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Atlantic Salmon Fly Art


Spey and Dee flies available








World Class Fly Reels in wood and aluminium by artisan Luca Lonati. Bamboo rods also made to order

  email Luca at     














              This beautiful custom salmon fly case was made by my good friend James Acord. Check out his website below.       



To the 


EDVVARD Lord Montague, 

Generall of the Navy, and one of 

The Lords Commissioners 

of the Treasury.




Do present this my book as I have named it Barker's delight, to your Honour. I pray God send you safe home to your good Lady and sweet Babes. Amen, Amen. If you shall find any thing delightfull in the reading of it, I shall heartily rejoyce, for I know you are one who takes delight in that pleasure, and have good judgement and experience, as many noble persons & Gentlem. of true piety & honour do & have. The favour that I have found from you, and a great many more that did and do love that pleasure, shall never be bury'd in oblivion by me. I am now grown old, and am willing to enlarge my little book. I have written no more but my own experience and practise, and have set forth the true ground of Angling, which I have been gathering these threescore yeares, having spent many pounds in the gaining of it, as is well known in the place where I was born and educated, which is Bracemeale in the Liberty of Salop, being a Freeman and Burgesse of the same City. If any noble or gentle Angler, of what degree soever he be, have a mind to discourse of any of these wayes & experiments, I live in Henry the 7th's Gifts, the next doore to the Gatehouse in Westm. my name is Barker, where I shall be ready, as long as please God, to satisfie them, and maintain my art, during life, which is not like to be long; that the younger fry may have my experiments at a smaller charge than I had them, for, it would be too heavy for every one that loveth that exercise to be at that charge as I was at first in my youth, the losse of my time, with great expenses. Therefore I took it in consideration, and thought fit to let it be understood, & to take pains to set forth the true grounds and wayes that I have found by experience both for fitting of the rods and tackles both for ground-baits and flyes, with directions for the making thereof, with observations for times and seasons, for the ground-baits and flyes, both for day and night, with the dressing, wherein I take as much delight as in the the taking of them, and to shew how I can perform it, to furnish any Lords table, onely with trouts, as it is furnished with flesh, for 16 or 20 dishes. And I have a desire to preserve their health (with help of God) to go dry in their boots and shooes in angling, for age taketh the pleasure from me. My Lord, I am

          Your Honours most humble 

Thomas Barker.









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