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Model TL8000-FP (Turf Equipment Lift)

 Part #   Model Description Price
 90076 / 90191 TL8000-FP 9,000 lb. floor plate, Turf Equipment Lift Call for Pricing

Solid Features that separate it from the pack

Ben Pearson's new turf equipment lift is the most versatile one on the market and is backed by the quality and service reputation that Ben Pearson is famous for. In a matter of seconds the turf attachment can be removed and the lift converted for regular automotive service work so the TL8000-FP is truly a "two for one" product.

The TL8000-FP greatly increases the speed of maintenance and repair work and works on all sizes of turf maintenance equipment from the large fair- way mowers to greens mowers, utility carts, fertilizer sprayers and golf carts. The wheel boot supports are adjustable for different size tires and can be moved side to side to fit any kind of wheel arrangement. The TL8000-FP provides open access to the gear box, blades, reels and other components.

Drop on axle saddles are available for lifting the frame and providing wheel free access for brake work.

TL8000 TL8000-FP
Overall Height 141-3/8" 118-1/2"
Width Overall 136" 136"
Max Track Width 94" 94"
Max. Wheel Base 86" 86"
Min. Wheel Base 44" 44"
Overall Clearance (under beam) 135-1/2" N/A (floor plate version)
Inside Columns 113" 113"
Max. Rise 72" 72"
Weight Capacity (front) 4,000 lb. 4,000 lb.
Weight Capacity (rear) 4,000 lb. 4,000 lb.
Motor 2 HP 2 HP
Voltage (single phase std) 208-230 208-230
Approx. speed of full rise 45 sec. 45 sec.
Ceiling height required 144" 121"
Automobile lift capacity 9,000 lbs. 9,000 lbs.
Base model 9000SI 9000FC