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Welcome To Free Credit Repair


A free service


You can repair your own credit.      A free service of XYZPOST.COM

You can become your own credit repair expert.  You don't need to hire a company.

Anything a credit repair company can do, legally, you can do at little or no cost.

You can even dispute wrong information.  To get started ask your Credit Union or Bank

to order a Credit Report.  Make a list of Charge Offs & Collection accounts. 

Mark the DLA (date last action) on your list.  Tell the Credit Reporting company, in

writing, what information that you think is inaccurate. 

Include copies of documents that support your claim.  Include your name and address.  

Your letter should include each item that you dispute. Include a copy of your Credit

Report with the items circled.  Send the letter by Certified Mail with a Return Receipt


The credit reporting company will investigate the items that you question.

Items with a DLA of seven years will be automatically erased.

Contact creditors and collection agencies.  Offer to settle charge offs and collection

accounts.  Negative information can appear on your credit report for seven years, 

Bankruptcies can appear for ten years.

For a free annual credit report send your name, address, Social Security # and DOB

in a # 10 envelope to:


PO BOX 105281

ATLANTA, GA 30348-5281

For more information visit:


XYZPOST.COM will register your new business as a LLC for a cost anyone can afford. 

Email us at or telephone (505) 913-1066