About our workers 


Since all our workers are Chinese, would English be a problem to them?


In the past, we had concerns from some of our clients that because of language barrier, sometimes, our clients had problem communicating with our workers.  Since then, we have improved a lot and we have been able to keep this problem to the bare minimum with very little or no complaints at all from our clients recently.


Since our clients can get hold of us through cell phones all the time so when you are with the workers and if you come across any problem communicating with them, please pick up the phone and call us, so that we can try to solve the problem for you right away.  All our workers are experienced; although they don't speak much, they can understand the basic simple English by following your instructions.   Our workers know what they are doing and they know exactly what they have to do systematically to meet our clients' requirements. Also, Daisy, our manager, always tries to go to the client's house the first time with the workers so that she can meet with the client; take instructions from the client on the spot; walk through the house with her workers; explain to the workers step by step what is to be done and how to do it properly before the workers go to work.   If, for any reasons, Daisy can not be present in the first meeting with the client, she usually has already worked out everything with the clients over the phone or through emails.   Therefore, our chances of making mistakes and having problems with our clients because of the language problem are very slim and almost non-existent. 


Nevertheless,in order to avoid any unnecessary mistakes; misunderstanding and extra charges, for the first time cleaning only, we always request our client, if they could, email us ahead of time, the Job's descriptions as to what they want us to do so that we can tell our worker(s) accordingly.  After that and for other subsequent cleaning jobs, it is just business as usual, our workers just have to repeat what they have done before.