January is winding down......Hearts and flowers in February!...


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JANUARY 25, 2015




January's almost over...

not many days to go

til February brings its hearts and flowers

amidst the falling snow...


Hoof-prints, tracking in the field

Deer out, foraging a meal

Turkey tracks, are sightly too

Winter friends will make it through.



How nice a cozy fireplace

upon a winter's night

Keeping winter's 'inside' warm

giving heat and light...

The smoke that curls,

the sparks that pop

the crackle and blaze...

Logs upon an iron hearth

warm nights and

winter days...




Winter is white... and dark and gray

No flowers around to nod and sway...

No vegetables growing out in the plot

Days bring a storm, as likely as not

but winter does bring ...a vision of white

from a new snowfall on a long winter's night

when things are capped like fluffy whipped cream

it all makes the yard look so crispy and clean...



When the temperature dips

and the snow gives a 'crunch'

It's a good time

to have hot soup for lunch

maybe a sandwich

and cup of hot tea

just to bring warmth

to days such as these...



The State of the Union....

....the message tonight...

Is the government wrong

or...the government right

may God bless this country

whatever the score...

and please help America

to just thrive once more...



Martin Luther King Day...

because he had a dream

since that time...

there's been some change...

yes, changes that we've seen

White and black are blended, now...

with much less pain and strife

After all, God gave us all

His spirit and His life...



January...the month of snow

cold, cold weather, and winds that blow

icicles all along the eaves...

icy branches on the trees...

making fires feel so good

be they electric, oil or wood

Inching by with each sundown

til February comes around


It's Sunday...the Lord's Day

it's time for a rest

Worship and pray to Him

and you'll be blessed

If you obey Him and love Him,

..it's true

He will be with you

in all that you do!



Born upon this winter day

Birthday wishes come your way...

Birthday candles make it bright

upon this cold and frosty night!...


Blustry winter-winds may blow

while those big, thick snowflakes snow...

making life a winter wonderland....

or the sun may rise and shine

giving warmth in its due time...

Either way, we somehow understand

This season does its very best

to give the ground a good long rest

before its time for planting once again

so when the fresh new rains come down

 their gentle pouring, sprinkling 'round...

The slips and seedlings flourish in the test...



Sixteen below..we're in the depths

Cold, cold, cold....that say the temps...

But it won't last....that's what they say

It's warming up ....sometime today...



Winter sunshine, shining bright

Making this day warm and light...

Telling us...there's still a sun

Winter's long, but

Spring will come...!


Snowy-day...2 -hour delay

in all the schools around...

plows go by...and they will try

to clear the roads to town...

It's just a storm...no big alarm

no blizzard from the sky

just time at home...to spend alone

as winter days go by



It's The Day of rest

so, close your eyes

and bow your head in prayer...

Visit with the Savior

Tell Him all your cares...

Give in to His leading

Listen... everyday

He's Jesus Christ...the King of Kings

The life, the truth, the way...





To make a snow Angel...

Fall in the snow..

fan out your legs

and...there you go...



Waffles for breakfast...with strawberry sauce

made from the freezer at just 'garden-cost'

Reaping the harvest from last summer's 


dreaming of this year's green plants in the soil...



It's six below zero...Eskimo Days...

and we're taking on those Eskimo ways

fur hats and fur gloves, and long underwear

Heavy coats, heavy pants

if we go anywhere...

Stoking up fires

til they're saying 'tilt'

Staying inside if circumstance... 'wilt'

Still...we love winter

with all of its 'freeze'

And icicles growing on its every breeze!



The snowplow is pacing the road...to and fro...

As the flakes fall, and as the wind blows

That strong, steady light....like a lighthouse...it glows

Keeping the travellers safe in the snow...



Birthdays are coming...

Easter is, too

Valentine's Day...

and the 'red, white and blue'

Lots of occasions

to plan for ...year through...

we've got a headstart...so...

what say...let's do....!


Time for getting new things done

whether snow or rain or sun

A day to catch up if you need

from Holidays ...take down the tree...

just an ordinary day

to spend in ordinary ways...


Thick, white flakes come tumbling down

covering the winter ground

North winds blow and sing their song

they say that autumn's way long-gone

Winter starts its daily run

of snow and rain and wind and sun...

steadily, it loudly sings

til snow is gone... and spring takes wing....


There's lots to look forward to 

as the New Year comes to stay...

Think of all the seasons

and the beauty everyday...

Think of all the Holidays

we'll do them all again

and have lots of things to treasure

as new memories begin.



Made some resolutions...?

Time to see them through

take it one day at a time...

and there's nothing you can't do

Give it all to God above...

acknowledge Him as well...

and this year of 0-15

will really turn out swell!



The First of the New Year

May it bring to you

blessings and happiness...

all this whole year through!



It's the end of a beautiful year

and we've had our laughter and tears

As the old season goes,....may we just bid hello

and welcome the new with a cheer...

so let's turn the calendar page

a new slate...not covered with age...

and let's dream our dreams

..as the calendar brings

time to make them come true

once again..



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