Ben Pearson Model MC-59HS

The Industry Leader in Exhaust Service.

We've taken bender technology one step further with the MC-59 HI-SPEED. No matter what your exhaust volume, the Pearson HI-SPEED bender was designed and built for you. With over twice the bending speed of conventional benders, the Pearson HI-SPEED utilizes a rugged 7-1/2 HP motor combined with a heavy-duty electrical and hydraulic system. This bender was designed for heavy work... and it performs.
The MC-59 HI-SPEED, it delivers more B.P.H. (bends per hour) than anything on the market today.



Ben Pearson Model MC-59

The Industry Leader in Exhaust Service.

The MC-59 from Ben Pearson is truly the ultimate in pipe bender technology. Incorporating state-of-the-art technology, the MC-59 pipe bender leads the industry in operator convenience features --- 180 degree bend on 5" radius, 3" bending capability and a rugged electrical and hydraulic system that will perform over the long haul. Plus, the MC-59 Pipe Bender offers two end-of-pipe systems for quick and easy operation.
The MC-59 from Ben Pearson is truly the "TOP GUN" in the exhaust service repair industry.


Ben Pearson Model MB-97

This Exhaust Pipe Tubing Bender is loaded with all the automatic operator convenience
features you need, without the price tag to match.

If you were under the impression that you had to invest a lot of cash to get a solid bender, loaded with the features you need, we're about to prove you wrong. Just check out the automatic features on Ben Pearson's MB-97.


Ben Pearson Model BP-79

Power and afforablility rolled into a hard working bender

If you're looking for a powerful bender that's got the features you need to get the job done, take a long look at the BP-79 from Ben Pearson. It'll give you all the power you need at an affordable price.