. John Martin Granger, son of George Granger and Lydia Martin, was born in Hampden, Co. Mass. 1760. John died after 1840 in Ft Ann, N Y.

Last date recorded:1840 for military pension checks. John maybe buried in local area.

Comments by Harry Underwood, researcher that lives in that area and wife descends from Martin Granger.

You asked where John Martin Granger is buried? I think JMG born in 1761- your Revolutionary War ancestor that drew a pension while living in Ft Ann - Washington Co. N Y is buried in the Fort Ann cemetery (no stone). I decided that this may be his final resting place as we have never to my knowledge found out where he died. His wife Sarah I know nothing about. I'm basing this on the work I have done up in Ft Ann at the cemetery regarding my wife's ancestors on her father's side, this includes the caretakers and members of the cemetery commission as well as Virginia Parrott the Town. Historian. As far as I know at this time John Martin Granger lived just a short ways from the cemetery. I have heard more than once that the grave diggers have found human bones while digging graves there. They never said but I suspose that they just covered them up and the burial took place on top of them."

John Martin Granger married Sarah Griffin in Turkey Hills, (Simsbury), Hartford Co, Ct., 11 Mar 1783. John Martin Granger and Sarah Griffin may have discussed marriage then as the Revolutionary War was coming to a close. He had been in the army since 1777 and probably was going to remain in the active Militia. On Saturday, April 19, 1783 Congress announces the end of the Revolutionary War.

Sarah was born in Turkey Hills Simsbury), Hartford Co., Ct estimated 1763. Sarah died before 1840.

John served in the military in Mass., 1777. John Martin Granger was in Captain Fowler's company of Colonel Morley's regiment of Mass troops. He was 5 ft 7 inches in height and with brown hair. (Page 102, Launcelot Granger of Newbury, Mass. and Suffield, Conn. A genealogical History by James N. Granger.) He may have been under age when he enlisted and had been living with parents in Conn. which became his home of record.

Granger, John. List of men raised for the term of 8 months to fill deficiencies in quota of men raised to serve for 3 years and during the war; engaged for town of Southwick; joined Col. Nixon's regt.; arrived at Fishkill June 15, 1778; also, descriptive list of men raised in Hampshire Co., agreeable to resolve of June 9, 1779; Capt. Fowler's co., Col. Moseley's regt.; age, 18 yrs.; stature, 5 ft. 7 in.; complexion, light; hair, brown; credited to town of Southwick; term, 8 months, to expire Jan. -, 1780; delivered to Ensign E. White. Granger, John. Private, Capt. Timothy Paige's co., Col. John Rand's regt.; enlisted July 5, 1780; discharged Oct. 10, 1780; service, 3 mos. 15 days, travel included, at West Point; company raised for 3 months. Roll sworn to in Worcester Co.

John served in the military again in New York. On 15 June, 1778 he went to Fishkill. N Y and joined the regiment of General Putman, enlisting for three years. His prior service home of record in Conn. remained in records.

At 24 years of age John became the father of John Granger in Westfield, Hampden Co. Mass., 1784. At 26 years of age John became the father of Allen Granger in Westfield, Hampden, Co. Mass., 23 May 1787. At 28 years of age John became the father of Abial(Bial) Granger in Westfield, Hampton Co. Mass, 1788. John became the father of Sally Granger in Westfield, Hampden Co, Ma, estimated 1790.

John was listed as the head of a family on the 1790 Census in Hampshire, Mass., page 111 --- John Martin Granger and wife 3 sons under age 16---John born 1784, Allen born 1787, and Abial born 1788. 1 daughter under 16 -- Sally born 1790.

John served in the military in Ft Plain N Y- Schenectady N Y, 1790 Church record. John Martin and wife were in Schenectady N Y for the baptism of friends child at the Schenectady Reform Church . Believe he was assigned to Ft Plain, N Y at this time. Baptismal Date: 19 Jan 1790 Father: Cornelius Christiaanse Mother: Maria Marselius Item Number: 6652 Child: Sarah Sponsor: John Granger, Sarah Granger Birth Date: 05 Nov 1789 Source: N Y Births and Baptisms, Schoharie and Mohawk Valleys, 1694-1906.

Comment by #2 - John Martin Granger the following children after he left Mass. can not be certain where they were born. A historian who lived in the effected states, told me there were border conflicts between New York, Mass. and Vermont for years. Vermont was not an original colony and became a state in 1791.

