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Welcome to

Asymmetrical Lifting.
Rotary Model SPOA10

Technician Productivity Features

• Unlike most other lifts, Rotary® power

units are designed, tested and built by

Rotary, for Rotary lifts. We don’t use 3rd

party power units which are for universal


• Adjustable height options on two-post

column extensions gives you flexibility to

lift and service taller vehicles.

• The “Double S” single piece construction

column design provides a

channel for the bearings to

travel that maximizes the

strength of the column and surface

contact area of the bearing.

• Slider block bearings of Tivar® 1000

polyethylene are self-lubricating

and maintenance free.

• High-pressure cylinders in each

column provide maximum lifting

force and smooth operation.

• Arm restraints make positioning of arms

easy. They engage when the

lift is raised and automatically

disengage when the lift is

fully lowered.

• Overhead padded switch bar to

prevent damaging a vehicle by raising it

too high.



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