About our Surcharge


We are serving our clients almost anywhere in the Greater Vancouver areas and beyond but in our opinion, if you are outside our serving areas or due to some special circumstances, at our discretion, we may levy a small surcharge  from you (usually, depending on the distance, it is between $10.00 and $50.00 or higher for each trip) for transportation costs and the extra time it takes to go to your house but we will tell you beforehand if there is any.  As an alternative, we may waive this surcharge if you can give us longer hours of service.

Our serving areas are usually within a radius of 4 kms of our office (near 49th Avenue and Victoira Drive) in Vancouver, B.C. Canada.


Please note that for part of the UBC's areas; part of North and East Burnaby and part of Richmond's areas, even though they may be within the 4 kms of our office, because of the traffic situation, we still have to levy a surcharge of a minimum of $10.00 or higher for each trip.  We have a surcharge of $25.00 for each trip for anywhere within the UBC's and Simon Fraser U's areas.


All areas in the North and West Vancouver (on the other sides of the two bridges) are subject to a surcharge of $15.00 - $25.00 or higher for each trip because of the traffic situations and the distance.


Why do we have a surcharge for some of our clients?


As you know, it doesn't matter where you go these days (except to your neighbour's houses or the surrounding areas), depending on the traffic; the distance and the time of the day you travel and how you travel either by car or by bus, you have to spend at least 1 hour on the road, commuting back and forth from one place to the other.  The problem we have is that most of our cleaning jobs are just 3 to 4 hours for each trip but the worker has to spend a minimum of an extra 1 hour without pay on the road and gets everything ready for any job and he or she has to pay for the transportation costs such as high gasoline etc, which is very expensive these days.


Consequently, given the circumstances and in order to help pay these extra costs, it gives us only two choices, either we increase our rates or levy a surcharge.  To increase our rates, it will make us less competitive in this cleaning business and it may not be fair to all the clients because the vast majority of our clients are living within our serving area, therefore, to compromise this, we choose to levy a small surcharge for clients living outside our serving area only or due to some special circumstances to pay for the extra time and expenses it takes for the cleaner to get to the client's house, which, we think is quite reasonable to everybody.  We usually give this surcharge directly to the cleaner(s) as one of the incentives to encourage them to serve people outside our serving area.


For within the city's driving, we can look at it as part of our costs of doing business but for long distance driving and the extra time we put in on the road, we have to ask the client to help us pay for part of this cost.


Please note that we are reasonable businessmen so we will not try to overcharge you or catch you by surprise at all.  With us, everything is up front, nothing to hide.  You can always count on us for our honest and reliable services!