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     Perceptive AwarenTechnique Online

          In the Comfort of your Home                 

          Certified Master P.A.T. Instructor:

                        Carole Cravath

                        (507) 287-0884




                20120 Trainings: 4 Evenings

       in the Comfort of Your Own Hom


               February 7,8,9,10

               April 3,4,5,6



                 3 Hours each evening

                 6-9 P.M. Central Time


       Cost: $550.00 Includes Certification

and all class materials; workbook, CD's etc.

Register at least 2 weeks prior to class

Call for Early Bird Price

CEU's available, PayPal available

We welcome international Students!              



P.A.T. brings rapid unfoldment of accurate intuition.True intuition is an innate gift and is also known as Higher Consciousness, Super Intelligence and Higher Sense Perception. You will learn to use your Higher Awareness for excellent decision making.You'll be able to make the correct decision the first time whether it pertains to health, life directions, relationships, solutions to problems or finances. Past, present and future information will be taught.

P.A.T. will allow you to step up into a higher level of your mind. You will move beyond what you already know and have already done. You will have more success, fulfillment, joy and be able to accomplish your soul's purpose. You will have a reliable Higher Guidance System to use at will on a daily basis.


Students will learn:

1.) A 3 minute process to intuit a correct answer to any question. Our graduates have 98-100 % documented accuracy for over 30 years.

2.) The importance of breath in the intuitive process.

3.) A quick meditation for relaxation and simultaneous alertness within.

4.) Symbolic interpretation of intuitive symbols.

5.)How to use intuition to solve problems.

6.) How to use intuition to improve relationships.

7.) Make excellent and correct decisions the first time.

8.) How to use intuition for healing, health and well being.

9.) Accurate use of Higher Sense Perception.

10.) Framework for accessing immediate intuitive knowing.

11.) How to use intuition for new life directions, fulfillment and upliftment. You will be able to solve problems with P.A.T.

12. Use intuition to discern the  steps needed to manifest your goals. 

13.)Reinforcement of and expansion of self esteem and self trust.

14.) Focus on achieving life goals with Perceptive Awareness planning.


      Begin your new path now with P.A.T. 

      We must take our power to direct our           course in life. Our intuition, when                   awakened and developed, is our true             and accurate inner guide for raising               our consciousness and making                     decisions that bring us peace ,well               being, fulfillment and                                       success. 


Step up into a higher level of your mind Please contact Carole for further information.

Carole Cravath (B.A.) Master P.A.T. Teacher

(507) 287-0884

I am very excited to share this powerful training with you!




        As a P.A.T. Graduate You will have                  your own success with your Intuition!


Step up into a Higher Level of your mind 

and use your Higher Consciousness to

direct your life in positive ways. PAT

Bridges the Personality with the Soul.