Happy September,

with summer now past...

Schoolbuses, backpacks

and lessons that last...

Quick autumn showers,

on dry, dusty fields

gardens now giving up

summertime yields..

Happy September..

so, don't think it strange

for leaves to be turning...

it's time for a change...


spaghetti sauce

(photos by nan)




(photos by nan)





Mowing and raking

and baling the hay

All being done on 

a hot summer day....

Taking the wagon from 

field to the barn

where it will be fodder

all next winter long...





(photo by nan) garden new potatoes

(photo by nan) shelves  in kitchen

(photo by nan) Brenda's quilt

photo by nan) morning produce

(photo by nan) new potatoes that came up by themselves from last year's garden


Summer comes sailing along

Birds sing their fresh morning song...

Flowers all dressed up

and gardens agrow

now long-forgotten is winter and snow...

Summer is sailing on by

White clouds up in the blue sky...

Swimming pool parties

picnics by the lake,

hot dogs and burgers

and thick chocolate cake...

Summer is sailing its way

We know that it cannot stay

but now, for the moment

we'll basque in the sun

and fish in the creek

...pull them in one by one...

Summer is sailing today

they say it's the time to make hay

so, we'll wake up each morning

do work to be done

then rest in the evening

when cool showers come...

Summer is sailing away...

then will come crisp autumn days

The calendar turns

as each season returns

and the year travels on...come what may



(photo by nan

*** See More flowers and trees...under "Flowers" listing at left side of page

Two new recipes added:

Crockpot Beans or (Picnic Beans) from Scratch

(they're good in the winter, too...)


Batter for deep frying onion rings and/or summer yellow and zucchini squash...

(photo by nan)

(photos by nan)

(photo by nan)

First strawberries 2015






(photo by Dollarphoto club)


Gardening in the morning

Watching the plants grow

fertilizing, watering...

aerating, with the hoe

harvesting the vegetables

so healthy... freshly grown

It's all part of summertime

and the peaceful feel of home.




(photo by nan)


(photo  by nan)


It's Summer vacation..

time off from school

no books,no teachers,

and no golden rule...

just fun things, like swimming

baseball, and friends

Laughing and playing 

til summertime ends...



June is for graduations...

June is for brides

June is the month of pools,

deep and wide

Celebrations and birthdays

flowers and all

grass-growing, birds singing

now til the fall...



It's official..you're the teacher

you've passed all the tests and turns

it started as a little glow...

you let the fire burn

You've gathered all the knowledge

and the educating ways

from September til the summertime

you'll plan your teaching days..

It's official...you're the teacher

with the stickers and the like

the big, correcting pencil...

that one so bold and bright...

the new books and the marker board

the desk set right up there

the tests, and that ol' answer book...

...that smile that says you care

It's official...you're the teacher

the children's helping- gnome

their shelter and protector

while they're away from home...

their mentor, and their hero

their coach and safety net...

someone that they'll look up to

and that they never will forget 








Lovingly  called 'Decoration Day'

We honored the young men who went away

to fight in the wars...and to heed the call

Soldiers with stars and stripes... brave and tall...

Down through the years, it has stayed the same

Small hometown graveyards with stones and names

Honored with bouquets...  both big and small

Remembering loved ones  who gave their all



Beautiful, Beautiful May Days

Sun shining bright from above

The whole world is warm

with a storybook charm..

.and the flowers are blooming with love

Beautiful, Beautiful May Days

Morning birds sing happy songs..

Row upon row....in the garden...now grows

and summertime dreams won't be long...



Thinking of Mothers all  over the world

Who've brought forth their children

with no flags unfurled

No fanfare, no banners

just mother and child...

with much love and laughter

that's been so worth while!



Beautiful May

has started its 'tuning'

Leaves on the trees

and flowers are blooming

Soft, balmy days

and grass in the sun

May sings a melody

of laughter and fun...



Zigzagging April is warm,... then it's cold

it's sunny, then snowing again

Can't make up its mind... if it wants to stay

or turn back to winter....but then

each day's progressing keeps making the turn

and it has to give in ...in the end

Cause May will come ...with its skipping along

and prove that it's summertime's friend.






Bible lessons speak to me

as each new thing I learn

Trusting in God's favor

Depending on His word...

Bible studies, guide my life

and daily I do seek

to do the Father's will and way

His Kingdom, for to reap.




