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(photo by nan)





A good homemade egg nog...for diabetics...

1 pkg instant sugar-free vanilla pudding mix

add milk as per directions

mix together...

add a dash or two of nutmeg

then add more milk to make it of 'egg-nog' consistency.  

tastes good! sugar-worries...



If you need to watch your sugar intake:

Try these Crescent Roll Cinnamon rolls :

Open a package of refrigerator crescent rolls...

spread a little butter or margrine over each one...

Sprinkle with splenda and cinnamon

Roll up into crescent rolls..

Top each roll with a dab of butter, splenda and cinnamon..Bake as usual...

They are great.::


Gameday MeatBalls -

3 ingredients

  1 jar of Grape Jelly 

1 bottle Chili Sauce

  1 package of Meatballs

Throw it in a Crockpot for 6 hours.


(see more Christmas and Everyday Recipes at the left under "RECIPES")


School Pageants, with lots of fun

Classes all singing by one

Band music playing with holiday zeal

Santa suits showing up...which one is real...

Ways that we celebrate...this time of year

with singing and laughter...and lots of good cheer...


Churchbells are chiming

Cause this is the time

for worshipping Jesus

in music and rhyme....

Carollers singing...choirs line...

Say this is Christmas...

It's Christmastime!



Cookies and candies... those great things to eat

Christmastime brings such festive, good treats

On a plate, in a stocking or just in a tin

The tastes of the season are about to begin

Ooey and gooey ...or crispy and sweet...

Those homemade confections...just cannot be beat



Carols are ringing out in the yard

North wind is blowing...snow's snowing hard

...just days before Christmas ...our hearts filled with cheer

All in the knowing the season is here.


Jesus is the Reason

We celebrate this day

Born to bring new life to man

is why He came to stay...

Born, there, in the manger...

Upon the cattle's hay

The Christ-Child sent from Heaven

was born on Christmas Day


It's the Christmas countdown

Ten days til Christmas Day

all the kiddies waiting their childhood way

Toys are dancing in their heads

their list is on display...

There's magic in the air...tonight

cause Santa's on his way...



Silent Night...Holy night

The stars are all shining ...they're Christmas bright

Over the fields...there's a blanket of snow

sleigh rides in winter's soft glow..

out in the cold of this Holiday night

singing and laughing...they're folks feeling right...

Welcome the season of cheer...

Merry Christmas...and Happy New Year



Carols playing,... the tree is here

bringing lots of Christmas cheer

stringing lights...and hanging trim,...

cause it's Christmastime again...

sipping cocoa in the glow

letting Christmas snowflakes snow

lighting candles in the dark...

From the hearth...a popping spark...

Stockings hung, the fire

with the lists that they desire...

Now, it's time to kneel and pray...

for tomorrow's Christmas Day



Going Home for Christmas

we'll soon be on our way

Packed and almost ready...

in time for Christmas Day

Gonna see the homefolks some apple pie

Going Home for Christmas

for and I....



Children playing 'neath the tree

Gathered friends and family

Christmas snow is shining in the sun

All the ribbons and the bows

packed up by the mistletoe

They won't be needed

for some time to come...

Now the dining table's set

and the ham is basting yet

Christmas the candleglow

Coffee's perking, rolls are brown

Dinnertime has come around

Ring the jingle every one will know....

Bow our heads and Praise the Lord

for the day that He was born

That brings us all the happiness and cheer

of a Blessed Christmas Day

as we celebrate this way

for the long awaited time that's finally here..


Churchbells are pealing

what do they say?

Jesus...the Christ-Child

was born on this day

Ringing the news

to the people who'll hear

Christmastime brings us

The spirit of cheer..




When we live in the North this time of year

we've got to expect's going to be here...

While southerners lie on the the glow...

Up here the north...we'll always get snow....

Snowprints and snowdrifts...and icicles, too...

snowmen and rooftops...will get covered,,,true...

Evergreens twinkle... while cold North winds blow

Jimgle bells ring...'neath the lights as they glow...

Southern folks walk, in their light sweaters, too...

up here...we're dressed like the Eskimos do

But, waiting for seems just right...

