John R. Stines & Belva Cooper




Entrance to
Dry Pond Cemetery
Little Pine, Madison Co., NC

Obituary for
John Stines

Death Cert. for
John Stines



This is a family group picture with Belva Cooper as a young child.
The bottom of the picture reads:
From left to right, Gladys, Laura Belle w/ Estill in lap, John W. Cooper w/ Belva in front of him, Claude w/ John's mother, Sarah Catherine Cooper (Kimberly) & Sister Carol.


Parents: James B Stines & Martha Massey

Born: 21 Mar 1895
Marshall, Madison Co., NC
Died: 21 May 1936
London, Laurel Co., KY

Parents: John W. Cooper & Laura B. Caudill

Born: 22 Feb 1900
Magoffin Co., KY

17 Dec 1930
Ashveville, North Carolina   

                       Married: Unknown                         
Name: Sex: Born: Died:
James Berry M 7 Dec 1920 15 Mar 2004 
Ruby Parolee F 25 Sep 1922 15 Mar 1999
Paul Vencil M 17 Oct 1924 14 Aug 1987 
Daniel L M 18 Aug 1926 17 Mar 1977


Belva Cooper
1900 - 1930
Laura B. Caudill, mother
1879 - 1963
John W. Cooper
1873 - 1962
Mary J. Whitt
1847 - 1926
Samuel Caudill
1848 - 1923
Sarah C. Kimberlin
1856 - 1906
James W. Cooper
1852 - 1915
Mathildy H Dickenson Henry Whitt Mary AP Crace Abel Caudill Elizabeth J DeRossett John W. Kimberlin Nancy Lykins David M. Cooper

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John R Stines
1895 - 1936
Martha Massey, mother
1854 - 1915
JamesB Stines, Father
1856 - ?
1826 - 1900

ThomasB. Massey

Mary N Boyd
1834 - ?
George N. Stines
1837 - ?
Unknown John W Paine Nancy X Scott John D Massey Annis Worley James B Boyd Sally Capps Jacob Stine


Children of John R. Stines & Belva Cooper

James Berry Stines (1920 - 2004)
James B. Stines was born Dec 7, 1920 in Wolf Pit, Pike Co., KY (DBC).  He was probably named after his grandfather on his dad's side; James B. Stines (1856 - ?).  In 1976 James B Stines (1920 - 2004) filed for a delayed birth certificate.  His uncle on his father's side, Fessie M. Stines (age 79) submitted an affidavit for the information to be true.  Another person listed as a non-relative (Robert Hill, age 74) did the same.  There was a census record from the Jenkins, KY Independent School which states the orignal document showing information was dated Sept 8, 1930.  At the time he applied for this DBC he was living in Chicago, IL.  (Exact address on DBC)

Ruby Parolee Stines (1922 - 1999)
Ruby P. Stines was born Sept 25, 1922.  There are no official documents that show a time or place of birth for Ruby.  Ruby always said she was born in Marshall, North Carolina- again there are no records at prove that she was born at all; but we know different.  Her father, John, had the Jenkins Elem School create a record showing his word on Ruby's birth date.  Ruby lived about the first half her life in Harlan, Kentucky and then moved to Lexington, KY.  She married Curtis C. Colegrove and had eleven children.  She passed away March 15, 1999.  (I miss you Granny Grunt)

Paul Vencil Stines (1924 - 1987)
Paul V. Stines was born on Oct. 17, 1924 in Wolf Pit, Pike Co., KY. (Per BC)  Even though I have only been able to research 4 total children for John Stines & Belva Cooper, Paul V. Stines is listed on his birth certificate (BC) as the fourth child with this mother (Belva).  This certificate also states that the number of children of this mother, now living: 3.  I have Paul listd as the third child; not fourth and third now living.  So this leads me to think that probably before the known first child (James B. Stines born 1920) John & Belva had their first child, and he/she probably died of sickness.  Per Paul's obituary, he was married to Peggy Proctor Stines and they had a son, Paul David Stines, of Garner, NC.  Paul V. Stines is buried in the Pine Crest Memorial Gardens, Clayton, North Carolina and buried with masonic rites.

