2016 Miss HILLSBOROUGH County

1st Annual Sickle Cell Awareness pageant

Abirelle Williams and Elizabeth Dugan

This can be you

Represent your HOMETOWN,CITY or COUNTY just like Crimson

Little Miss Tampa Bay 2016


2015 Miss FLORIDA STATE Ultimate Royalty

Brianna M, Joselyn E, and Megan D'


Florida State takes pride in the development of each of the young ladies that compete in our system. We give the young ladies the oppertunity to represent the State of Florida and take pride in the community in which they live in.  Each of our delegates have Beauty,Poise,Style and a strong sense of pride for the state of Florida. Florida State pageants is just a small part of this, the family bond and the Sisterhood they belong too is the reason many of these young ladies go on to BIGGER and BETTER things!! Each of our young ladies will take a Platform during their Royalty year to help make a difference in the world and to show that they are more than just a pretty face.


So as our year moves forward, please take the time to support one or all of these young ladies as they make the world a better place!!





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