Glistening Leaves


Autumn rains falling

Now shower the trees,

Leaving fall shining

with glistening leaves...

Rinsing the pumpkins

with Halloween grins...

and drenching the corn stalks

not yet gotten in..

Making a sweater

feel cozy and warm

After the end of

the autumn-time storm...



(photo by nan)

Colors of Fall

The colors of fall are bursting in sight

from warm, sunny days and long, frost-chilled nights

autumn-time 'fire'... aglow on the hills

dazzling forth, like the birds' autumn trills...

Colors that bring autumn's harvest  on in

till shelves are all filled...every basket and bin...

in the orchards, red, lie, on the ground..

Farmers bring burlap, and take them to town

Gallons of cider ... are fall's tangy treat

a little bit tart, a little bit sweet...

And with the dawn of each passing day

you can tell special times are well on their way.









It's the early days of autumn

and Fall is in the air...

The browning of the gardens...

...leaves are changing everywhere...

Farm markets, spilling over

with the harvest of the land...

pumpkins, now, and scarecrows

have got the upperhand...!

It's the early days of autumn

crops are gathered in...

geese are heading Southward

going back to where they've been...

As the harvest sunshine filters

through the pretty autumn trees....

Jack Frost brings out his paintbrush

and frost-tips all the leaves...





Pumpkins on the Vine

Out in the field, they're waiting

in a zig-zag, autumn line...

waiting for the harvest

it's frosty and it's time...

Here comes the farmer's wagon...

soon they'll be in where it's warm

From now til long past Christmas

They will spice up winter's storms...





God's painting the leaves in crimson and gold

on earth's summer canvas of green,... growing old...

The nip in the air says autumn is here...

The gardens all harvested bring autumn cheer


Rains come and go with their drizzle and chill

frost-sparkled mornings now shine ...on the hill...

Smoke curls from chimneys on, outside of town


apple-filled baskets are stacked all around...


Summer's gone on now,... where good summers go

In time...autumn's wonder will be winter's snow...



September Rain

September Rain,

you're coming down

to cool the parching ground...

that's worked hard from the springtime

to bring the gardens 'round...

September Rain,

you've darkened down

the blazing of the sun

saying, "Time for fall's refreshing"

so, bring the pumpkins ...let's have fun...

September Rains

you've rivered down 

the windshield of the bus

saying " Hey, it's time to come inside"

and learn of things...for us..

so, welcome, rain...

as seasons change....

you promise things to come

as summer turns to autumn

and the leaves turn one by one




Hello, Fall...

your autumn ways

are oh so welcome...

harvest days...

School is starting...

once again

soon will come

those chilly days...

sweaters, sweatshirts, 

and the like

will keep us warm

from morn til night

When those chilly winds

soon blow..

we'll settle in 

and wait for snow


canning homemade spaghetti sauce

(photo by nan)

Happy September,

with summer now past...

Schoolbuses, backpacks

and lessons that last...

Quick autumn showers,

on dry, dusty fields

gardens now giving up

summertime yields..

Happy September..

so, don't think it strange

for leaves to be turning...

it's time for a change...


spaghetti sauce

(photos by nan)


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