Disciples Christian Church is collecting gently worn or new shoes for

the mission Soles4Souls. 
Adult men, women and children’s shoes are needed. 
The donated shoes will be used both in the United States and globally. 
You may donate your shoes by dropping them off at Disciples Christian Church,
125 N Prewitt Street in Nevada from 9 AM to 6 PM on June 24 to June 26

Domestic Needs

Disaster Relief

Soles4Souls was given birth out of responding to natural disasters both domestically and internationally. Our commitment to disaster relief continues to be a primary focus of our organization. Your ongoing donations allow us to keep a “ready inventory” that can respond quickly to any disaster relief. While the U.S. was fortunate to not have a catastrophic disaster the magnitude of Katrina in 2007, our country still had an abundance of crisis across our nation. From the wildfires in Southern California, floods in the Mid-West, and the tornados in the Southeast, Soles4Souls were able to respond quickly and efficiently with needed footwear. Your ongoing support makes it possible for us to position ourselves to continue to meet the needs of others during their darkest hours.

Appalachia Mountains Region

From Lynchburg, Kentucky to Bluefield, West Virginia the need for basic items is staggering. The request for new and gently worn footwear is always in high demand. This is one region where we consistently see children that do not have one adequate pair of shoes for school. Shoes are designated for this region approximately once per quarter.

Summer Camps for Disadvantaged Children

Soles4Souls will be providing two pairs of shoes for up to 6,000 children who attend one of 140 camps in the United States that focus on abused and neglected children. The children do not pay for camp as all their funding is raised by volunteers. Most of these children do not have a pair of shoes in adequate condition or fit properly.

Navajo/Hopi Indian Reservations

Winslow/Holbrook, Arizona: Our current focus on Native Americans resides in this region with our partners reaching into New Mexico as well. Footwear for all age groups remains in high demand. All types of footwear are needed in order for them to adequately survive the harsh demands of each season.

Women Domestic Abuse Shelters

Soles4Souls continues to expand its network of supporting Women Domestic Abuse Shelters across the U.S. These women (and their children) usually begin to rebuild their lives from nothing. Low heel shoes in black, brown, and navy are wonderful as it provides these women conservative footwear needed during their job search.

Inner City Hospitals

Kansas City, Missouri, Birmingham, Alabama, and Nashville, Tennessee: Many trauma patients’ personal items are damaged beyond use due to their injuries. Many hospitals can provide clothing but one area of constant need is footwear for discharged patients. Soles4Souls are working with a number of hospitals in order to meet this basic need as individuals begin the recovery process.

Homeless Shelters

Imagine being without life’s basic necessities – food, clothing, and shelter. It happens in our own backyard. Many shelters across the U.S. do an excellent job providing temporary shelter and hot meals. However, one of their greatest challenges is providing quality footwear to those that walk the streets 365 days a year. Help Soles4Souls continue to provide the homeless quality footwear from the Florida Keys to Portland, Oregon.


 Global Needs


Major cities around the world have a primary landfill. Anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand sorts through the garbage in order to meet the basic needs for survival. Most work in these conditions with little or no footwear. While we cannot fully change this survival method, we can provide work shoes and boots to better protect their feet in such horrific conditions.


Our primary target in our global efforts centers on orphanages throughout Central and South America, Europe, and Africa. Most recently we have been able to further expand into Asia as well as Australia. These abandoned and orphaned children cherish a pair of shoes more than something to eat or even a new toy. Over 300 million children world-wide have never had one pair of shoes. Help us change that number with your donation of children footwear.

Village Women

The greatest daily challenge for village women is supply the family with drinking water. Many women walk as many as five miles one way to get to the water source. On the return trip they carry as much as 50 pounds of water back to their village. Most women accomplish this daily no or inadequate footwear. Your support of casual/comfort shoes can make this daily challenge task much more achievable for these women.