Daniel Lee Stines (1926 - 1977)
Daniel's other two brothers were born in Wolf Pit, Pike Co., KY; per Daniel's birth certificate (original that was filed Dec 12, 1926) he was born in Black Mountain, Harlan Co., KY.  His birth certificate listed that his mother had five total children; four living and one deceased.  I do not know of anyone he married or children he may have had.  Daniel died just short of turning 51 years-old.  Next trip to vital records office I'll apply for his death certificate to find his reason for death at such a young age.  He did on March 17, 1977 in Lexington, Fayette Co., KY.


April 10, 2008- WoW.  I opened my mail box and amoung the bills and junk was an envelope from the North Carolina Vitals Office.  Months ago I mailed an application for the death certificate of my great grandmother, Belva Cooper Stines.  I have a lot of information on Belva- but missing... is where she is buried.  Belva Cooper Stines and her family is from Eastern Kentucky.  Her husband, John Stines is from North Carolina.  A period of John & Belva's relationship, they lived in Marshall, North Carolina. 

My search continues as I read the death certificate.  Both parents names correct, birth date and death date are correct... but again, where is Belva buried.  Line 17 reads, INFORMANT: JW Cooper, her father. of what looks like Glo, KY.  I googled such a location and sure as shit (smiles) there is a Glo Kentucky.  Located in Floyd County.  Belva's father, John William Cooper died in Floyd County.  Before I actually realized that Glo looked like Glo, it took me about thirty minutes of reviewing it before I had the thought that it could be a G in Glo.  I couldn't make out the faded, copied- dated document.  So again, my search continues for the burial place of my great Grandmother.  We now have the clue that she's buried in the small community of Glo, Floyd Co., KY (Glo was a booming coal town in the early 1900's).   It motivates me ten times to know we've gotten this far.  My next step will be to take another trip to Eastern Kentucky with my genealogy search buddy, my mom.  I can't find much information about the unincorporated area of Glo on the internet except that it's located near Wayland.  Also a small unincorporated area in Floyd County.

My Granny, Ruby P. Stines (married a Colegrove) was only 8 years old when her mother, Belva died.  Line 1 on the death certificate reads place of death being Asheville, Buncombe County, North Carolina.  It also states that she was in the Gardner's Hospital when she passed.  It is always said amoung Ruby's children that Belva died of some type self inflicted abortion.  Quickly thinking and moving my eyes around on the death certificate to find... line 22.  The date of death (17 Dec 1930) along with times and principal cause(s) of death.  Listed where the following.  Abortion (with unknown date of enset), Cinsytrama (SIC)(DOE- 12/7/30) & Pulmonary Metastasis (DOE- 12/14/30).  Name of operation: Curettement on December 13, 1930.  The second listed, cinsytrama (SIC) I am unsure of.  I cannot quit make out all the letters.  It could possibly be cinsytoma?  (Note: DOE: Date of enset, referring to principal causes of death.) (SIC= Possible Spelling In-Correct)

Pulmonary metastases are common and most frequently occur with tumors that have rich systemic venous drainage. Examples of such metastases include renal cancers, bone sarcomas, choriocarcinomas, melanomas, testicular teratomas, and thyroid carcinomas. Most pulmonary metastases arise from common tumors, such as breast, colorectal, prostate, bronchial, head-and-neck, and renal cancers. The detection of pulmonary metastases is crucial in the treatment of patients with cancer.  Metastases is plural for metastasis.

Curettement - surgery to remove tissue or growths from a bodily cavity (as the uterus) by scraping with a curette.  - a method of induced abortion; prior to the 14th week of gestation the embryo and placenta are removed by applying suction to the dilated cervix. 

I NEED YOUR HELP: Anyone who may stumble upon this story, and knows information about Belva Cooper and the cemetery she is buried in, please contact me!  Thanks for reading.

April 18, 2008
So, we went... Eastern Kentucky Bound, again!
We traveled over 200 miles that day looking for several headstones.  We were looking for Belva Cooper, John W. Cooper and some others.  Unsuccessful trip.  We found several cemeteries, and wouldn't you know- there's a cemetery (some are called, family burial grounds) on just about every hill or mountain top.  Because Belva Cooper died so long ago, I'm thinking she has no headstone or it is unmarked.  The pictures to the right show the two cemeteries ontop of mountains in the little unincorporated community of Glo, Floyd County, Kentucky.  The picture A: is where I believe she's buried.  The headstones are older and from the early 1900's.  B: is another cemetery just up from picture A:.  You can click on of the pictures to enlarge.  Both cemeteries are located on the same section of land, which an unknown individual owns but welcomes visitors.