The Granger Family History can be traced back to about 1640 in America. When I found that my great-great-great grandfather John Martin Granger had fought in the Revolutionary War and four of his sons served in the War of 1812 my interest in the research of the Granger family became a rewarding hobby, for a retired military man. With the help of several researchers the following information has been collected from many sources and it is hoped reflects the Granger family contributions in building this country. We can only see a part of the successes and difficulties the family endured as recorded in history books, census, family bibles, pictures, letters and other documents that remain today. We hope you enjoy the Granger Family History - Leonard Granger - June 2006

Items added in 2015

Have located some of the family in" Find A Grave"  which are posted to the indiviuals listing of children of John Martin Granger.  Have not located JM Granger but his father George Granger.


Items added in 2017


Thanks to Dianna Radford A decendent of John Martin Granger by the Allen  Granger line we now have a complete listing of the family moving around the country to Michigan..