I have found no greater satisfaction than achieving success through honest dealing and strict adherence to the view that, for you to gain, those you deal with should gain as well. -Alan Greenspan

Thank you for your interest in our company. As you browse through this website you will discover why FundNopolis has today emerged as the steadiest name in the financial services business online since 2007.

Project Development and Finance:

We are actively seeking quality projects that are entitled/permit ready or (very close), with land under control in need of 100% of the remaining capital necessary to complete the project. If your loan requirement is US$ 10 million and above. Write to us. 

Since 2013, our approach has always been in cold hard cash or cold hard credit - no BG's or anything like that, so no monetizing flim flams...collateral has always been real assets, and to me, always will be.  

FundNopolis have never had more access to more money than we do right now - it is credible deals that are rare...so, in my opinion, there is no need for anything like BG’s, SBLC’s - credible investors and lenders are going crazy trying to find worthy, credible opportunities to put their funds to work...maybe several years ago, because the amount of financing available was more limited, some indirect schemes might have been important, or actually worked...but today, there is just too much money looking for good, safe deals and opportunities.

As part of our commitment, we confirm a belief, based our group 26 years of successful engagements, that the probability of obtaining and/or designing a financing solution exceeds 95%.

We are small, but growing. We don't do everything, but we do it well.


In this time of growing financial uncertainty an increasing number of executives are feeling the effects of commercial banks and financial institutions tightening their commercial lending guidelines and requirements. Obtaining adequate commercial financing has become more difficult, much more costly, and painful to the bottom line. In fact, I recently overheard a top real estate development executive comparing the commercial finance process to “crawling across glass on his naked knees!” Well, it is true.

Commercial banks and lenders are tightening lending guidelines, raising rates, changing terms on their clients at the last minute, and worst of all, backing out of financing commitments days (and sometimes hours) before the scheduled closing. In some cases commercial banks and lenders approve or reject finance requests based solely on what the market has been doing over the past few days. The denial of your finance request may have nothing to do with your Company’s financial strength, credit rating, or application. So how are companies securing the financing they need, or better yet, the financing they truly desire? The answer lies in the newest and most innovative commercial finance techniques to be created in years.

Several of the newer and more innovative commercial finance strategies that have evolved and become readily available in recent months are more efficient, less costly, and in many executive’s opinion, all around better ways to secure commercial financing than the older and more traditional financing options and tedious underwriting procedures.

In response to the tightening of commercial lending guidelines, many smaller “boutique” style investment banks and commercial finance specialists have really stepped up to the plate and “knocked one out of the park” with some new and innovative ways for companies to get the financing they need within weeks, not months, and with NO SURPRISES! Although there are many new commercial finance solutions and strategies now available for projects and contracts US$10MM or larger, a few commercial finance solutions in particular have really caught the attention of executives across the world.


A lot of people will like to believe that they can walk up to a lender and then get their projects funded. This is not true. Lenders do not always entertain walk-ins, in certain cases - yes. However, they always work via reputed sources. Sources mean organizations with significant capital advisory backgrounds. The management of these organizations, screen, pre-qualify the project and make sure that they meet a particular lender guidelines and/or parameters, and then do the placement.

Do a search and you will see more number of financial advisory firms than any lenders.

This commonly misconceived role is not just about introductions; we work with you to make sure your project will survive the scrutiny of financiers and that all facets are ready to go. 

It’s really not about the upfront fees; it’s about whether the engaging party promise in delivering. It's about integrity. Their reputation and credibility, their success rate of closing transactions, turnaround time etc. It is these qualities that count the most when deciding on a particular engagement.

Any client that can afford to finance the efforts in raising capital should undertake the effort. The term "cost of doing business" is truer now than even before in this industry.

Why the name 'FundNopolis'?

Literally the name FundNopolis is derived from two words, 'Fund' + 'Metropolis', and basically means 'A City of Funds' or ‘A Place of Funds Available”.

We wanted to build a platform to:

1. Reach New Clients

2. Identify Business Opportunities

3. Gain Transparency

4. Advise Clients

5. Identify Investment Opportunities

6. Connect to Our Existing Lenders and Investors

Thus the name FundNopolis


Why You Should Be Working With Us.

  • FundNopolis is a debt free company. Zero liability
  • FundNopolis never had a single compliant or litigation ever since we went online in 2007, of course even before that.
  • FundNopolis and its executives have a clean Police record Nationwide.
  • FundNopolis phone number has never changed since July 27, 2003.
  • FundNopolis does not charge money to look at a deal.
  • FundNopolis ability to provide capital advisory. Free of Cost.
  • FundNopolis good standing is its worldwide Representative Offices.
  • FundNopolis has exclusive access to a global network of financial institutions, HNW's, hedge funds, and investors.

About Us

FundNopolis (founder/principal Mr. Leonard J. Mills, in the picture on the top right) is a full fledged - debt free, Strategic Global Investment Advisory firm eventually took shape in 2007 in the heart of Bangalore, the major center of India's IT industry. In today's challenging and changing financial environment, precise advise on capital structuring, is Key to success. Research has pointed that about 80% of business ideas die premature because they lack capital support and advisory. Many projects die from under capitalization or simply the inability to make it through due diligence.

Why some project financing plans have succeeded while others have failed? Mr. Mills believes that – this is due to promoters lack of market awareness, inexperience in areas of project finance, poor planning and understanding within the industry,  no "skin in the game", lack of recognizing and inability to seek proper, strategic capital advisory service.

We serve as our client's advisor during the capital formation process not only by facilitating and negotiating, but also by advising on issues related to valuation and deal structure, assess possible deal "breakers/makers" and risk factors involved in transaction. This allows us to bring projects from the "business plan stage" all the way to funding/fruition. Working with us means, a commitment to fair dealing and transparency.

We have handled many projects throughout the world and have some very creative methods that work well providing everyone conceed, follows direction. All persons involved must work as a "team" if we are to be successful in our endeavors to raise capital.

Our Group performs where the banks all fall short. We have the systems in place to move quickly and the ability to overcome many challenging circumstances. 


