Minard Granger was born in Westfield, Hampden Co. Mass or New York 1804.

Census 1830 - Ft Ann N Y-  Head of household, Minard Granger, Page 321.

 Note: Picture is part of Abial Grangers -Little Red Book- of Granger Family members est. date late 1840's.

Minard Granger and Abial Granger were very close brothers in DeKalb Co. Illinois and were involved with the Gleason families in activities that were often illegal.

 Comments by #2 Minard passed several counterfeit "Mexican dollars" and a few silver dollars to a bunch of people in Queensbury N Y, on November 21, 1844. I didn't know what Mexican dollars were but here it's explained...

 During and in the years after the American Revolution the fledgling United States lacked a national currency and this situation was to cause serious economic problems. As a solution to this crisis, the Federal Government adopted the so-called Spanish Milled Dollars as legal tender until the United States could produce it's own money. These "dollars" were actually Spanish 8 real silver coins minted in Mexico City for use throughout the Spanish Empire and were the international currency of the day. These coins were in common circulation in the United States well into the 19th Century. If the popular story of George Washington throwing a silver dollar across the Potomac River is true, it would have been a Spanish 8 real coin that was tossed into legend.......pieces of eight!

 Name: MINARD GRANGER State: NY County: Cayuga County Township: 4 W Auburn Year: 1860 Record Type: Federal Population Schedule Page: 247 Database: NY 1860 Federal Census Index

By year 1860 Minard Granger had been imprisoned in the Auburn New York State Prison for forgery and making illegal U S Bank Note plates.

 He was a class 1, money counterfeiter, which were the main operators as makers of the illegal money. Class 2, money wholesalers and class 3 money passers were not given prison terms but were arrested and given warnings.

 Minard Granger was arrested in Illinois and was taken back to N Y to serve  his sentence. If he had not been returned to N Y by the federal authorities,  Minard  would  have a much harsher penalty according to Illinois Laws.

On Jan. 11, 1816, the law in the Illinois Territory set the penalty for counterfeiting at "death by hanging, without benefit of clergy." [2]
Other penalties listed in this law ranged from death to paying "a fine of four fold the amount of such note or bill" or beating with "not less than thirty-nine lashes well laid on, on his bare back" for such things as manufacturing or bringing paper into the Illinois territory to be used for counterfeiting, making or concealing plates used for counterfeiting, and passing or assisting others in passing counterfeit notes.
In 1818, Illinois received statehood. At its first General Assembly held at Kaskaskia, on February 27, 1819, the penalty for counterfeiting was lessened to a $500 fine and 75 lashes. In addition, the convicted felon would "be deemed infamous, ad be held incapable of holding any office, or giving testimony in any case whatever." [3]
This same penalty went for anyone found manufacturing or bringing paper into the state for counterfeiting purposes and making the counterfeiting plates. However, for passing or assisting in the passing of bogus notes or concealing money moulds carried a penalty of a $500 fine plus "thirty-nine lashes to the bare back." If this fine was not paid, the person was to be committed to jail until the next term of court. If the fine was still not paid, the Sheriff was to sell the offender to the highest bidder for a term of servitude of seven years. Should the person sold try to run away from his master, his term of servitude would be increased.
In 1821, this law was strengthened to include counterfeiting gold or silver coins with the same punishment as above (Laws of Illinois, Feb. 12, 1821

Minard's brother Abial Granger and related families left Illinois for Bremer Co. Iowa in 1856 to start a new life style

Minard Granger b. 1804 Westfield, Hampshire, MA
m. abt. 1827 Polly Brown b. 15 Jun 1808 d. 22 Sep 1885 dau. of Daniel Brown and Polly Jenison of Plymouth, Windsor, VT
1.Isaac   b. 1 Jan 1828 NY d. 16 Jun 1907 Story Co., IA
    m. Pamelia Lovelace b. abt 1834 NY
            ch: George F. b. abt. 1873 NY
in 1860 Isaac was 33 and working with many other men in a lumber camp at Marinette, Oconto Co., WI; in 1880 Isaac was 52, farming in Sherman,Story Co., IA; in 1900 Isaac was 71 living with David Fry family in Sherman and says he is a partner and a widower.

2. Susan b. 16 Sep 1830 NY m. Arnold Fenton b. abt 1821 NY
    in 1880 they are farming in Sherman, Story, IA
             Gardner      b. 16 Sep 1848
             George E.    b. 2 Mar 1853
              E.A.            b. 9 Feb 1855   m. Emma Kelly; lived Nebraska
              C.E.            b. 14 Nov 1856  m. Lizzie Granger; lived IA
              J.C.            b. 22 Jan 1871

3. Samuel B.     b. Fort Ann, NY 3 Jul 1832
                         m. 3 Jul 1857  Mary M. Marsh  b. 1841 NY d. 1892 CA
                                Frank b. 5 Apr 1858 DeKalb, IL
                                Elmer Eugene  b. 16 Apr 1862  DeKalb, IL
                                m. (1) Delia Stinson 20 Apr 1882
                                           Delia d. 1886 Valley Springs, CA
                                m. (2) Mary Stinson abt 1895 Washington
                            ch.: Eugene D. & Harold D. 1901
                             in 1910 Elmer E. was 47, a retail grocer in San Francisco
                        Cora Belle  b. 1864 DeKalb, IL m. Hiram H. Smith b. 1875
                                        in 1910 Hiram (35) and Cora (25) were living in                          Myrtle Point, Coos, Oregon with 3 children and                         widower Samuel Granger age 76
4. Carmen               b. 5 Nov 1840
5. Martha Maria      died young
6. Philander E.       b. 25 Feb 1845 Warren Co., NY  d. 1920 IA
                              m. 1 Oct 1865 Eliza Jane Graves b. 27 Sep 1849 Sheldon,                     VT         d. 30 Aug 1895 Hawarden, IA
                            T.E.  b. 7 Dec 1866 m. Effie M. Lassentz b. 1866 CA
                                   in 1910 Effie is 44 running a boarding house in Ventura,
                                   CA with dau Pauline and 2 boarders
                                    dau. Pauline b. 1899      
                            S.M.  b.11 Apr 1868  Sioux City, IA
                           Bertha Florence b. 13 Oct 1869  Sioux City, IA  m. 29 Jan 1891
                                                                                      Carl A. Young
                           Caroline (Carrie L.) b. 14 Dec 1871 Sioux City, IA
                                                           m. Gottlieb Froelich

See below the marriage picture of Caroline Granger and husband Gottlieb Froelich.

                                                                                                                ch.:  Beryl b. 1898  d. 1940
                                                                    ch. Shirley b. 1921 d. 1996
                                                                          m. (1) Richard Davis - one son
                                                                          m. (2) William Ryan - Mary
                                                                                Mary m. Scott Sigmond
                           Frank L.     b. 1 Jun 1875 Sioux City, IA
                           Mary Louisa  b. 15 Aug 1876   "
                          John Wesley  b. 30 Oct 1880    "
                          Ethel Olga     b. 31 Mar 1883    "
                         Grace Maud   b. 28 Jan 1885    "
                         Clarence J.    b. 16 Jun 1886    "