Carole Cravath (B.A.)

Workshop Leader, Healer, Dream Consultant, Spiritual Counselor, Children's Programs, Intuitive Consultant Author,Speaker

Rochester, Minnesota




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Rapid Unfoldment of Accurate Intuition 




Soma Pi Healing Workshops

Soma Pi is highly effective for Emotional and Physical Concerns

2017 Workshops:


November  4, 5

December 9, 10


Carole has been trained by founder Consuella C. Newton to teach these powerful classes

Classes are held in Rochester, Minnesota


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 Advanced Intuition.  3 day training that links the Intuitive and Conceptual Minds for rapid control of Higher Awareness.  You will be able to accurately answer your important questions from a higher part of your mind, your Higher Intelligence, which is your Intuition.


    2017 Workshop Dates:

  October 27, 28, 29

                       December 1, 2,3                                                                          

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Registration Deadline is 2 weeks prior to Class Dates



Six Daily Actions for Spiritual Acceleration Online Workshop

A Workshop for Refreshing your Spirit and Keeping your actions Spiritual Throughout the Day

5 Minute Activities will be given for the following:


2.Focused Inner Listening

3.Love Meditation

4.Strengthening Self Activity

5.Neutralizing Negative Activity

6.Creative Spiritual Service

Register with Carole at: 

Call Carole at (507)287-0884





Sponsor A Workshop In Your Area For Your Friends, Groups or Organizations.

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Sponsorship Stipend

Carole Cravath (B.A.) 507)287-0884


Enlightening Consultations

 $45 - 1/2  hour (By Phone)                           Soma Pi Healing Sessions  20 years experience

Dream Interpretations :             20 years experience

Spiritual Intuitive Readings     20 years of accurate readings.

Spiritual Guidance & Counseling : For adults and children, 20 years experience.


Call For Appointments, Workshop Dates,Times & Workshop  Locations

(507) 287-0884

 Carole will travel to your area for Presentations and Workshops


Classes are held in Rochester, Minnesota



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