Business Strategy

  • Review Business Plan
  • Develop Business Model
  • Identify Value Drivers

Financing Strategy

  • Determine Capital needs
  • Evaluate Financing Options
  • Structure Deal

Solicit Proposals

  • Identify Financing Sources
  • Presentation of Business Plan
  • Solicit Financing Proposals
  • Evaluate Proposals


  • Negotiate Term Sheets
  • Negotiate Agreement


Our Key Practice Areas

Our transaction advisory and underwriting practice is focused on the following key areas:

  • Infrastructure (toll roads and highways, ports, airports, bridges and railways)
  • Energy and Power (coal-fired plants, renewables [including hydroelectric and waste-to-energy], IPPs or independent power producers)
  • Natural Resource Development (thermal and coking coal, mining [gold, copper, nickel], oil and gas exploration and development)
  • Property Development (large-scale commercial, residential, and mixed-use projects)
  • Tourism Development (resorts. hotels, inns, spas, tourist-transport fleets)
  • Health Care (hospitals, ambulatory-clinic chains or outpatient facilities including dialysis units,  pharmaceutical products manufacturing, diagnostic equipment)
  • Media, telecommunications and information technology 
  • Public finance 

We likewise support clients in their mergers, acquisitions and divestiture projects.

The Firm

FundNopolis is a firm strategically formed and constituted by matured individuals, who have resolved dynamically to merge themselves into a single entity to complete to succeed in the global commercial finance market by drawing upon vast business experience and professional experience of individual constituents of the company. Although Mr. Mills comes from a varied business background, he's been active in the world of finance ever since 1998. Mr. Mills is responsible for the leadership and overall management of the company.

His team consists of mature Investment Bankers, Chartered Accounts, Financial Advisors to State Govements, Senior Advisors for Bank Instruments and Attoeys at Law etc. And most recently we have been interacting with just passed out MBA - Finance Graduates , to give us a gist of the latest trends, in the financial arena. These professionals experience covers the complexities of both domestic and inteational financings, including working with multilateral lending institutions, managing political, regulatory, and currency risks, and understanding the requirements and limitations of different jurisdictions and legal and regulatory systems.

FundNopolis, its Principals and its affiliates have over 50 years of combined experience in Inteational and Domestic Financial consulting and have enjoyed noteworthy success over the past several years. We believe this is due to a highly developed sense of discipline and ability to adapt to the changes of a World-wide economy.

Our formula is simple: we have the best people, understand our clients’ needs and objectives, and then take ownership of each and every project where we are involved. No matter how large or small our role is in a project, our mission is to exceed our clients’ expectations in every way possible.

Our future is defined by the success of your next project.

FundNopolis holds long standing strategic business agreements and maintains longstanding relationship (personal contacts) with numerous commercial funding consultants/specialist, bond specialist, securities firms, mutual funds, specialized financial services firm, licensed merchant bankers, private investment fund, asset managers, institutional investors, venture capital consultants and/or companies, commercial funding speakers and contributing writers to various monthly publications both within and outside of the commercial mortgage and finance industry. And a vast array of conventional lenders. Our funding options are just not limited to traditional finance but we are of industry leaders in innovative alteative finance techniques.

FundNopolis has a diverse and extensive network of lenders/investors to whom we submit reports and presentations. This allows us to secure funding for projects at higher success rate than traditional sources. However, most of our structures are "proprietary collateralized funding", meaning a client can dramatically reduce their own investment into the company down to a minimum, and take away up to 100% finance in most cases. Thus makes us fully capable of effectively handling "big ticket" transactions.

Please keep in mind that some of the funding structures mentioned within the contents of this website may no longer be available or applicable. Please ask for new programs and updates.

We particularly have Ravenous appetite for large infrastructure projects that need a 2-3 years moratorium/gestation period. Our "proprietary collateralized funding" is very unique and most effectively fits the bill. This is one of our many niches - our core competencies.

The Collateral Program is for projects that require a long start-up period before launching. This Program offers a deferment period ranging from 1-3 years. During the period of deferment, The Borrower/Company does not have to pay any Interest or minimum payments. This is true even if your project is capable of repaying the loan (of any amount) in full within 3-4 years after launching.

Collateral lending is ideal for businesses that cannot provide sufficient collateral to secure a standard commercial loan. This collateral program makes it possible to successfully receive 100% capital funding, without any collateral from the client. The principals stay in control of their project without any outside partnerships or sharing of net revenues.

Although collateralized project financings have certain common features, financing on a project basis necessarily involves tailoring the financing package to the circumstances of a particular project. Expert financial engineering is often just as critical to the success of a large project as are the traditional forms of engineering.

#1 Reason why Projects are sitting on the Sidelines without Financing: Lack of liquidity to meet the requirements of lenders.

Shovel ready projects have high priority within our funding circle.

What is a shovel ready project? (Wikipedia)

Project is considered shovel ready if it has advanced to the stage that laborer may immediately be employed to start work. The term is used in reference to projects which are candidates for economic stimulus spending: money put into a shovel ready project will have a more immediate impact on the economy than money spent on a project on which a great deal of time must elapse for architecture, zoning, legal considerations or other such factors before labor can be deployed on it.

FundNopolis ideal “shovel ready” project is at the point where the only thing stopping the sponsors from moving forward and beginning construction is the lack of capital required. The principals in most cases have invested millions of dollars on soft cost, procuring license and approvals, the land and preparing all the necessary documentation to request funding. This is our ideal project for consideration and for reaching 100% success.

We are currently looking for projects that are entitled/permit ready (or very close), with the land under control, in need of 100% of the remaining capital necessary to complete the project.

We will consider financing 100% of the cost of completing the construction including all other cost involved from the point of shovel ready forward.

Get in touch with us now if you are one of them:

  • Financial managers who are responsible for arranging financing for their companies’ projects.
  • Govement officials who are wondering how to finance their wish lists of infrastructure projects.
  • Investment bankers and commercial bankers who assist companies in raising funds for large capital intensive projects.

And for many informative discussion conceing project finance and about “what really makes it work.”

