Children of Abial Granger

Family Information on Mariah, Ebenezer, and Charles Granger families that went to Polk Township, Bremer, Co. Iowa in the fall of 1856.

At 42 years of age Abial(Bial) became the father of Marah Melissa Granger in Vermont/ Lower Canada, 1830. She married Marcus L. Marsh, in DeKalb County, Illinois on 2 August 1849.

The following thumbnail picture was taken in West Union, Chester Co. Nebraska. Mariah (Granger) Marsh died 24 Jan,. 1900, in West Union, Nebr. and Marcus L. Marsh died 10 April, 1905 in West Union, Nebr. They had 10 children. Pictures and info submitted by Marc Lorrin. Pictures are tumbnail subject to enlargement.

 Children of Marsh family:

Martha M. Marsh b 4July 1850 in DeKalb, Ill. died 19 July 1934 in Owasso, Mich.

Abial M. Marsh, b. abt 1852 in DeKalb, Ill.; died bet. 1860/1870 location?

Inez M Marsh, b abt 1853 in DeKalb, Ill.; married Elwood Bailiff, 31 Jan.1876, in Plainfield, Bremer Co, Iowa.

Eugene E. Marsh, b 3 Feb. 1856 in Bremer Co, Iowa, died 13 Nov, 1939 in Ft. Collins, Larimer Co., Colo.

Willis Edward Marsh, b 17 Feb., 1858 in Waverly,Bremer Co, Iowa; died 14 Nov, 1927 in Fresno, CA.

         The following  and above picture of the Willis Marsh Family was submitted by (Cherie S Scott) Seattle, WA       My grandfather was Ray Marsh, born to Willis Edward Marsh and Lydia Lamora Halsey Marsh,  in Custer  County Nebr.  The following  picture of Willis and Lydia's family. Willis and Lydia are seated. My grandfather (Ray) is the young man standing directly behind Willis.  Ray, Ed and frank all sons of Willis and Lydia relocated to Fresno CA in the early 20's.    Willis and Lydia relocated with their sons and died in Fresno,CA.  My mother (Shirley May Marsh Tolbert) told me she remembered when her grandpa died. she was 3 at the time.  Ray and his wife Bertha left the Fresno area in the mid 40's and settled outside of Sacramento.  The sold the property to my parents in the early  50's and moved to Reno, NV.   They are both buried there. There are a lot of descendants of Ray still living in the Sacramento area and descendants of Ed still living in Fresno.



Albon L. Marsh, b April 1860, Bremer Co., Iowa

Uzed Marsh, b abt 1862 in Bremer Co, Iowa

Lavantia Marsh, b 15 Oct. 1864 in Polk Township, Bremer Co, Iowa; died 17 July 1954 in Anaheim, Orange Co. CA

Aller Orwell Marsh, b 15 Oct.1865 in Horton, Bremer Co, Iowa; died 24 Dec 1914 in West Union, Custer Co. Nebr.

Vollen Marsh, born abt 1868 in Bremer Co. Iowa, died 1870/1880 location ?

At 46 years of age Abial(Bial) became the father of Ebenezer Adolphus Granger in Lower Canada, NY Or Vermont, 2 Nov 1834. See separate listing on Ebenezer Granger family.

At 49 years of age Abial(Bial) became the father of Charles M Granger in Vermont/lower Canada, 18 Mar 1838.

CHARLES M. GRANGER Nashua Reporter, May 1916 CHARLES M. GRANGER was born in DeKalb Co. Illinois in 1838, and died May 18, 1916, at the age of 78 years. He came with his parents to Polk Township, Bremer Co, Iowa, in the spring of 1856 and lived at the home of his parents until his marriage in 1863 to Elisabeth Thompson, of Nashua, Chickasaw Co., Iowa. To this union was born two sons, Frank and Oscar. Oscar died in childhood and Frank died in 1894 in Michigan. His wife died in Nashua, June 15, 1882, at the age of 52 years. Mr. Granger lived the life of a retired farmer in Nashua since that time. About a year ago he began to ail then succumbed to Brights disease. He was a man upright in character and had many friends. Relatives and kind friends ministered to his wants during his last illness. The funeral was held at 1 P.M. Saturday, conducted by Rev. Burleigh and interment was in Greenwood cemetery, Nashua, Chickasaw Co., by the side of his wife. Contributed by Claudia Groh and Leonard Granger

At 53 years of age Abial(Bial) became the father of Baby Granger in Dekalb Co. Ill, 1841.

In 1842, Comments #3-- The baby and Abial's wife, Melissa Gleason Granger became sick of dreaded Milk Fever and died. The burial site has not been located.

A comparison picture of Melissa Gleason Granger and her niece Minnie Granger.

Following pictures are from Granger Red Book (1850),

Top right - -Mariah Granger, top left Abial Granger mother-in-law, mother of Melissa Gleason. She was native American Indian.

Lower Left: Charles M Granger Lower Right: Ebenezer Granger