The garden's tilled and watered...

the onion sets are in

The April wind sounds brisk, out...

Let growing-time begin

Soon the plants will floourish

in long and greening rows

As April turns to May, then June

the autumn harvest grows...



Sunshine and flowers

sweet, balmy hours

Like fragile stems

of a springtime boquet

Sunshine and flowers

A time to call ours

while springtime

so gently comes

in its dainty way...




Umbrellas and galoshes

for springtime's rainy days

outside, in the garden

at work or just in play

Umbrellas and golashes

for staying warm and dry

in the springtime showers

as the days go by



The strawberry plants are growing

We've added 40 more...

Here's hoping lots of berries

will be this winter's store...

If they grow and flourish

the fruit-freezer will be filled

with strawberries for smoothies

along with other things we've tilled.

(photo by nan)




The lawn mower is getting tuned

'twill soon be on the buzz

cutting all the fresh green grass

like every year it does...

making quite a carpet of

that same old country lawn

while the warming sun shines down

and April dances on....




Uncle Sam should be so happy

He should be jumping 'round in glee

It's time to pay those taxes

He's getting rich off you and me



Almost time for hanging baskets

and pansies 'round the lawn

impatiens, wax begonias and

those lilies on the pond...

Almost time for fresh, green onions

and straight, long garden rows

Because it's half-past April

Time for things to green and grow...



Life has been enclosed

all winter long

but, now, it's outside

with every bird's song

Cleaning the yard,

planting the ground

doing the tasks

we see  all around...




O it's nice when seasons change

the earth seems bright and new again

Sunshine brings its cheery smile

so we can laugh and play a while!



O Springtime, with your promise

of good things yet, to come

of summer sun and showers

and flowers one by one

O springtime, with your beauty

how colorful and new

to bring us happy hours

with skies of azure blue


Rhubarb's showing in the ground

Strawberry plants, can now be found..

The early signs are here for all to see

Onion sets can now go in

garlic, too...and peas, again...

Things that frost won't hurt

...in rows, can be...

Greenhouses all, now burst their seams

with plants of which we've only dreamed

When dreams come true, 

they'll fill the garden beds

to grow and blossom in the sun

til fall is here, and harvest's come

A bounty full of blessings that will be




April showers...bring May flowers

the saying still is true

The snow is washing all away

the skies are brighter blue

Daffodills will raise their heads

the crocuses and all

as springtime slowly makes its change

and heeds its warmer call...



The chocolate bunny's eaten...

the jelly beans 'most gone

it's just a bit past Easter

we've sung the bunny trail song...

The little tots are happy

The Easter Bunny came

and filled their Easter Baskets

with goodies once again...



I hear the birds all singing

and they zip along, today

making nests, preparing things

for new ones soon on the way

Nature has awakened...

and the earth is bare again

dark green grass is showing

where the drifts of snow have been

Still chilly, but it's springtime

and soon the winds will blow

to dry the sodden places

where the flowers all will grow



From the cross to the clouds

that carried Him away....

to take His place in Heaven

where we'll meet Him some sweet day

What a Savior and a Friend

Jesus knows how things will end

and with Him we'll reign forever

come what may




He Arose...He Arose

From the silent, earthly grave


Salvation, His to give

He died and He Arose

So we could LIVE

Praise His Holy Name forever





Get out your Easter bonnet

For...Resurrection Day

is really here, tomorrow

It's time to celebrate

The Rising of our Savior

from death, there, in the grave

His earthly task completed

He died, so we could be saved!


The specialness of Easter

The Savior on the cross

The depths He gave His all in all

Not measuring His loss

The Love that He extended

with those nail-scarred hands

to save a lost and dying world

was all in God's Great Plan



Just three more days til Easter

that's Resurrection Day

The day that Jesus rose again

from death ...there in the grave

The day He showed the power of God

and just what He can do

if we just believe in Him

and through our lives stay true



April Fool..April Fool

Don't get tricked today

Have a few tricks up your sleeve

Tricks that you can play...

Make them fun... don't make them mean

or scarey to the core...

April Fool's Day should be fun

with laughter heard galore!


The leaving of March...

with its coldness and snow

tells us that winter just

does hate to go

This year has been

an exception, it's true

But, the Lord, and warm fires

have helped see us through.



April Fool's day is coming

so, fun-lovers, beware!