Innovation globally is going to come from many different sectors and FundNopolis plans to market and finance in innovative business plans, start-ups, early and expansion stage companies led by passionate founders and executives. Minimum project size considered is $3Million and upwards!

Since its launch in 2007 the firm has undertaken several projects and to date has “confirmed AND approved” $2.55 billion worth of projects worldwide.

While we are willing to raise capital in a wide range of economies and environment, we focus to finance projects in emerging markets and stable economies.

The worldwide triple banking crisis (2007/08) that paralyzed most financing operations, putting much larger finance companies and even lenders out of business. Out of pure ethical stubboness and dedication, we have survived the economic meltdown and still have access to plenty of funding.

We also have a verity of programs that are not listed on this site which can fit many different cases.

This site is also designed with the purpose of keeping it informative. Not available elsewhere.


The philosophy of FundNopolis is to have a common approach, with the various clients, to credit or other decisions. This allows us to help clients to overcome obstacles which may arise unforeseen, supporting them in their business without limitations on cash flow which, sometimes, can even block the development of highly profitable businesses. To this end, FundNopolis was bo and has been operating successfully for several clients in the global market. We help such Companies to exist, to develop and to have success, making the best possible use of its professional capabilities and the economic resources available to the Clients.


To be a Global Brand. To contribute significantly to building the finance community and become the world's most valuable commercial finance company.


We aim to be the first choice for any client looking for a solution and constantly strive to perfect our products and contacts, thereby offering a one stop shop that will meet all needs. Our simplified application processes and clear lines of communication gives the client the confidence to engage us in all manner of financial and funding scenarios.


What We Do - Advise Client's on Raising Project Capital

First of all please note that the process of raising capital is not as easy as it is perceived to be. In today's financial marketplace, a comprehensive evaluation and due diligence phase must take place uncovering all the details and logistics behind your project including your management team. It is very crucial to understand that the methods of raising capital several years ago have changed considerably and may not work in today's financial environment. "In a world of uncertainty, proper due diligence before any major business decision is a must."

A thorough investigation under the patriot act of 2001 must be performed. This procedure began after the 9/11 disaster and was organized by the then present administration. Investigations are mandatory for all Financial Programs.

99% of projects are not ready to be funded based on the Borrower’s initial business plan. Basically the project is not “bankable,” but rather an idea. Only by certifying the statements and projections within the business plan, securing the necessary permits, approvals, and providing necessary collateral for the loan will the loan be “bankable” meaning a bank is comfortable financing up to 100% of the project’s cost and confident that the project’s expected income streams will be realized.

Financial decision makers and investors show this central document (business plans) to their bankers, lawyers, accountants, brokers, agents, and financial advisors, who see dozens of them every week, and are very skeptical professionals. Accordingly, submitting an expertly developed Business Plan is essential for obtaining the approval of the many experienced financial advisors involved in the investment and financing process.

It is important to note that this preparation and confirmation process is a critical stage in the structured project finance process. In the eyes of the “managing bank” or funding institution, this preparation and confirmation process transforms a business plan into a “fact,” or expected outcome in contrary to a “theory.”

For this purpose, it is necessary to conduct expert preparation, producing a Fortune 500 caliber business plan for use by the lenders.


Key Drivers to Attracting Financing

The key driver to attracting project financing is the “bankability” of the project. To attract debt and equity to the project the following are essential:

• Committed sponsors

• Experienced project manager

• Govement support

• Quality of partners

• Compelling economics

• Large population and growing market

• Financial structure:

     o Debt/Equity mix

     o Tenor

     o Currency

Key Elements Required Include

• Experience and credibility of the EPCM contractor

• Legal and regulatory expertise

• Technical and engineering

• Feasibility, EIA/SIA studies

• Surveys and design

Key Attributes of Project Promoters

• Experience of promoters in areas of project finance

• Ownership structure of promoters

• Credibility

• Reputation and clout within industry

• Challenges such as country risk

Any Business Plan for the purpose of procuring investment or capital financing is scrutinized according to the strictest standards, and therefore must communicate much more detail, in-depth analysis, careful and accurate presentation to attract investors or capital funding sources, by giving them a complete yet concise presentation of the business.

Our careful review, selection, and comprehensive underwriting process utilizing advanced analytics enable us to thoroughly understand the needs of our clients, accurately determine and prescribe the optimal finance structure and capital solutions for even the most complex existing or to-be-built real estate transactions.

Please be aware and understand that the underwriting guidelines for any loan program are not set in stone, and there aren't two lending situations that are exactly alike. Accordingly, submitting an expertly developed Business Plan is essential for obtaining the approval of the many experienced financial advisors involved in the funding process. At FundNopolis we work closely with clients to create a harmonious business relationship that build confidence and drive for an enduring relationship, and then we help them arrange financing to ensure successful implementation.

Competitive Advantage

Most of our deals are creative financing solutions tailored to individual projects using high liquid financial instruments/securities wrapped by an insurance policy. Our innovative funding structures have been mentioned and discussed by several top trade publications including the American Coal Council, Resource World Magazine, Hotel Executive Magazine, H&MM, and many more.

FundNopolis understand that even the most carefully planned and executed projects can succumb to inappropriate, inefficient, or insufficient capitalization. We are experts at assessing client needs and tailoring a capital stack to meet them. We draw upon our capital market expertise, our sophisticated in-house real estate research, underwriting, and exteal capital market resources to assist project developers and investment property borrowers in structuring and securing debt and equity financing specifically designed to optimize the financial aspects and strengths of their projects, increasing bottom line performance unencumbered by inefficient financing.

How We Work

FundNopolis only accepts projects that we genuinely believe in. At FundNopolis our processes and procedures are straight and clear cut without frills.

1. We almost always need to review comprehensive business plan/executive summary first by email.

(i) Is your Business Plan / Executive Summary complete? Is it at least 15 pages, preferably more? (60-100 is a good size for a full Investment Grade Business Plan, 15-20 is more suitable for an Executive Summary; always be thorough and complete).

