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ICare Home Care Services
Grand Rapids / Adult Home Care

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When Is The Right Time To Look For Adult Home Care?

Your Loved One's Care Needs Are Increasing

These are just two real-life examples of the many definitive signs a senior needs help at home. Other signs include inadequate fresh food in the house, evidence of weight loss, forgetting to take medications, and unexplained bruising that often points to changes in mobility.

What are some signs that it may be time for in home care?

Change in Appearance & Personality

Loneliness and depression, along with other personality changes, like extreme mood swings, loss of interest in hobbies and activities, isolation, and being disconnected from friends and family, may also indicate a need for in-home care.

How do you determine level of care for elderly?

Examples of these many factors include your:

  1. Physical condition.
  2. Mental health status.
  3. Mobility level.
  4. Ability to perform basic activities of daily living.
  5. Dietary requirements.
  6. The amount of medical care you require.
  7. Degree of need for special forms of support.

When it comes to choosing between home health care or home care What is the most significant difference?

While “home care” and “home health care” do have similarities, they are not interchangeable. Home care service includes various forms of medical care that must be performed daily to assure a healthy life. Home care services can be performed by those who are not licensed medical professionals.


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