Think up some April.foolishness...

so you'll have some to share...

Make it good and funny

so all can have a laugh

so that the start of April

is fun...cause winter's passed...




Use to be when Sunday came

the kitchen smelled so fine

Especially with the morning done,

then it was dinnertime

Mashed potatoes, gravy 

and a roast to fit a King

Garden vegetables... we'd canned

if it was wintertime or Spring

Summer brought it's fresh-green fare

and Autumn harvest's yield..

Sunday was a special time

From church to home, to field...

(Please remember to say grace)



April showers bring May flowers...

That's how the saying goes...

Soon will come the tulips...

and in time, the blooming rose...

lots of blazing colors...

to replace the cold, white snow

As the year starts taking shape

and as the seasons go...



Snow likes it here

it wants to stay

but we're saying...

"Snow...Go Away!"

You can come again

next year

but can't you see

that Spring is here?!



March soon will turn to April

with buds upon the trees...

birds in trees ...out singing

amidst the balmy breeze

March soon will turn to April

and showers, then, will come

to bring the lovely flowers

we so depend upon.



Bare spots are appearing

in the winter's depths of snow...

as the sun comes brightly shining...

it starts to melt and flow,...

Hope comes soaring in the heart...

hopes for dreams come true

as spring awakes the sleeping earth

and skies turn springtime blue...


March on, March...

a few short days...

then pretty April will be

here to stay

The sun is out

...it's getting warm...

we hope no more

winter storms...

Crocus, tulips.

lift your heads

and make the way

for roses....red!



Will March go out like a lamb?

Will it be balmy and sunny?

Or will there be storms

...and call for alarms...

will the weathr be drippy and runny?
















Thank you, Lord, for season's long

winter's snow and springtime's song

Summer's bloom and autumn's change

Seasons ...only you've arranged!


It's finally happened...

Spring's really here...

A fresh new beginning

at this time of year...

The ground is all sodden...

the wind wants to blow

to dry up the wetness

from new-melted snow.




Shoots stretching up their little heads

from seeds sown inthe dirt....

for now, they're on the window sill

and they're looking pert...

Surely the first signs of spring

just feel it in the air...

Tomorrow's the first day of it

Sunshine's waiting there!



Hey!  Hey!... four days til Spring

That's what we've been waiting for

Here's hoping the weather will bring

Sunshine and flowers galore!!!



Put on something green...

and head out on your way

Today there will be lots of fun

for It's St. Patrick's Day

Irish blessings to you...

and Luck along the way

It's the wearin' of the green

In Ireland today...


It's the eve of St. Patty's

on the emerald isle

way over across the sea...

They're getting prepared

right now, over there

for some Irish festivities...

Come tomorrow, it's true...

beside the blue water

dancing and singing, there'll be

they'll all wear the green

what a sight to be seen

as they celebrate so merrily...



It's Sunday, it's Sunday... God's Day of Rest

Worship the Savior, and you'll be blessed!

Lean on His word...do His good will

and you'll spend eternity...happy...fulfilled!

God Bless you



Ham and cabbage...leprachauns

a rainbow's pot of gold

Symbols of St. Patty's day

like in the days of old...

A happy wish, an Irish brew...

while Irish jig tunes play

These are things that make  it

such a happy Irish day...



Red-winged blackbirds returning,

others singing their song...

Springtime is nearly here...

it can't be long...

Eaves have been dripping

...puddles around

Springtime is appearing

with nary a sound...



The drifts are melting everywhere...

springtime winds a-blow...

just to dry the sodden land

from all the winter's snow...

Sunshine's warming through the trees..

and soon some buds will show

as winter ends its cold, dark ways

and springtime flowers grow...


St. Patrick Day's a-comin'

The wearin' of the green

Good corned beef and cabbage

and clovers,to be seen...

Lots of good luck comin'

to last the whole year through...

Happy happy, happy

St. Patrick's Day to you!



Plant starting time

It's plant starting time in the windows...

tomatoes and peppers and such

cute little leaves... sticking out of the dirt...

(spray with some water...don't touch.)..

They'll stay and grow in the sunshine

counting the days til it's time

to take their full place in the garden

and spend the whole summer in line...



Soon there'll be flowers

and grass, pretty green

soon there will be hours

in gardens unseen...