(ii) Did you include all financial projections, background information on your management team, cost estimates, descriptions of your product or project, time estimates for completion of construction, and any other relevant information for the Lender?

2. Upon submission of the business plan if we see there is a high probability of funding a project we may request additional or complete information memorandum. If a project meets the underwriting guidelines. We will schedule a conference call to discuss the process in detail.

Statistics show that less than 3% of projects submitted for funding are successful. An analysis shows that at least 50% were rejected after a review of the Executive Summary, 36% because of poorly prepared Business Plans and 11% because of unverifiable information, poor management, lack of forward planning and misrepresentation or failure to disclose.

What are the most common reasons lenders reject proposals?

  1. The management team lacks relevant experience.
  2. The management team lacks market awareness.
  3. The product/service has not gone through market validation.
  4. The financial forecasts are unrealistic and are based on too many assumptions.
  5. The financial retus are inadequate.
  6. The amount of investment requested is too high and the equity offered is too low.
  7. The business is too complex.
  8. The business is not scalable.
  9. The business has no clear exit strategy.

So what can FundNopolis do to remedy a situation? FundNopolis is well positioned in bringing your quick success, that is because you want to work with us as much or more than we want to work with you.

Consider this: A business plan, in essence, is nothing more than a set of assumptions and theories that spell out the intentions, hopes, goals, and intended success of the proposed business and/or project. Through FundNopolis strategic alliance and collaboration with the parties mentioned above, a business plan can be transformed into “fact,” at least from the perspective of the financing institution and/or managing bank.

We specialize in and are fully capable in raising 100% inteational project financing (and not traditional banks loans, private equity or venture capital), that is uniquely structured/tailored to fit the client’s immediate requirements and at par with the changing financial environment.

The traditional established private equity, venture capital and business loan market is rapidly declining. They are not doing much by way of actual funding these days. Then where is the money? Be in no doubt, the money is there. More of it than there used to be…but little of it available in the old familiar ways.

The real money now resides with the key players in this new market who are not traditional banks, private equity or venture capital houses…but hedge funds and a whole range of other wealth and asset managers. They are managing funds with mandates from institutions of all descriptions as well as the great global tide of private wealth which now stands at $42.7 trillion, owned by the world’s 11 million wealthiest people*. It is this capital that we tap into to provide capital for your project.

*Source: Merrill Lynch Cap Gemini World Wealth Report 2011

Most projects are funded by 75% Debt financing, and 25% equity financing. Debt is a traditional loan, where equity is basically cash provided by an investor. In order for an investor to "risk" their 25% equity (cash) that the project needs, they will require that the project developer or owner give the investor 25-99% ownership of the project! This means the project developer or owner loses most of the ownership (and profit) in the project.

What we offer is 100% financing so the Client never gives away any ownership or profits in the project. Additionally, when a company takes out a loan, they must pay it back (principal and interest). Our loans are backed by an insurance wrap 150% of the value of the stocks. The Program essentially prepares “a private offering inside a public offering” and thus substantially reduces the requirements typically associated with an offering. The offering then is backed by the Project itself, while enhancing the security to the investor with the pledged insurance policies. Therefore the client will raise 100% of the finance required for the project, the client never has to repay any interest or principle, only the obligation to pay 10% of annual net profits when and if any profits are generated.

This category of capital procurement requires extensive inside financial industry knowledge, legal and negotiating expertise, and direct, active professional support. Professional preparation of multi-million dollar investments projects requires highly specialized expertise, intensive work, and many supporting informational and infrastructure resources. The preparation and confirmation work must be certified by the “best of best,” meaning that inteationally recognized and accomplished accountants, attoeys, venture capitalist, business feasibility analysts, bankers, architects, engineer’s etc. Accordingly, it is very expensive to produce quality materials necessary for procurement process, as required by the financing sources.

Financing requires intensive work on voluminous documents, and constant negotiations spanning many time zones. We have an obligation to our clients to give highest priority to delivering results on projects.

Inteational project financing is a comprehensive and multilevel process that involves many key participants, and cannot be performed on a fixed schedule. Every project is unique, and every collateral provider and funding source is different.

Hence - Please cooperate and provide the following necessary information for a cordial partnership in fulfilling your endeavors in reaching a successful closing:

  • Techno-economic feasibility report
  • Investment Grade Business Plan
  • Certified Financial Projections/Forecasts
  • Core Team resumes/CV's (They say - solid teams are rarer than great ideas)

At this stage a project is heavily examined to determine its viability, potential profitability, feasibility, and most importantly, the likelihood of funding.

Borrowers who understand the importance of good documentation and good collateral will almost always obtain good financing and excellent interest rates, no matter how large the Loan is, and no matter what the purpose. It is essential that the Borrower “think from the Lender’s point of view”. If you were a Lender, you would want to be absolutely sure that you would be repaid your money, even in the extremely rare or worst case of a disaster, bankruptcy, etc., by the Borrower. Give the Lender maximum confidence and assurance that they will not lose their money by lending to you. They should feel comfortable with the lending of their money.

If you can bet on your product or project, then have a word with us today.


We work in partnerships with very few reputable and verifiable specialized financial service organizations located in US, Europe and Asia that help fund viable project proposals worldwide.

