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"You can't do nothing.  Whatever it is that you try, at least you'll be able to stand before Christ one day and say we gave it the best show we knew how... We never quite figured it out, but at least we did TRY!"  (Bill Hybels)

Great site on how you can easily defend the Christian Faith

Get informed!

Great site to pick up tracts to share with skeptics and colleges:

What are my "legal" rights as a tax payer?

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24 min - Sep 3, 2007 -
For decades now, Neo-Darwinism has maintained a stranglehold within public education, suppressing all other theories on the origins of life - especially those that hint of a "designer".


FINALLY help is here.

EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed, is a feature film in which host Ben Stein (Ferris Bueller's Day Off) goes on a quest to expose the suppression by science's anti-theist elite, and unveil new scientific facts that may suggest evidence of intelligent design in the universe.

The producers have created these downloads to assist you with promoting the issues surrounding the film.

Leaders are encouraged to use these free downloads to host a local disscussion or a debate.


Great Books & Videos

(to help you and to help you reach the skeptic)

I highly encourage each of you to consider what your interests are and what God is perhaps nudging you to do.  College Campuses are 100% free for the public to distribute literature, and if you simply say:  "Did you get one of these?"  and just hand it to them; you will quickly have distributed 5,000 pamphlets before you know it!  - I have done this, so ANYONE easily can.

This year is the 150th anniversary of Darwin's book "Origin of Species" and his 200th Birthday.  What better time to encourage Academic Freedom, and plan on your group, church, club, fraternity/sorority, or whatever the case may be - to voice your opinion, handout pamphlets, ask your professors to answer some simple evolution questions (that no one has been able to answer in 150 years...), and ask them why we can't have the "freedom to follow the information where it leads?"  (See Ben Stein's movie:  EXPELLED:  No Intelligience Allowed).  

We have the right to set-up a table with a ton of information to reach our young college students who will be our future leaders, at any non-private college or university, so WHY NOT DO IT??   

Here some great/cheap material to help you get started. 

A)  Order Dr. Pandit's book here   

and request his Dvd Seminar FREE from me.

B)  If I had to pick one book that is the best over-all on the subject, this would have to be it:  

Please visit these sites with MANY books, videos, posters, handouts and more to get you started:

Get 992 page book on God instead of evolution for $1 each!  Great book with tons of facts; why couldn't you and your church distribute these to your local school or college???

Across America, the freedom of scientists, teachers, and students to question Darwin is coming under increasing attack by self-appointed defenders of the theory of evolution who are waging a campaign to demonize and silence anyone who disagrees with them.
You can help by signing the Academic Freedom Petition and stand up for free speech and free scientific inquiry.
If you agree with this statement please click the link below and join other Americans in supporting academic freedom. Petitions will be delivered to appropriate state and federal education officials and departments.


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