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Atlantic Salmon Fly Art



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HandCrafted Leather Artworks

Fly Fishing Accessories with Spirit

Artist Val Kropiwnicki 


Worlds finest fly rods & Blanks by Mike McFarland


 World Class Fly reels by Leen Huisman  




James Acord's Leather


Captain Kevin Feenstra


Willow Classic Fly Reels



Industry Links

See the fish Cam (LSSU): Fish Cam  


Montana Fly Company – Great selection of flies for fishing anywhere!


R. L. Winston Co. is a Montana company. Winston fly rods are made by hand, by people whose lives revolve around fishing, who are dedicated to quality, have a passion for fly fishing and, above all, a respect for the tradition of fine rod building that began back in 1929.

Sage Fly Rods Their expertise, wisdom and experience are an important part of our design process, and their contributions to the fishability of our products are immeasurable. But more than that, these are great people to fish and work with, and we're proud to call each of them friends.

At Simms , we understand that fly fishing isn't a pack it in at the first drop of rain type of endeavor. It's a get out there and land some big, lousy-weather loving fish kind of sport. That's why we work so hard to bring you waders, wading boots, vests and technical clothing that will keep you on top of your game in all weather conditions.

Outcast takes every step to ensure that the quality, craftsmanship, product safety and service you deserve exceed their expectations. They have put their boats to the test and have passed with flying colors.

William Joseph Fly fishing Carry Systems - every piece of equipment manufactured uses the absolute finest, most cutting edge materials.


Fishpond . - Designers and manufacturers of the world's most innovative fly-fishing storage and accessory products.

Abel To design and build the best, most dependable gear in the world and give world class customer service. Makers of reels, rods, vises, pliers, knives and luggage.


Over the past 19 years Action Optics has been guided by a single focus: To provide outdoor enthusiasts and professionals with the best eyewear available.

If you appreciate the benefits of modern craftsmanship, style and performance in a name that is more reel than price, maybe your next reel should be a Galvan !

In the history of every industry, one name usually stands out as the driving force behind its very existence. In fly fishing, that name is Scientific Anglers .

Albright – Rods, reels, and more. Great rods, great price!

Fly Rod & Reel, travel features, equipment reviews, advice on tackle and technique, personal essays. The best fly-fishing magazine in print.

Trout Unlimited Trout Unlimited’s mission is to conserve, protect and restore North America’s trout and salmon fisheries and their watersheds.

Federation of Fly Fishers The mission of the Federation of Fly Fishers is to lead activities that enhance and support the fly fishing experience for all anglers who fish with the artificial fly.

Fly Fisherman Magazine - is the authoritative source for fly fishing destinations and techniques.





Atlantic Salmon Fly Artisan

Craig Patrick Haddock





© Copyright  2007  C. Haddock