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Welcome to FreeMart's Next Level Team information & training website.  Find out why you might want to join us in this exciting FreeMart (Shopfreemart) Business Opportunity.  You'll definitely have unequaled support to help you build a SUCCESSFUL & PROFITABLE business. 

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This website tells you about our exciting Home-Based Income Program...how it works...why it works and shows you how you can start generating yourself a fabulous income - within the next 24 hours.  No Selling! No Telling! No Meetings! No Signup Fees! No Website Fees! No Cost To Join! 

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My name is Terry Brown.  I am Team Leader for the Next Level Team, also known as the Healthy, Wealthy & Wise Team Do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of any assistance to you.  I am more than happy to assist you.  It is best to text me at 540-797-9858We can set up a time to when we can talk by phone.  I also have a conference call number we can use when necessary!  

If you have a real desire to start a profitable home-based business, you could not be at a better place.  How would you like to create wealth on the Internet, from the comfort and convenience of your own home? 

We strongly believe that we have the perfect (RIGHT) opportunity.  Our wellness products are some of the very best in the marketplace.  They are high quality, affordable products that help the body to heal itself.  We also have the very best compensation plan in the industry.  You get paid more with us than any other referral based marketing opportunity!

  • The Right Opportunity!
  • The Right Products!
  • The Right Compensation Plan!
  • The Right Time
  • The Right Team!

Put The "Next Level Team" System To Work For You!

Find out the SECRET Of Turning Real Time Leads, Co-op Advertising & Postcards Into MONEY.  Basically, we use cost effective, time-saving ways to help you build a PROFITABLE business.  You can build your business on a Full-time, Part-time and even Spare-time basis. 

Let us SHOW you how to use Real Time Leads, Co-op Advertising, Postcard Marketing, YouTube Marketing, Free Leads & more to help you GROW your business.  You can STAY HOME AND MAKE MONEY with FreeMart and our System!

  • Real Time Leads Marketing
  • Co-op Advertising
  • Postcard Marketing
  • YouTube Marketing
  • Free Leads Program
  • Ringless Voicemail

    No longer settle for Living Paycheck To Paycheck.  We're a special group of people making BIG MONEY in the Multi-Billion Dollar Health & Wellness Industry.  FreeMart is an absolutely FREE business opportunity.   

NOTE:  We recently added REAL TIME LEADS  & CO-OP ADVERTISING Program to our marketing mix.  This makes our marketing efforts even more effective.

Join the Next Level Team by signing up for a FreeMart, membership under one of our Team Members.  Contact the person who shared this information with you to get their FreeMart website address (if you don't have it) so that you can signup under them.


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