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Ben Pearson - Model 10AD Two Post


10AD 10,000 lb. alignment with straight posts and asymmetrical arms.   This Design allows you to position vehicles to lift both in a straight and asymmetrical position.  It's like having two lifts for the price of one.



Built Tough, Built to Last.

The 10AD from Ben Pearson.
Ben Pearson's 10AD Can Expand Your Service Bay Without Expanding Your Cost...
Every Shop is a little different and so is evry vehicle you service, that's why Ben Pearson created the 10AD two-post lift.   This rugged lift gives you the flexibility to expand the services you can offer without expanding your service bay.  The 10AD can lift in a symmetrical or asymmetrical mode, allowing you to work on just about any vehicle that comes in for service work.

When You Invest In Ben Pearson's 10AD Two Post Lift, It's like Getting 2 Lifts for the Price of One.
With 10,000 pounds of lifting capacity, two lifting modes and a heavy-duty lifting system, Ben Pearson's 10AD will deliver the power and reliability you've come to expect from a Ben Pearson lift. Want more Information? That's easy, just give us a call (1-800-289-2121) and let us explain feature by feature, what the best, most flexible and affordable lift you can buy.

Lift Specifications:

  • Capacity - 10,000lbs
  • Overall Height - 142"
  • Overall Width (at Floor) - 137½"
  • Drive Thru Clearance - 96"
  • Lifting Height - 70¾ "
  • Lifting Height with adaptors- 75¾”
  • Lifting Time - 75 Seconds
  • Shipping Weight - 1,605 lbs.

Lift Features:

  • Dual cylinder direct pull lifting. No chains or roller bearings to wear out
  • Single piece column. Continuous rolled steel column. No sheet metal
  • Extra long carriage (44”) puts less stress on slider blocks
  • Padded cut-off bar. Automatic electric override
  • Two point lock release
  • Free hardware
  • Stackable truck adapters are standard (11⁄2”, 3” and 6”)
  • Powder coat paint finish


Power Station Utility Box (Optional) .
Greasable Arm Pin Sleeve
2" & 6" Truck Adapters
Automatic Arm Restraint System
5½" x 5½" Zinc Plated Pad with ½" Rubber


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