MARCH 2, 2015




Birds about their feeders...

pecking at the seed

flitting through the winter

getting what they need

It's been a month of Sundays

since they've seen a wiggling-worm

But...they're thankful for the feeders

as they all take their turn..



When March comes in like a lion

it seems to go out like a lamb

Today...there's a snow-storm a-comin'

but, we're making spring-planting plans...

Little leaves starting in windows

with shoots looking green and spring-new

In time this cold, snowy weather

 will warm up like all springtimes do...



The last day of February

Temperature's dipping again

21 below zero ..the reading this morn

What a long, cold winter it's been...

Two months of it have come and gone

And we'd surely welcome a change

Hoping that March has really good news

We'd surely trade all the ice and  the snow

for some sunshine and early spring rain...



Hope is springing forth again..

the hope of sunny days

of green things living in the earth

and taking sunny ways...

Of course the wind and rain will stay...

and sleet and snowflakes, too

but with the first few days of March

We know winter's nearly through!



O February

it's almost time

to bid this month goodbye

You've brought your winter snow and cold

and now you're going by...

Just two more days

and you'll be gone

but, still I have to tell

You were tough..

you made things rough...

But,you sure did it well!





Flu and colds around the schools

Children, staying home

Wishing that the sun would come

and warm up chilly bones...


The winter this year's

been exceedingly cold

it's warming up days, now

but nights... 20+ Below

It can't last much longer...

 February's all but gone...

and we're longing to hear

that first robin's song!



The days are a little bit longer...

and ...that's a really good sign

The sun's just a little bit brighter

than it's been in a long, long time...

someday we'll see a robin

and watch the melting snow...

Spring's a-comin...spring's a-comin'

We'll see flowers grow!


The sight of new shoots

of 'mud' on your boots

This is a vision of Spring

When rain-showers start

Spring flowers impart

and sunshine warms up



One week from today

we'll know Spring's on its way

when March makes its friendly debut

Whether lion or lamb

it will say "Here I am"...

Maybe change in the weather's in view...



"Life Below Zero" has nothing on us...

The talk in the neighborhood?

Make Spring or Bust...

...What shall we do...to speed up the time

Maybe take down that "Let It Snow" sign....


O frigid Winter...

you're sure getting drear'

Are you planning to last

for the rest of the year?

We would sure miss

spring, summer and fall...

so, Winter, remember...

you can't have it all...(lol)


Maple sap comes from the trees

just before the springtime leaves...

Sunshine, come and let the liquid flow

Maple syrup for your 'cakes'

cold nights, warm days...

that's what it takes...

The end of winter will be sure to please..



Long icicles at the windows...

the thermometer's dipping low...

Wintertime is holding on...

it doesn't want to go...

the sap is frozen in the trees...

no sun to make it flow

Maple Syrup time must wait

til warmer weather shows..



Valentine flowers make you think of Spring

...you know it's on its way

when February turns to March

..then we'll count the days...

until then we'll sing a song

...try a hobby, too

to make the winter slip along

as long, cold days will do...



"Happy Valentine's Day

to my sweetheart...

After all of this time

we'll still never part...

Honey, I love you

today and always...

You're my one and only

Happy Valentine's Day!"



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 nan (then)

If you have visited my website before, you will know that I am a poet, having had a nice amount of poems published from the 1970's to date. They have been mostly women's magazines...Woman's Comfort, Woman's Circle, "Woman's Household, Crochet World, Good Old Days Magazine, Good Old Days Specials magazine, Reminisce ezine...etc..

I also have done lyrics for songs, of which 3 have been professionally published and recorded to date.

Also, I spent a good amount of time working with the crafting girls from PCcrafters.com...writing requested material, and many other things, like bumper stickers, one-liners, just material needed for crafting or cards...

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nan (now) & my granddaughter Kristen


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