The National Association of Taxpayer Representatives

is an association of attorneys, CPA's, and Enrolled Representatives who are:

Pro-active in representing their clients before taxing authorities.

Ethical in their professional conduct

Committed to their client's benefit

Fair in their fees.

Local practitioners

Specially trained in effective taxpayer representation.

Dedicated to protecting the rights of their clients.

The NATR is committed to:

Monitoring and reporting of the quality of tax representation

Education of taxpayer representatives in techniques and methods in representation

Technical support for taxpayer representatives

Referral of qualified practitioners to taxpayers in need

Networking and collaboration of tax practitioners.

The mission of the NATR: 

 Save our client a multiple of our fees

Restore our client's peace of mind

Resolve tax problems in favor of our client.

 If you are a business owner with tax problems, here's help.

Contact the NATR at: 206.288.5575 or email

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