  • This organization we deal with is a San Diego CA (USA) based (this is where our principals are located) commercial funding specialist company, whereas we are located in India heading the Asia Pacific Operations. We maintain relationships with a long list of real estate investment trusts, hedge funds, inteational law firm, and a variety of private money pools enabling the company to consistently provide the latest in innovative finance structures and techniques.Our Principals, a Commercial Funding Specialist (Accredited Commercial Finance Consultant) and the President/CEO is a Speaker and contributing Writer to various monthly publications both within and outside of the commercial mortgage and finance industry.Our innovative funding structures have been mentioned and discussed by several top trade publications including the American Coal Council, Resource World Magazine, Hotel Executive Magazine, H&MM, and many more.
  • This organization we work with is an Annapolis, MD (USA) based direct Lender and is a recognized Emerging Market Lender, specializing in customized financial solutions for emerging markets throughout the world. This lender is a privately owned merchant bank licensed in the state of Maryland and a master guarantor of the export-import bank of the United States. The charter of our bank commissions us to lend and work in emerging market economies, world-wide. We specialize in complex trade financing. With more than 10 years of experience of working in Africa, Easte Europe, Central and South America, consider us to meet all of your financing needs. After 14 years of development, this Lender’s lending programs are designed to provide immediate, workable platforms for Borrowers and their respective foreign capital needs. This Lender provides fully staffed Underwriting, Financial Analysis, Relationship Management, Business Development and Documentation Departments, capable of assisting all of our Borrowers’ needs within a limited time frame.
  • This organization we work with is based in Washington, DC, (USA) is a specialized financial services firm that supports the inteational business goals of clients by tapping into the resources of more than 350 govement agencies and multilateral organizations worldwide. Since 1987, firm has successfully arranged billions of dollars in govement equity, grants, loans, loan guarantees, and insurance to support the efforts of over 600 companies. This firm has additional locations in the New York metropolitan area and in Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaThis firm is also a charter member of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation ("OPIC")'s Enterprise Development Network. This firm has received a number of awards including the President's "E" Award for Export Service. Additionally, we have twice shared in Project Finance Magazine's Deal of the Year Award - first in 1999 for the first merchant power plant in Argentina, and most recently in 2005 for AES Maritza East 1, the largest project financing in Bulgaria to date.
  • This organization we work with is based in Germany. This is a German based consultancy and management outsourcing organization, with a focus on raising funds for pharmaceutical, bio tech, med-tech, high-tech industries, worldwide. This firm can only accept later stage companies. With more than 200 years of cumulated professional experience, we help in creating value and maintaining success of pharmaceutical, biotech, med-tech, high-tech and venture capital companies, worldwide. Each consultant brings more than 20 years of professional experience and a broad network of active and long term contacts.
  • This firm we work with is based in Los Angles. This firm makes equity investments in private partnerships and typically also arranges senior debt as lead arranger or bookrunner. With 20 years of experience in domestic and inteational finance. Previously, the firm advised on the design and distribution of large real estate securities offerings.The firm specializes in domestic and emerging markets, including Latin America, Asia and India, as well as private equity, corporate and real estate finance. They invest in the real estate, life sciences, banking, energy, power, telecommunications, and technology industries.

The above mentioned investment firms, financial institutions are verifiable and nationally recognized financial and accounting firms together have over $16 Billion of completed transactions - that's the "FundNopolis" competitive advantage.


Management Team

Closing a successful deal begins with having the "Right Management Team".

Our team combines professionals’ from investment bankers, engineers, lawyers, privatization experts, energy risk managers, energy outsourcing specialists and financial modelers, each with at least 25 years experience With expertise in project finance, marketing, in banking, accounting, corporate finance and financial services.

Our capital raising efforts are organized through a global market delivery and service network, with distribution professionals located in New York, San Francisco, London, Milan, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Tokyo, Sydney and Seoul. We have developed a presence in the institutional asset management arena, including public pension, private equity asset managers, family offices, insurance companies, endowments, and foundations.

Our ability to handle complex and industry-specific transactions is further enhanced through our emphasis on teamwork and collaboration with lawyers in our corporate securities, real estate, ERISA, bankruptcy, inteational, legal, tax, technical, intellectual property, environmental, energy and regulatory matters play a key role in CLOSING project finance transactions.

All persons involved must work as a "team" if we are to be successful in our endeavors to raise capital.


Our principals finance team assists domestic and foreign borrowers, lenders and vendors in structuring, negotiating, documenting, up to closing. We handle a wide range of transactions from syndicated investment-grade financing to middle market and private lending transactions.

We have extensive experience in a broad range of financing structures, including:

1. Debt/Equity Finance Structure.

2. Sale-Lease-Back Structure.

3. Advanced Contract Funding and Collateralized Instrument Based Funding.

4. Private Money.

5. Leveraging On Better Financial Instruments.

6. Financial Instruments Funding.

7. Hard Assets Financing.

8. International Structured Project Finance.

9. REO’s and Non-Performing Notes.

10. CMO’s Funding and/or Buying.



Currently we are offering the following type of funding structures.

-Construction Loans

-Pre-development Capital

-Income Producing Properties Financing

-Distressed Real Estate Financing

-Permanent / Take-out financing (cash out available)

-Bridge Financing

-Hard Money (Domestic and International)

-Collateral Enhanced 100% Structured Financing

-Joint Venture Equity (Seamless debt/equity integration)

-Mezzanine Financing

-Acquisition Financing

-Forward Commitments

-Private Equity and Senior Debt

-Venture Capital

-Renewable Energy (Wind and Solar)

We also provide consulting and arranges financing for "take or pay" purchase contracts, investment grade bonds, and financial instruments for a variety of industries including mining, alternative energy, steel, import/export, and various others.

Some of the company’s other exclusive finance products include 100%+ sale leasebacks for "cash out" and "build to suit" transactions, acquisition/development/construction financing up to 90% loan-to-cost, and debt/equity financing that is seamlessly integrated to cover 100% of a project’s total cost.

Our finance team has the depth and capabilities to handle the logistical and administrative challenges posed by large primary and secondary lender syndications and extensively-collateralized credit facilities. To assist our clients in establishing and building beneficial relationships among the parties in their financial transactions, we are committed to responsiveness, creativity and effective communication.


Broad Industry Experience

Our knowledge and experience enables us to handle national and international finance transactions across a wide spectrum of industries. Such industries include.

-Media and Telecommunications

-Energy and Power

-Hotel and Hospitality

-Area Development

-Cluster Development

-Urban Infrastructure


-Water and Waste Water

-Manufacturing and Industrial Businesses

-Retail and Consumer Service Providers








Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Who is FundNopolis?

FundNopolis is a full-fledged - debt free "Project Capital Advisory" firm. We consult and Broker project finance request, thus are also categorized as "Consultants and/or Brokers".