John became the father of Chester Granger in Mass or N Y, Abt 1791. At 34 years of age John became the father of Lester Granger in Westfield, Hampden, Mass. or New York, 1794. At 36 years of age John became the father of Martin Granger in Westfield, Mass. or New York, 1796. At 38 years of age John became the father of Polly Granger in Westfield, Hampton Co., Ma or New York, 1798. At 40 years of age John became the father of Alva Granger in Westfield, Hampden, Mass or New York, 1800. At 42 years of age John became the father of Huldah Granger in Westfield, Hampton Co. MA. or New York, 1802. At 43 years of age John became the father of Minerva Granger in Westfield, Hampden, Co, MA or New York, 1803. At 44 years of age John became the father of Minard Granger in Westfield, Hampden Co. Mass or New York, 1804.

Note: John M Granger, Blanford, Hampshire Co. Mass, is listed in the 1800 Census, page 513.

John was listed as the head of a family on the 1810 Census in Ft. Ann N Y. Residence in 1810 probably Ft. Ann, N Y. Son Chester Granger, age 18 marries Elizabeth Green, age 16, in Ft Ann. They are listed on 1810 census page 372. One male 16-25 and one female 16-25

John Martin Granger family transferred from Ft. Plain N Y to Ft Ann. N Y between 1790 and 1810.

At 53 years of age John became the father of Julius G. Granger in New York or Westfield, Hampden, Mass., 1813.

John served in the military in Ft Ann, N Y, 1820. John Martin Granger's wife and two small daughters Huldah born 1802 and Minerva born 1807. living with son Chester Granger family. 1820 Ft Ann N Y census has female over 45, and two females under 16. living with family. However, the 1820 Federal Census lists John M Granger as located in Queensbury, Warren Co. New York, page 205.

The 1830 Federal Census, has John M Granger in Ft Ann, Washington Co. New York, page 321. 1 male 5-9 1 male 15-19 Julius Granger born 1813 1 male 60-69 John Martin Granger 1 female 60-69 Sarah Griffin Granger

John Martin Granger was awarded in 1790, a land grant for his military service as per the following record. The location of land grant may have been in Washington County, New York where the family lived until 1840. Revolutionary War Bounty Land Grants: Awarded by L.D. Bockstruck pub. 1996 p. 208 GRANGER, JOHN NY PRIVATE 8 JUL 1790 600 ACRES * This information taken from The Balloting Book and Other Documents Relating to Military Bounty Lands in the State of New York pub 1825 Albany ''...NYS bought land from the Onandaga and Cayuga Nations in 1788 and 1789 and later from the Oneida and Tuscarawa. The Indians had supported the British during the Revolution. Within 3 days after the final purchases from the Indians, NY held the balloting for distributing the land. The name of each veteran was written on a slip of paper and put in a box. The name of each lot was written on another slip of paper and placed in a separate box. As a slip was drawn from each box, they were matched as the veteran's land who then received patents to their land on condition the land be settled within 7 years. The veteran also had to pay for a land survey. A private got 500 acres.

John applied for a military pension in Ft Ann, N Y, 1835. John Martin Granger begins receiving a military pension. Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files Vol. II p. 1402 GRANGER, JOHN CT LINE cert. #19334 was issued to soldier 13 Dec 1824 at $8.00 per month and at that time he was living in Washington County, NY New York Pensioners, 1835 Record Name: John Granger Rank: Private County: Washington Annual Allowance: 96.00 Sums received: 886.39 Description of service: Connecticut line When placed on the pension roll: 13 Dec 1824 Commencement of pension: 11 June 1824 Laws under which inscribed, increased, or reduced or remarks. none U.S. Government --

Quote: "The survivors of this group and their friends felt that justice had not been done and petitions were introduced into Congress from time to time until in May 15, 1828, just 50 years after the original act, a measure was passed giving full pay for life, beginning March 3, 1826, to the surviving officers of the Continental line who had been entitled to half pay under the act of 1780, and the same allowance was made to the noncommissioned officers and privates entitled to receive the gratuity of eighty dollars ($80) promised in 1780. This act was executed by the Secretary of the Treasure rather than by the Secretary of War, who administrated the other pension laws until in 1835 it was transferred from the former to the latter office." Enlisted in Capt Morleys Reg. in Mass. Home of record is Conn. where he previously resided with parents. May have been underage at time. 15 Jun 1778 Enlisted at age 18, in Army at Fishhill N Y under command of General Putman. Home of record remains Conn.

Additional Service in N Y Reg't. by John Martin Granger during his military career after the Revolutionary War. Ref #2 Index to Revolutionary War Service Records by White Vol. II p.1096 GRANGER, JOHN Pvt. in Capt. Pearsee's Co. of Willett's NY Reg't. " " Pvt. 1st MA Reg't. " " Pvt. 2nd NY Reg't. " " Pvt. 4th NY Reg't. GRANGER, JOHN Pvt. 12th MA Reg't.