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This is a picture of a CivilWar Memorial
in Salyersville, Magoffin Co., Kentucky.
This memorial was donated by the
Magoffin County Historial Society.

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As you can see at the bottom,
Abel Caudill's name is listed
on the Union side of the
Civil War

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This is the headstone for Abel Caudill and his wife, Mary Ann Crace.
Headstone was donated by current members of the State Road Fork Baptist Church.
The original State Road Fork Baptist Church was organized by Abel Caudill.  The current members were unsure of their birth year.

This picture was taken of a photo hanging currently in the State Road Fork Church in Falcon, Magoffin Co., Kentucky.  The current preacher: Buster Blanton allowed my mother and I into the church to view some of the photos from Abel Caudill, Mary Crace and the original church.  It was such a blessing to see!


This is another photo that hangs in the church: The bottom of the photo reads: (VERBATIM)

Organization of State Road Fork Church was organized in the name of Abel Caudill.  The property where the church now sets (SIC) was donated by Abel & Mary Caudill. 


Abel Caudill 1831 - 1898                                                                               Mary Crace Caudill 1830 - 1913

First Minutes: July the second Sabbath 1865.  We the arm of the Paint Church on the head of the State Road Fork at the arm received memeber until constituted by experience and baptism.  By letter of dismission.

                          Mr. Re Caudill, Mr. Henry Caudill, Mr. Able (SIC) Caudill, Mr. Sam Caudill

Second Minutes: August the second Saturday 1871.  The arm of the Paint Church of Regular Baptist Church met and was found in love.  Then the arm was constituted as a church.  Apass 30 member by a regular priobattery (SIC) call to wit.

Sign by order of the church - William Fergason M., Jerahiah Crace, Church Clerk, Brother William Fergason, Samuel Hamilton & Hardy H. William

                          Mr. Pe Caudill, Maudie Caudill- Mr. Henry Caudill

The corner land where the church currently sits and the land next to it were donated to the church from Abel & Mary Caudill.  Nothing shows him as the preacher of the church, only the founder.  The current Sr. Rev. Buster Blanton stated that information to me on 5 Apr 2008.  Blanton is also a distant relative to the Abel Caudill.  The original State Road Fork Church stood to the right of the current church.  And the original church was not torn down until the current was completed. 

Mr. Blanton and the founder of Magoffin County Historial Society states that Abel Caudill and his family lived nearby in log cabins.  Some of which are still standing today.

About .10 of a mile up on State Road Fork is a mountain top on the left where the Caudill Cemetery is located.

         These headstones are of Abel Caudill's children.  The headstones are located in the Caudill Cemetery located in Falcon, Magoffin Co., Kentucky

Mahala Caudill married
William W. Conley

Rhoda E. Caudill married
John W. Conley

Peter Caudill married
Lina Adams


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