The National Association of Taxpayer Representatives

is an association of attorneys, CPA's, and Enrolled Representatives who are:

Pro-active in representing their clients before taxing authorities.

  • Ethical in their professional conduct
  • Committed to their client's benefit
  • Fair in their fees.
  • Local practitioners
  • Specially trained in effective taxpayer representation.
  • Dedicated to protecting the rights of their clients.

The NATR is committed to:

  • Monitoring and reporting of the quality of tax representation
  • Education of taxpayer representatives in techniques and methods in representation
  • Technical support for taxpayer representatives
  • Referral of qualified practitioners to taxpayers in need
  • Networking and collaboration of tax practitioners.

The mission of the NATR: 

  •  Save our client a multiple of our fees
  • Restore our client's peace of mind
  • Resolve tax problems in favor of our client.

 If you are a business owner with tax problems, here's help.

Contact the NATR at: 206.288.5575 or email

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