Other manufacturers can design and build a pipe bender, but it takes a company with a strong understanding of the marketplace to deliver a machine that offers, not just the features you need, but also features you want. Our line of pipe bending machines deliver.
Take a close look at the features we build into each Ben Pearson Bender. But also look closely at the detail that we build into each machine. You won't find quality being sacrificed at any level of production.

180 Degree Bend On A 5" Radius
Try this with another pipe bender and the results may be less than spectacular. With the Ben Pearson pipe bender you'll get a perfect 180 degree bend on a 5" radius die (our 3" and 4" ram dies also make perfect bends possible even at maximum bend). What you won't get is a pipe that is crimped or collapsed. The reason for this is very simple --- Ben Pearson's unique die construction eliminates the problem of the pipe locking on the die. This extra feature saves you, the operator, time and money.

Quick-Change Bending Dies
Operator convenience is the name of the game in the exhaust industry. The quicker the job, the more profit you can make. At Ben Pearson we know this, and that's why we design our quick-change dies for maximum speed and versatility. You won't find any bolts, pins or cumbersome pusher blocks. It's quick and easy with Ben Pearson.

3" Bending and Expanding Capability
With today's changing marketplace every exhaust professional has to have 3" capability. That's why Ben Pearson offers a full range of 3" bending dies and expanders. We even offer 3½" and 4" expanders. Hey, if you've got a tough job to do, we'll help you get it done by delivering the tools and equipment you need to get the job done right. It's called being a leader and we do it better than anyone.

Longer Stroke Main Cylinder
We've added an extra 3" stroke to the main cylinder. The benefits are obvious --- you get and extra 6" of space between the edge of the ram die and the edges of the back shoes. You have more room to feed pipe through the machine, thus eliminating the need for cumbersome and time consuming pusher blocks. Ben Pearson developed the longer stroke main cylinder for operator convenience.

Automatic Motor Cut-Off
Saves operator time, reduces wear on the electrical and hydraulic system and minimizes electrical costs.

Computerized Bending Data and Standard Bending Data Cards
Ben Pearson offers two types of bend data sources, DataMaster Computerized bend data system and our plastic coated or non-plastic bend data cards. Both give you reliable bending information to ensure a fast and accurate bend. Ben Pearson is the only company to offer four different bend data systems from four OEM pipe manufacturers.
So it's up to you... DataMaster Computerized data system or our standard Card Data system. Whichever you choose, because it's from Ben Pearson you know it's the best.

Ben Pearson's benders offer Two End-of Pipe Systems
To make your job easier, faster and more efficient, We offer two end-of-pipe systems as standard equipment. The segment expander offers some unique features that make it easier to operate than competitive models. Like the ability to expand, flare or ball joint close to the end of the pipe. Plus, the unique bull's eye gauge, with an accurate and complete O.D. and I.D. setting chart, ensures accurate connections and slip fits.
The Clamp-down swager system gives you the flexibility to swage, flare, ball joint, reduce, and flange. In fact, you name the job that needs to be done and this machine can do it. Plus, for more power and increased operator safety, the clamp-down swager system operates on a separate cylinder.

Quick-Disconnect Tooling
A special Ben Pearson feature. Operating very similar to the bolt-action of a rifle, Pearson's quick-disconnect tooling eliminates threading, which can strip over time, and cumbersome spring pins which can jam and shear. Quick-disconnect tooling --- another example of the unique features offered by Ben Pearson.