Springtime is breaking

in warblers' song

Birds are returning

from all winter-gone



Outside, there are scenes

of folks tapping trees

hanging those buckets, they do...

Sap is now flowing

in early spring's breeze...

to make maple syrup for you...


Snowflakes, just

put on the brakes...

Wind...please, just slow down the 'blow'

Temperatures.. rise with the new morning  sun

We've had enough

of this wintertime stuff..

so Pack up your icicles and go....!


Thirteen below again...

will winter really end?

Yes, I know it will...and sometime soon

it's yo-yo weather ...now

but Spring will come ...somehow...

and we will sing a happy springtime tune..




Twenty degrees...it's warmer today

Now I believe Springtime is here...

on its way...

The sap will start flowing

and syrup willl come

and all things of springtime

will start

one by one!


Better things


coming our way...

First of all...is

St. Patty's Day...

after that

Spring should appear

then, sunny and warm

for most of the year...!


Minus four this morning

Winter loves its chill

We want Springtime coming

Winter says that's 'nil'

Patience is a virtue

Guess we'll have to wait

Spring will make it

right on time

and not a bit too late!


Birds about their feeders...

pecking at the seed

flitting through the winter

getting what they need

It's been a month of Sundays

since they've seen a wiggling-worm

But...they're thankful for the feeders

as they all take their turn..



When March comes in like a lion

it seems to go out like a lamb

Today...there's a snow-storm a-comin'

but, we're making spring-planting plans...

Little leaves starting in windows

with shoots looking green and spring-new

In time this cold, snowy weather

 will warm up like all springtimes do...



The last day of February

Temperature's dipping again

21 below zero ..the reading this morn

What a long, cold winter it's been...

Two months of it have come and gone

And we'd surely welcome a change

Hoping that March has really good news

We'd surely trade all the ice and  the snow

for some sunshine and early spring rain...



Hope is springing forth again..

the hope of sunny days

of green things living in the earth

and taking sunny ways...

Of course the wind and rain will stay...

and sleet and snowflakes, too

but with the first few days of March

We know winter's nearly through!



O February

it's almost time

to bid this month goodbye

You've brought your winter snow and cold

and now you're going by...

Just two more days

and you'll be gone

but, still I have to tell

You were tough..

you made things rough...

But,you sure did it well!





Flu and colds around the schools

Children, staying home

Wishing that the sun would come

and warm up chilly bones...


The winter this year's

been exceedingly cold

it's warming up days, now

but nights... 20+ Below

It can't last much longer...

 February's all but gone...

and we're longing to hear

that first robin's song!



The days are a little bit longer...

and ...that's a really good sign

The sun's just a little bit brighter

than it's been in a long, long time...

someday we'll see a robin

and watch the melting snow...

Spring's a-comin...spring's a-comin'

We'll see flowers grow!


The sight of new shoots

of 'mud' on your boots

This is a vision of Spring

When rain-showers start

Spring flowers impart

and sunshine warms up



One week from today

we'll know Spring's on its way

when March makes its friendly debut

Whether lion or lamb

it will say "Here I am"...

Maybe change in the weather's in view...



"Life Below Zero" has nothing on us...

The talk in the neighborhood?

Make Spring or Bust...

...What shall we do...to speed up the time

Maybe take down that "Let It Snow" sign....


O frigid Winter...

you're sure getting drear'

Are you planning to last

for the rest of the year?

We would sure miss

spring, summer and fall...

so, Winter, remember...

you can't have it all...(lol)


Maple sap comes from the trees

just before the springtime leaves...

Sunshine, come and let the liquid flow

Maple syrup for your 'cakes'

cold nights, warm days...

that's what it takes...

The end of winter will be sure to please..



Long icicles at the windows...

the thermometer's dipping low...

Wintertime is holding on...

it doesn't want to go...

the sap is frozen in the trees...

no sun to make it flow

Maple Syrup time must wait

til warmer weather shows..



Valentine flowers make you think of Spring

...you know it's on its way

when February turns to March

..then we'll count the days...

until then we'll sing a song

...try a hobby, too

to make the winter slip along

as long, cold days will do...



"Happy Valentine's Day

to my sweetheart...

After all of this time

we'll still never part...

Honey, I love you

today and always...

You're my one and only

Happy Valentine's Day!"



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I also have done lyrics for songs, of which 3 have been professionally published and recorded to date.

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