A History of the Three Brass Cartridges


The enclosed brass ammunition casings symbolize the three rifle volleys fired during a military funeral.  Historians believe this custom in concept can be traced to the 17th century when Roman soldiers honored their dead by casting earth upon the grave, calling the name of the dead and saying farewell three times.  It is also likened to the intent of saying an honorable farewell by the three cheers used during the crusades at ceremonial parades.  Ceremonial parades were held to honor the detachments of crusaders who were chosen for duty at far away campaigns.  A band would play a marching tune while soldiers who remained would march past the detachment being honored and give three cheers for their departing comrads.


Today, the three volleys fired by a military funeral detail resonate in the hearts of all military personnel signifying the passing of an honored comrade in arms.

The cartridges presented in this red pouch are from shells fired during the military honors for the veteran being honored at the funeral service provided by Semper Fi #1.