a rapidly changing world.  Better understanding these changes will also help you see opportunities in change that you didn't see before.  Enjoy the journey!!


Global Options and Evolutionary Futures:  Making Preferable Futures More Probable

*  Introduction to Futures Studies & Foresight

Sustainable Peacebuilding:  A Holistic Integrative View of Peace, Based on Holistic, Evolving Aspects of Peace, Nonviolence, and Community Peace Wheels

Intercultural/Interfaith Dialogue and Synergy, Based on Unity and Diversity of the World's Peoples

Creativity and Innovation--Across Cultures and Evolution

Spirit Rising and the Evolution of Consciousness

*  Personal Growth

*  Monthly Spiritual Salons-LA, October 2010-July 2013 (34 Months)

*  Spiritual Poetry

*  Spiritual Art

Grassroots Organizations Worth Supporting

Dr. Linda Groff:  Contact Information, Bio, Resume, and Personal Mission Statement

Dr. Paul Smoker (1938-1998):  Memorial Webpage


** NOTE:  This website is a work in progress, with information largely as of 2008, with updating needed through 2016 (to follow).

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