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Model 12000SI (Clear-Floor Style 12,000 lb. Capacity Twin-Post Lift)

90075 12000SI 12,000 lb. straight (w/ truck adapters) CALL FOR PRICING
90092 12000SI-EH1 12,000 lb. straight, 1ft. EXT (w/ truck adapters) CALL FOR PRICING
90093 12000SI-EH2 12,000 lb. straight, 2ft. EXT (w/ truck adapters)



More Power. More Speed.

It's a powerful lift with rugged built-in features.
You work hard every day and you need a lift that works just as hard. You'll find this kind of performance and dependability in the Ben Pearson 12000SI. It's got the features you need and, more importantly, its' got the features you want on a rugged two-post lift. We've given it all the power, all the features, everything you need in a 12,000 lb. lift.

Feature for Feature; You can't buy a better lift.
It's simple. Build a rugged lift, add the features you need and you've got a product that's in demand. And, that's what we've done with the 12000SI.

  • ALI validated/certified by ETL (12000SI)
  • Air actuated single point safety release
  • Padded overhead shut-off bar
  • 2-5/8" and 5" truck adapters included
  • Clear floor design for convenient use of floor jacks
  • Low Profile arms for low ground clearance
  • Convenient stack-pad storage rack on post
  • Extra large ultra-high molecular bearing blocks
  • 12000 EH1 and EH2 models available for taller vehicles
  • Extra long carriage for smooth lifting
  • Automatic engage and release arm restraint
  • Symmetrical telescoping arms with square cross section for rigidity
  • Optional power station utility box

Lift Specifications 12000SI


Overall Height 165" 177" 189"
Width Overall (At Floor) 151-1/8" 151-1/8" 151-1/8"
Rise (Standard Lifting Pad) 73-1/4" 73-14" 73-1/4"
Rise (Max. Allowed with Adapters) 80-7/8" 80-7/8" 80-7/8"
Min. Adapter Height (approx.) 5-1/4" 5-1/4" 5-1/4"
Drive Thru Clearance 109" 109" 109"
Floor to Overhead Switch 157-1/8" 169-1/8" 181-1/8"
Inside Columns 121-7/8" 121-7/8" 121-7/8"
Cylinder Height at Full Rise 141-11/16" 141-11/16" 141-11/16"
Reach (Standard Min.) 37-5/8" 37-5/8" 37-5/8"

Reach (Standard Max.)

57" 57" 57"

Lifting Capacity 12,000 lb. 12,000 lb. 12,000 lb.
Max. Load per Arm 3,000 lb. 3,000 lb. 3,000 lb.
Motor 2 HP 2 HP 2 HP
Voltage (Single Phase) 208-230 208-230 208-230
Approx. Speed of Rise (to full stroke) 65 sec. 65 sec. 65 sec.
Ceiling Height Required 168" 180" 192"

Precise and efficient automatic arm restraining system engages in the lifting process and automatically releases once the lift is lowered. Eliminates wasted time releasing up to 4 independent pull-type releases. Utilizes a multi-toothed gear mechanism for maximum arm locking positions.

The operator convenient stack-pad system consists of (4) 2-5/8" adapters and (4) 5" truck adapters as standard equipment with every 9000 series Ben Pearson 2-post lift. A convenient stack-pad storage rack is located on each post.

Low profile arms for low ground clearance vehicles.
Optional power station utility box mounts on the left column providing convenient access to two air outlets and four ground fault electrical outlets. Built-in air regulator, water separator and oiler, with tool holster and hooks, keep the bay area productive and efficient.