In today’s challenging financial environment things have changed dramatically, so are today’s lenders. They prefer to work within their circle of qualified brokers and consultants - that is because they don’t want to invest their time in reviewing and classifying project proposals which becomes a large consumer of time. We know our lenders qualifying requirement and criteria and evaluate incoming deals for them. That way, they can focus on doing what they do best – structuring deals.


In the UK 70 to 80 per cent of all borrowing is currently sourced direct from a bank without considering the possibility of using a broker. This differs greatly from the US where it is estimated that in excess of 70 per cent of borrowers recognize the advantage of using a broker.

So what are the advantages to the client of using a Commercial Finance Broker?


This, the most valuable of all commodities, can be saved in many areas. A reputable broker will be able to turn a proposal round very quickly as they will be able to identify the most appropriate lenders for each proposal. The lenders also tend to respond much quicker to a broker application as they recognize that brokers operate on short turnaround times. The risk of upsetting a broker and losing steady deal flow has not gone unnoticed by most lenders.


Reputable brokers will be experienced in presenting and packaging an application on behalf of their clients, in a format that will greatly enhance the chances of securing finance. In many cases, the broker would also attend meetings between the client and funder in order to smooth the process of securing the funds.


Most brokers have access to a comprehensive range of lenders, which extends well beyond the high street banks into merchant banks, building societies, sub-prime lenders, development funders and private lending consortium's.

Contingent Fees

A broker will normally only get paid once a deal is drawn down, with their fees being linked to the funds raised. For this reason it is in the broker’s interests to present the client with the best rates as efficiently as possible. Payment on completion also ensures that a broker will remain on hand to assist with any delays with the process through to legal completion.

Preferential Rates

Brokers are able to negotiate preferential rates for clients, which, in many cases, can more than offset the cost of using a broker in the first place.

Consultant: Adviser, An expert who gives advice.

Broker: A person or entity who functions as an intermediary between two or more parties in negotiating agreements, bargains, or the like.

What is the role of FundNopolis?

You will sign a 10 page document describing our role in the process. We are your main point of contact until you are fully approved and under contract with the Funding Source at which point we remain the general point of contact throughout the process. Any questions need to be addressed directly to FundNopolis or they will not be answered. This includes any specific legal questions for the Funding Source. Your project will registered with the Funding Source and we are the registered representative responsible for the processing, underwriting, and presentation of your project to the Funding Source. Without FundNopolis, your project will not be presented, processed, nor approved.

Is FundNopolis Legit? A reliable source?

Find out for yourselves! http://www.ScamAdvisor.com/is-FundNopolis.Com-a-fake-site.html 

We are a registered firm governed by specific rules and regulations. When conducting such an activity it is important that we adhere to certain policies. These policies are very stringent in nature. We strictly comply with the guidelines provided to us. You can perform some due diligence on us. Our address is available on the website. You can also verify through the Ministry of Labour, Government of India or through the Bangalore (Karnataka) State Police.

You may also want to check our company registrations, licenses and other identification on request.

If all you look for whether anybody anywhere ever said anything “bad” about the firm your are evaluating, you will inevitably find many false “complaints” and misleading “warnings”, accusing the firm of every kind of “fraud”, “scam” and “rip off”.

Tip #1: Do a web search to see if they have any complaints or litigations, people saying something about their bad experience with the firm.

Tip #2: Have your legal counsel investigate about the firm you are likely to engage for services. 

Tip #3: Your ministry of commerce or equivalent government body should be able to verify the validity and legitimacy of the Source.

Tip #4: I have had this phone number (91-93412-46505) for the eleven (13+) years now. The number was registered on Sunday, 27 July, 2003.

Are you a fee based financial service provider?

Unlike other brokers and consultants we do not charge fees such as:

-Retainer Fees

-Upfront Fees

-Application Fees

-Commitment Fees

-Professional Fees

-Consulting Fees

-Reviewing Fees

-Evaluating Fees

-Travel Fees

Most brokerage firms charge up-front fees just for “consulting” or “applications”. They do not add anything or contribute any real work to the process. Nobody is responsible for monitoring or managing the process. Accordingly they have a low success rate.

The “initial consulting” that other brokers do for payment is what FundNopolis does during the application and confirmation process for Free. FundNopolis does not charge any fees for specific work which must be done to prepare the project to comply with all known lender rules.

However, please note all "fees" charged to the client, including "broker" and "success" fees are paid at closing meaning that if the project finance request is not approved, the client is not liable for any costs or fees.

You don't have to be apprehensive any more. We do not charge money to look at a deal.

Are there costs and expenses?

Certainly. Typically, if there is a capital required to felicitate the process they would be "costs" not fees. These costs include, but are not limited to, legal, accounting, financial, underwriting, drafting corporate securities offerings, preparing private placement memoranda, inteational tax opinion of counsel and technical consultation, feasibility, architecture, engineering, legal opinion and other 3rd party reports, permits, commitment costs, etc. All of these costs are considered to be "professional and preparation" costs.

It is worth reiterating that the expenses discussed herein are not "fees" and do not qualify as "upfront fees." None of the collaborating parties involved in the structured project finance process charge any upfront "application" or "processing" fees. There is no cost to the client to have their project reviewed.

Cost: The total spent for goods or services including money and time and labor.

Accept business only at a price permitting thoroughness. Then do a thorough job, regardless of cost to us - ACN.


It is important to understand the central conception of due diligence throughout the financial industry world-wide. There are several rules and concepts that are firmly adhered to by all Funding Sources, their agents and representatives. These rules explain the reasons why sources usually require applicant companies to pay the necessary costs of processing and verification of the proposed projects.

Rule # 1 Applicant Propose and Offer Their Own Projects

Funding sources are prohibited from “soliciting” or “offering” investment capital. Any correspondence or document inviting companies to apply for capital funding can be misused or misrepresented for the purposes of fraud. If the funding process later results in any equity interests being purchased sold or used as collateral, this would violate securities laws and regulations. Any of these events could result in millions of dollars in litigation and civil liability for the sources, potential criminal liability, and even loss of banking licenses.

These realities result in a firm rule that applicants must propose and offer their projects to Funding Sources. As a result, applicants must have full responsibility for complete and professional presentation of their project, and verification and proof of all relevant physical and legal facts that support their proposal.

