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Ben Pearson - Model 12000-ALX(standard design)
Optional 6,000 lb or 8,000 lb air-jacks
Optional turn-tables available

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  12000ALX 12,000 lb. alignment w/ built in double slip plates & turntable cut-outs (270" L X 20" W tracks)(Air Lock Release Available) $6,995.00
  12000ALX-E 12,000 lb. alignment w/ built in double slip plates & turntable cut-outs (301" L X 20" W tracks)(Air Lock Release Available) $7,595.00

Introducing the Ben Pearson ALX Lift
Alignment lifts, and all different shapes and sizes, but only Ben Pearson's ALX Alignment Lift can deliver the power and durability you need every day to your shop. Every inch of the Ben Pearson ALX alignment is built tough. Tough enough to take all the wear and tear you can dished out. It's built to last. Plus, just like every Ben Pearson lift, it's American-made, that's your assurance that you're investing in a left that's Bill to deliver the performance you need no matter how hard you use it.

Our features make this lift your best investment.
When you invest in a Ben Pearson lift you'll always get the features you need to make your job easier. Operator convenience features. Safety features. Features that aren't added on, their built-in: Two independent slip plates, roller Jack ready, heavy-duty 20 inch tracks, multiple leveling positions, safety release system, high-strength tracks -- plus, you get a rock solid warranty and strong service support.

  • Extra wide tracks enable this unit to lift a wide range of vehicles without lateral adjustment. Lateral adjustment is standard on all models.
  • Bearings have grease fittings for easy maintenance
  • Exclusive high strength track design limits twisting due to off center loads and gives extra stability to track jacks and jacking beams
  • Chains for lifting and equalization give added safety and long life.
  • Threaded adjustment for easy leveling
  • Mechanical release safety system
  • Extra heavy crossmember is for added stability and reduced deflection under load
  • Completely self-contained hydraulic power unit with translucent tank for easy monitoring of fluid level
  • Pressure relief valve to prevent overloading, and push-button operations for lifting


Specification 12000-ALX 12000-ALX-E
Length Overall 270 3/8" 301 1/2"
Width Overall 135 3/4" 135 3/4"
Inside of Columns 120 3/8" 120 3/8"
Between Columns 162" 187"
Overall Height 95 5/8" 95 5/8"
Width of Runways 20" 20"
Height of Runways 12 3/4" 12 3/4"
Maximum Runway Height 83 3/4" 83 3/4"
Rise 71" 71"
Width Between Runways (minimum) 37 3/4" 37 3/4"
Width Between Runways (maximum) 57 3/4" 57 3/4"
Lifting Capacity 12,000 lbs. 12,000 lbs.
Motor 2 HP 2 HP
Voltage (single phase) 208-230 VAC 208-230 VAC
Min. Four-Wheel Alignment 82 1/8" 82 1/8"
Max. Four-Wheel Alignment 163 1/8" 163 1/8"
Min. Two-Wheel Alignment 82 1/8" 82 1/8"
Max. Two-Wheel Alignment 186 1/2" 216"
Maximum Wheelbase 192 1/2" 223"
Minimum Recommended Bay Size 15' x 27' 15' x 29'

Comes standard with a rail kits to accommodate optional rolling drain Pans or bridges/jacks
Convenient drive-on ramps double as safety pivot back-stops when lift is raised
Threaded adjustment for easy leveling. Leaf chain lifting system
Optional alignment radius plates. Zinc plated finish protects against rust and corrosion
Features two independent slip plates for two-wheel and four-wheel alignment


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