For snowflakes to fall ...on a cold winter's night



All the Christmas shopping

finally is done

all the Christmas stockings

by the fire, now, are  hung

All the candles, gleaming

all the carols sung...

all the Christmas sharing

has really, now begun...

Happy is the season...

Blessed are one and all

in the Christmas treelight...

as snow begins to fall...


Christmas cards of candlelight

and joyful words of pure delight

in the mailbox, sent to me

right up til it's Christmas Eve




A Christmas Crafter's Workshop

Lots of red and green, and silver sparkles, too

jingle bells and holly leaves

and baubles colored blue

Christmas sayings..."Ho! Ho! Ho!

and pretty ribbons, too

That's a Christmas Crafter's Workshop

on December 22...

Christmas music playing from the shelf

snowmen, reindeer, Santa's Christmas elf...

Beards and Christmas stockings

wreaths and tinsel, too

Eerything to make those pretty

Christmas things for you...

Candles ...made for glowing

candies in their tins

Cookies, cooled and decorated

gingerbreads, with grins...

Everything you'd think of

that would make a Christmas bright

that's . a Christmas crafter's workshop

beneath those Christmas lights!



A Christmas Sleigh Ride


The horses' bells a-jingle

say we're on our way

all bundled up and cuddled up...

warm... in the Christmas sleigh

Across the fields we canter

beneath the stars above......

 on a Christmas sleighride....

the sleighride that I love

The snowflakes, with their tingle

have filled the Christmas sky

making cheeks get rosey

as they dance on by...

Singing Christmas carols

we go along our way

on our Christmas sleighride...

here, on Christmas Day



Christmas Windows

,,,oh so glittering and bright

Wrapped in feathered- evergreen

....and gleaming candlelight

Pretty as a we go riding by...

The beauty of this season

is heaven to my eye...

Christmas windows

now, in every vale and town

say it's Christmas

Silver snowflakes falling down

and my wish I enjoy my winter view....

is I hope that all your Christmases

are very Merry, too...


November, December...

the end of the year

Snowflakes are falling

and Christmas is near

Hang up your stocking

for soon you will see

That bright Christmas morning

'neath your Christmas tree...



Gifts from the kitchen at this time of year

Warm up the cold days with bright Christmas cheer!



No Bake Christmas Wreaths

Ingredients 1/2 cup butter

1 package (10 oz) miniature marshmallows

20 drops green liquid food color

3/4 cup white vanilla baking chips

5 cups Whole Grain Total™ cereal

56 red cinnamon candies


 In large microwavable bowl, microwave butter uncovered on High 30 seconds to 1 minute or until melted.

Add marshmallows;

toss to coat.

Microwave uncovered on High 1 minute 30 seconds to 2 minutes, stirring every 30 seconds, until marshmallows are completely melted and mixture is well blended.

 Stir in green food color to desired shade of green.

Add white vanilla baking chips to marshmallow mixture, and stir until melted, microwaving an additional 30 seconds if necessary.

 Stir in cereal until evenly coated

 Drop 1/3 cup of cereal mixture on waxed paper-lined cookie sheet.

Use greased hands to form into wreath shape.

Place 4 red cinnamon candies on wreath to decorate.

Repeat with remaining cereal mixture and candies.

Refrigerate 15 minutes before serving.


Use candy sprinkles or other small round candies in place of the cinnamon candies,

 For extra-festive flavor, try stirring 1/2 teaspoon of peppermint extract into the marshmallow mixture before adding the cereal.



Chocolate Christmas Log (Cookie Cake) .

1 package chocolate wafer cookie

2 cups whipping cream


shaved chocolate, for decoration


 Whip 1 1/2 c of cream

add sugar to taste (1/4- 1/2 cup)

. Put a teaspoonful of sweetened whipped cream on a cookie,

top with another cookie.

Add another teaspoonful and another cookie.


 Place on one end of a flat rectanglar serving dish (or plate), with the cookies vertical.

 Put a teaspoonful of cream on a cookie and add it to the end.

 Repeat until all the cookies and cream are used in a log shape.

Coat with remaining cream and cover lightly in plastic wrap

. Refrigerate at least overnight

. When ready to serve, whip remaining cream and sweeten.