Rule # 2 Applicants Must Guarantee Legitimacy of Their Own Project

Funding Sources are strictly prohibited from making any statement or writing any correspondence that could be interpreted as a “Guarantee”. Any such statement is highly likely to cause confusion, and enable unlawful misrepresentation and deception of third parties to imply that a formal “Bank Guarantee” is possessed for a project when it is not. This could result in millions of dollars in litigation and civil liability for the sources, potential criminal liability, and even loss of banking licenses.

For these reasons, Funding Sources, their agents and representatives are prohibited from making any statement “Guaranteeing” their capabilities or intentions to approve or disburse requested capital funds.

Only the applicant company is in a position to directly control the possession and presentation of all legal and factual documents, and produce verifiable facts. Funding Sources have no guarantee that the applicant has not misrepresented, omitted or concealed any relevant adverse facts. They have no guarantee that projects they consider and approve will be verified as truthful and accurate, and possessing all necessary legal rights.

Therefore, all applicant companies themselves must guarantee the legitimacy of their own project that they propose and offer to the Funding Sources.

Rule # 3 Due Diligence Expenses are Necessary Costs, not “Fees”

Funding Sources have serious legal liability to their investors, contributors and shareholders, including state pension funds, international banks, and private individual purchasers of investment fund portfolios and money market accounts. They do not have the right to give tens and hundreds of millions of dollars just for a “good idea”. They are legally obligated by national laws, government regulatory agencies and international law enforcement agencies to conduct the necessary level of investigation, verification and analysis of all relevant facts, on all territories related to the proposed projects submitted to them. This work can be expensive, because any mistakes could result in hundreds of millions of dollars in judicial penalties or even criminal liability for the sources and their managers.

For these reasons of paramount importance, most Funding sources necessarily require that companies applying for capital financing must pay the real and reasonable costs of fulfilling these obligations. This is fully supported by the legal facts and practical realities that applicants propose and offer their own projects to request capital funds, and applicants must guarantee the legitimacy of their own project.

Rule # 4 Qualified Applicants Must be Prepared to Realize the Project

One of the most important factors in successful funding of projects is verification of the ability of the applicant company’s management team to perform, and their level of preparation when proposing their project. The only thing that distinguishes the thousands of entrepreneurs who have an idea from the company that gets funded to do the project is being capable and prepared to perform. Applicants must demonstrate that they are confident in their own project, have won the confidence of others, and have used effective management skills to establish a viable project that they are fully prepared to launch and commercially realize. This alone sets your company apart from all others, and puts you in a solid, established and reliable process for proven capital funding results. 

*Due Diligence Contents Provided by a Licensed Law Firm

What is “Bankable” Projects?

99% of projects are not ready to be funded based on the Borrower’s initial business plan. Basically the project is not “bankable,” but rather an idea. Only by certifying the statements and projections within the business plan, securing the necessary permits, approvals, and providing necessary collateral for the loan will the loan be “bankable” meaning a bank is comfortable financing up to 100% of the project’s cost and confident that the project’s expected income streams will be realized.

Services such as documentary preparation and underwriting of investment projects, by definition, are required in order to make a project “bankable”, before it has become qualified to even submit an application for a lender to consider.

Experienced companies seeking project financing hire and pay law firms every day to do such preparation work, with no promise of funding whatsoever, simply respecting the fact that the work is required to become qualified for a loan.

Is your funding program real?

Realistically, our funding programs in a lot of cases are too complicated for the average person to understand…which is fine. However, those that understand our funding structures and “see the light,” are very satisfied with what we provide.

Most Clients just get confused and don’t understand the “science” behind our ability to create such substantial leverage and funding structures. In addition, they start asking a ton of questions that are not relevant in the first place and it becomes a large consumer of time.

The fact is, most Clients are not sophisticated enough to perform the necessary due diligence on us and the other parties involved. They always want to speak with “other people” who have successfully funded their projects using this structure. However, the attorneys are bound to “attorney/Client privilege” rules and regulations and therefore cannot disclose much information. However, we provide the Clients with “tombstones” of past funded deals, licenses, and everything else a sophisticated Borrower should need to perform due diligence on everyone involved. Sometimes this is simply not enough.

Some Clients “get it,” and other Clients simply don’t get it and probably never will. Some Clients are appreciative, and some are not. Some Clients are motivated, and some are not. We focus on only working with Clients who “get it,” Clients who are appreciative, and Clients who are motivated!!! This creates the perfect environment (and only environment) for a successful transaction!

Do you represent any financial institutions?

We have a broad network of good (and personal contacts) to many direct funding sources. Most funding sources are not allowed to offer exclusive and non-exclusive representation. We do not represent the funding sources. We represent our clients exclusively. 

What is your success rate?

The average company closes one out of 20 “fundable” active deals. We fund around one out of two! 100% of our submissions almost always get approved, that is because we underwrite the files in house prior to submitting. However, we are more picky about the deals we work on. We don’t take on a project unless we know we can fund it.

How long does it take to obtain a loan from your funding sources?

Depending on the project and the project demands the process could take from three months to one year from the start of application, Credit Committee loan approval and through to loan closing and disbursement.

How much success fee do you charge?

Our fees are very reasonable. We want to make it very favorable to both the client and the lender. Our facilitation costs are typically 3% depending on the work involved and the size of the transaction. The client will not pay any success fees out of their pocket. Instead, the fee will be structured into the loan and will not in any way affect the viability of the project. Again, we are funding 100% of their project so this is a very low fee/cost to the client in comparison to the other possible options they may be considering. However, please keep in mind that you will never repay the Principal loan balance, only interest while the loan is outstanding. Therefore, you will never pay the full 3%, only interest on the 3%. Your figures do not take this into consideration and your venture will be far more profitable than portrayed in your business plan considering this point.

Do you guarantee funding?

Not applicable. No one will guarantee funding in any transaction whether it be a mortgage loan, car loan, etc. Loans are not guaranteed. There are no guarantees! In fact, guaranteeing that a loan will be made is illegal in most jurisdictions! Any financial service organization encouraging such a term is more or less initiating a fraudulent transaction.

