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The Industry Leader in Exhaust Service.

The MC-59 from Ben Pearson is truly the ultimate in pipe bender technology. Incorporating state-of-the-art technology, the MC-59 pipe bender leads the industry in operator convenience features --- 180 degree bend on 5" radius, 3" bending capability and a rugged electrical and hydraulic system that will perform over the long haul. Plus, the MC-59 Pipe Bender offers two end-of-pipe systems for quick and easy operation.
The MC-59 from Ben Pearson is truly the "TOP GUN" in the exhaust service repair industry.

  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Bend depth to 180° on a 5" radius
  • Quick-change dies
  • Color-coded dies
  • Spring-loaded die carriage
  • Automatic depth-of-bend
  • Automatic motor cut-off
  • 220 volt single phase, 60 cycle
  • Bending capability through 3"
  • Unique die design eliminates possibility of radius die locking behind back shoes
  • Knee control of ram die
  • Energy efficient dual stage hydraulic pump
  • Heavy-duty 4 HP motor

180° Bend On A 5" Radius
Try this with another pipe bender and the results may be less than spectacular. With the Ben Pearson pipe bender you'll get a perfect 180° bend on a 5" radius die. What you won`t get is a pipe that is crimped or collapsed. The reason for this is very simple-Ben Pearson's unique die construction eliminates the problem of the pipe locking on the die. This extra feature saves you, the operator, time and money.

Longer Stroke Main Cylinder
We've added an extra 3" stroke to the main cylinder. The benefits are obvious-you get an extra 6" of space between the edge of the ram die and the edges of the back shoes. You have more room to feed pipe through the machine, thus eliminating the need for cumbersome and time consuming pusher blocks. Ben Pearson developed the longer stroke main cylinder for operator convenience.

The MC-59 Offers Two End-of-Pipe Systems
To make your job easier, faster and more efficient, the MC-59 offers two end-of-pipe systems as standard equipment. The segment expander offers some unique features that make it easier to operate than competitive models. Like the ability to expand, flare or ball joint close to the end of the pipe. Plus, the unique bull's eye gauge, with an accurate and complete O.D. and I.D. setting chart, ensures accurate connections and slip fits. The clamp-down swager system on the MC-59 gives you the flexibility to swage, flare, ball joint, reduce and flange. Plus, for more power and increased operator safety, the clamp-down swager system operates on a separate cylinder.

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