 Recoat the log with the whipped cream and decorate with chocolate shavings.

 To serve, cut on the diagonal. 


Born was the Bethlehem

Born in a manger,...He was...back then...

Bringing His gift of love...His gift that's free

bringing man peace and joy eternally...



Ingredients •2 Tablespoons butter or margarine

•2/3 cup evaporated milk •

1-1/2 cups granulated sugar •

1/4 teaspoon salt

•2 cups (4 ounces) miniature marshmallows

•1-1/2 cups (9 ounces) semisweet chocolate chips

•1/2 cup chopped pecans or walnuts, optional

•1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Prep Time:

10 minutes

Cook Time: 5 minutes

Total Time: 15 minutes


Combine butter or margarine, evaporated milk, sugar, and salt in a medium, heavy-duty saucepan.

Bring to a full rolling boil over medium heat, stirring constantly.

Boil stirring constantly for 4 to 5 minutes.

Remove from heat.

Stir in marshmallows, chocolate chips, nuts, and vanilla.

Stir vigorously for 1 minute or until marshmallows are melted.

Pour into a foiled-lined 8-inch square baking pan.

Chill until firm.

Milk chocolate fudge: Substitute 2 cups milk chocolate chips for semisweet chocolate chips.

Butterscotch fudge: Substitute 1-2/3 cups butterscotch-flavored chips for semisweet chips.

Mint chocolate fudge: Substitute 1-1/2 cups mint-chocolate chips for semisweet chips.

Yield: 3 dozen pieces




Peanut Butter cookies










December, December

It's time to remember

seasons of long, long ago...

Bright Christmas memories

they, all, come back to me

 Christmases.... that we loved so....

Tots ...with their sleepy eyes

woke up in great surprise

seeing what Santa had done

Pretty gifts, one by one

welcomed the Christmas sun

For Christmas morning had come



'Tis the season of snowflakes

and evergreen trees

of snowmen and candles

and big, Christmas wreaths

'tis the season of boot-prints

and drifts all around

'tis the season of Christmas

that's just come to town



(photo by nan)

(photo by nan)









Now, it's goodbye, November

just one day to say

you took us through Harvest......

...through Thanksgiving Day

We welcomed your colors

....your abundant fare...

now your bright leaves have fallen

your trees ...dark and bare...

Winter's soon starting

and so you must leave

to make room for poinsettas

and bright Christmas trees...

(photo by nan)

(photo by nan)





(photo by nan)

(photo by nan)

(photo by nan)


(photo by nan)

(photo by nan)

(photo by nan)

a little serious snow fell yesterday and last night...

(photo by nan)

(photo by nan)

(photo by nan)


(photo by nan)



(Delightful doodles clipart)


Cranberries in a glass bowl, bright and gleaming, red

The turkey, roasted golden, and filled with stuffing bread...

The dining table laden with favorites, galore

The cook's slipped off her apron...and hung it by the door....

Grandpa's bowed his head for praying....and dinnertime is here...

Happy... Blessed, let's fill the day with cheer!



Smell the pies all baking

See the stuffing in the pan..

tomorrow's going to be Thanksgiving

all across this big, wide land..

remembering our history

we think of early days...

The Mayflower, the pilgrims

and the Indians' native ways...

It teaches us to get along

and help each other, too...

it makes things better for everyone

'neath the old red, white, and blue


Let's remember the reason for Thanksgiving Day

Count all our blessings....Remember to pray...

Thank God, our Father, for things He has done

Praise God and family... and love every one...



It's over the river...

it's off...through the woods...

for that Thanksgiving dinner

that tastes oh so good...

stuffing and turkey and

spiced pumpkin pie...

with grandma and grandpa

and folks who've stopped by...

There'll be Chritmas lights...

driving home in the dark..

and our hearts will have caught

this year's Christmas spark..



The First Thanksgiving

The Mayflower ...the pilgrims

came bravely to the shore...

Hidden... were the Indians

behind the trees... galore...

The strangers put up cabins,

and tried to work the land

but soon, the native Indians

came 'round to give a hand...

they taught them how to plant their corn

with fish in every row...

and soon the seeds took hold

and then the corn began to grow....