To that end, please be advised FundNopolis (and partners) has NEVER failed to produce, find or create a financing solution. WE GUARANTEE A FINANCING SOLUTION.

Do you work with other Brokers and Financial Intermediaries?

Yes. However, this policy is in full compliance with the “U.S. Patriot Act of 2001”. Direct contact with the principals and sponsors of any financial transaction is mandatory for all Lenders in the United States of America (“Know your Borrower”).

Upon submission of loan summary request, Brokers and Financial Intermediaries need to be advised that the funding sources will require direct contact with the respective Borrowers and Project Sponsors. This requirement is mandatory in order to comply with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and with U.S. Federal money laundering regulations under United States banking regulations. Please submit the Borrowers and Project Sponsors contact information when submitting your loan request summary.

Before submitting a project to us, please have an agreement with your client that allows us to speak with that client directly.

Referral fees of 0.25% to 0.50% are available for referral brokers who send us bankable projects that meet our criteria. This is with the understanding that you do not have separate earnings from your clients yourself.

Disclosing Funded Transactions:

Lastly, disclosing funded transactions equates to us disclosing our client's identity and business ventures which we only do on a case-by-case basis with the prior written consent of the client. Most Clients are not willing to provide this consent (We have requested several times in the past) since most Clients using financial instruments as collateral for financing almost always require complete anonymity for a long list of reasons, and we respect that. Our agreements also clearly state that both the client and us are not to discuss any facts relating to the transaction.

As a Project Capital Advisory Firm we have Strictest Confidentiality Agreement with our clients and we are not able to discuss prior or ongoing activity within our organization. Out of respect for our clients and the relationships we have with them, we will not divulge their personal contact or loan information. We refuse to allow our clients to become vulnerable to phone calls from unknown people who want to talk about their loans. We will show you and your client the same respect.

Furthermore, successfully funded clients view our powerful capabilities for them as a trade secret. Clients do not want their competitors to know what we did for them, or that it is FundNopolis who achieved those results.


We only have so much time per day and we prefer to work with Clients that are cooperative and as we say "tenderized," meaning they want to work with us as much or more than we want to work with them and they provide us with whatever information we ask for immediately after we ask for it instead of us having to ask them repeatedly for the same thing. I never get excited about a deal/project that has a Principal that starts off by telling us what they "will" or "will not" do before we have even accepted their project. This tells me that the Client is uncooperative and uncooperative Clients don't become more cooperative as they get closer to closing...in fact they usually become even more difficult to work with and cause problems between us and our investors. Investors, hedge funds, etc. rely on us to underwrite projects for Clients that are cooperative and HIGHLY MOTIVATED to reach a closing.

Uncooperative Clients don't reach a closing, ever. We have several of the most creative and profitable funding structures available and therefore we do not have much, if any, competition. With that said, it is not our job to "sell" Clients but rather the Clients' job to "sell" us on why we should work with them! This is a very important point that you ALL should keep in mind when you are talking to potential Clients. The hardest thing we deal with on a day to day basis is determining which deals we work on because there are so many great projects out there....But over the years we've learned time and time again that a great project without a GREAT CLIENT/Principal will not usually reach a funding/closing. GREAT CLIENTS with mediocre projects reach a successful funding more often than great projects with mediocre Clients.....But a Great project with a Great Client almost always reaches closing.

I have stated that some Clients “get it,” and other Clients simply don’t get it and probably never will. Some Clients are appreciative, and some are not. Some Clients are motivated, and some are not. We focus on only working with Clients who “get it,” Clients who are appreciative, and Clients who are motivated!!! This creates the perfect environment (and only environment) for a successful transaction!

Corporate Contact – INDIA Office

Mr. Leonard J. Mills

Bangalore – INDIA

Direct: +91-93412-46505

SKYPE: Fundnopolis




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Mr. Datu with more than 37 years of International Banking Experience.


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He is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Business Administration with the University of Liverpool, and has intentions to obtain a Doctorate Degree in Business Administration as soon as is possible.


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He held various posts in the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, with postings in Moscow and abroad. 


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Interesting Facts:

Project financing. Its origins can be traced to the 13th century when the English Crown negotiated a loan from the Frescobaldi, to develop the Devon silver mines. 

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: The information on or within this website is for informational purposes only, and is not a solicitation for the purchase or sale of any securities, nor a solicitation of investment funds or placement. This website does not represent the policies of any bank or financial institution, is not intended as a confirmation of any transaction, and does not consist of any legal, securities related or tax related advice.

FundNopolis is registered in Bangalore, India. Company registration number 50/CO/567/12.  FundNopolis is not authorised or regulated by Reserve Bank of Indian (SBI) or Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and does not provide investment advice, hold client funds, conduct due diligence or fulfil any other function requiring regulation under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA).

Leonard J. Mills dba FundNopolis and its associates-partners-agents, do not render legal advice, perform accounting services, nor act as an investment advisor or broker-dealer within the meaning of applicable state and federal securities law. Leonard J. Mills dba FundNopolis and its associates-partners-agents serve as a retained project capital advisory service, and consulting firm.

You are responsible for your own validation, due diligence, vetting. FundNopolis assumes no responsibility, nor liability regarding any parties to referrals, either the lender or the borrower. By acting on any referral you do indemnify and hold harmless / blameless FundNopolis, Leonard J. Mills, its spouse and family, its officers, representatives, agents, and employees against all claims, damages, losses and expenses (including fees, attorneys and other professionals and court and arbitration costs) arising out of the use of these and/or any funding, investor, finance referral.

Anti-money Laundering: FundNopolis strictly complies and adheres to THE PREVENTION OF MONEY LAUNDERING ACT 2009, OF INDIA. Does not encourage, nor will tolerate any act purported to money laundering. Any activity that is illegal in nature and against the Government policies will be immediately brought to the notice of the concerned authorities.

Company Registration #: 50/CO/567/12. Ministry of Labour, Government of India

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