Many died that first short year...

but when the Harvest came

the pilgrims and the Indians

had plenty....once again...

they gathered all together

for one big Harvest Feast

The very First Thanksgiving

with love and joy and peace...!

The pilgrims...come, were finally free

to worship as they chose

The God of our forefathers...

from which our nation rose...!


It won't be long til Christmas...

it's just around the bend...

Christmas trees and holly leaves

will wink and blink again...

Choirs will be singing

and Santa on his way...

next week brings Thanksgiving...

and soon's Christmas Day!


Outside...the trees are empty

not a pretty leaf in sight...

the first soft snow has melted...

just rain falling in the night..

Lawns are brown, and damp,now...

pressing old leaves to the ground...

it's the waiting time of harvest

...til Thanksgiving comes around....


with sleeves rolled to the elbows

... she happily begins

taking out the baking dishes

...her handy-dandy rolling pin...

stretching pie crust its circle...

adding fillings to the brim

Grandma's floured hands are busy

as the day before begins...

There'll be pumpkin, apple, berry...

mincemeat, too...all neat and trimmed...

coming from the woodstove oven and bubbling, within......

lined up on the kitchen cupboard...

cooled... before this workday ends....


Like in a Norman Rockwell Painting...

All the folks have gathered 'round...

... Grandma's in the kitchen

Mashing 'taters....round and round..

Baking rolls until they're golden...

stirring gravy, nice and hot...

Putting on Thanksgiving Dinner

Filling every bowl and pot...

with her hair up in a gray bun..

and her apron, lacey- white...

there's a dinner hour looming...

just a wink and blink from sight...

and there' a crowd of hungry people

who have waited for this night...!


Ten happy turkeys

out on the farm

searching and hunting...

and pecking for corn....

Up comes the farmer... to the store..

Thanksgiving tables

need turkeys once more...!

(Delightful doodles clipart)


Thankgiving Favors

(photo by nan)

(photo by nan)

(photo by nan)

(photo by nan)


The china, now, is spotless

the crystal's...crystal-clear

And everything's  a-sparkle...

at this lovely time of year....

Spices intermingle

the coffee's perking ...low...

The turkey's in the oven...

The centerpiece aglow

with candles, as they flicker...

on gourds and autumn things

Friends and family gather

For the feasting that it brings...

We're thankful for our blessings

We celebrate with cheer

the Harvest, with thanksgiving....

For Thanksgiving Day is here.







A snowman with a cozy hat

has settled in the yard

two coal-black eyes

....a carrot nose

and he's sure smiling hard

standing kneedeep in a drift

...a shovel in his hand...

watching flakes come tumbling down...

There's snow to beat the band...

He's there, closeby the Christmas lights...

to wile the hours away

Making things all jolly-bright

in time for Christmas day...



Joyful conversation...

as Thanksgiving draws near...

Thinking of the blessings

that have come... this passing year

Welcoming the chance to gather family to dine

and Thank God for His goodness

that has blessed your house and mine...



a little more snow today...


(photo by nan)


The first snowfall of the winter

often comes in the dark of the night

Bringing a snow-covered morning

aglow... in its blanket of white

The first snowfall of the winter

Glistens bright in the first morning sun

and it oft melts away in the warmth of the day

To be gone when the short day is done...



(photo by nan)


(photo by nan)



A potpourri of flowers

that have dried

throughout the fall...

is sending out its fragrance

up the stairs, and down the hall...

There's a spice pan that's a-simmer

...set upon the old wood-fire

sending scents of Autumn's harvest...

those of which we never tire...

Bringing memories of seasons

that have  been here...come, and gone

making home a place of wonder

where we sing a happy song...


Let's count our blessings

every day

Not just on Easter

or Thanksgiving Day

Let's thank the Father

who's up above

for His eternal

redeeming Love


Another year is waning

It's done its job quite well

From the first few days of New Year's

to the ring of the school bell...

On into Autumn's harvest...

and now. Thanksgiving's near...

God's bountiful good blessings

will flow through Christmas cheer!


(photo of and by Frog Pond Farms)

(photo by Frog Pond  Farms)



(photo by Frog Pond Farms)





Veteran's Day

To all of those

who've served our land

today's your special day...

We thank you for the things you've done...

We honor you and say....

We always will remember

your answer to the call...

and all the things you've sacrificed

for safety for us all...



The kids are painting turkeys,

to hang upon the walls

There'll soon be a vacation...

seen in the school house halls...

They're counting deer

and Indian corn....all in

their homework chores...

waiting for Thanksgiving Day

to come around once more...!


Dreaming of pumpkin pie, drumsticks and corn?

Giblets in gravy, that has cooked since the morn?..

Warm up those taste buds...if evening or noon...

Turkey day sure coming soon....!


November Nights


It's getting dark early...

with nights getting long...

Candles in windows......

from dusk until dawn...

Fireplace crackles,

with logs on the fire...

from just after supper

til time to retire...

November evenings...

with popping of corn

will stay this familiar

til November is gone...


Acorns in the snow


Out in the deepening forest

many things we could behold...

when summer's turned to Autumn

and Autumn's turned to gold.

Those first snowflakes have fallen...

And cold north winds will blow

Across that soft, white carpet

and the acorns in the snow...


The first snowfall of the season

isn't sticking to the ground...

but it's cold as ice

and it looks so nice

falling gently, all around..

The first snowfall of the season

is refreshing to the soul

and it comes to say

That the holidays

will be red and gold



Mornings look like it could snow...


November's dark, without much glow

It's time to hang the Christmas lights

so they can shine Thanksgiving night!


Thanksgiving's a few weeks away

I hope that yours is grand...

with pumpkin pies all in a row

and turkey a pan

With family and friends nearby

to celebrate with cheer

the loveliness and the joy

that especially comes

this time of year..


Leaves in the woods are dampened and old

Gone is the crimson, now, gone is the gold...

Dark is the forest, and creatures, within...

with stored-up wild berries ....and nuts they've brought in...

Squirrels and the like, are  now in their dens...

safe 'til the Springtime comes 'round once again...

The bear and the deer...alike, have their beds...

The the caves...the deer, no... instead

In evergreen boughs, they will lay down to sleep

when the snowflakes are snowing,

and drifts, drifting...deep



The cornucopia's overflowing

with all the things of fall...

Indian corn, and gourds, and squash...

and grapes.. (things big and small)

It says a happy harvest....abundance...everywhere...

God's blessings and his fruitfulness

still shows how much He cares....


The Deer in the Wild

Out in the country

it's there, meek and mild

God's pretty creation...

the deer in the wild...

foraging, now, on acorns and grass

browsing the fields for food that might last

timidly seeking the things that it needs

The beauty of nature

'mongst cattails and reeds...


Woodsmoke in the Air


Curling from the chimney

up into the gray-blue sky..

.the familiar scent of autumn..

puffs, then goes on, sailing by...

From the housetops in the country

to the rooftops in the town

 woodsmoke sends the message

of its warmth to all around...


Indian Corn

Colored kernels of corn...on a rustling husk

hanging outside, on the door...

The colors of vivid and bold

from stalks, having grown...strong and tall...

they're taking us from the October sun

to Thanksgiving's windy and cold

'long as Autumn remains...there'll be colorful things

just like jewels on a year, growing old...


The wind is a-whipping...

no longer a breeze

thermomete's a-dipping...

it's taken a freeze...

The fire feels warm

coming in from outside...

(never know when a storm

will roll in on the tide..)

Inside is a much better place

you can be...

when the weatherman says

"Hey, it's 30 degrees..."




Jack Frost has arrived.........

He's well and alive

He rode in on that old- cold North Wind

There's sparkle on leaves

on the grass...on the trees...,

Everywhere that his footprints have been...

It won't be long til the pumpkins are gone

from the steps where they're shivering now..

 when Thanksgiving Day ...has drifted away.

they'll wave and then take their last bow...



What shall we do...

November, with you

to make the whole season so bright?

Decorate and cook

with ideas from books

to do everything up, now, just right...

It's a while til the day

of Thanksgiving....let's pray

that our friends and our family are blessed...

that abundance abounds and

this month will be found

with cornucopias spilling the best!












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