SUNDAY, FEB. 24TH @ 3:00 PM

6359 Richfield Rd. Btwn Belsay Rd & Irish Rd
ADMISSION: $5.00 at the door. Fans ages 5 & under FREE

It’s been appropriately dubbed as the Most Star-Studded Main Event of the Year for the Michigan Wrestling Organization. And a tradition would have it, the Bunkhouse Brawl invitational battle royal will have major ramifications for the upcoming WrestleRama 25. Over 20 MWO superstars will draw numbers at random, which will determine the order of entry in 90-second intervals after the first two wrestlers start the match. The last one standing after all eligible contestants have entered will be the winner of the Bunkhouse Brawl match.
              At stake, as it has been since 2003, will be an opportunity to compete for the MWO Championship title in the main event of the historic WrestleRama 25 supercard on April 28. And at the conclusion of the match, the MWO will officially embark on the road to its 25th anniversary event at the Fenton Community & Cultural Center.

As of press time, here are some of the superstars who have confirmed their bid for the Bunkhouse Brawl battle royal
MWO TV champion Real Deal Michael Reaver
 Pure Fury Jeff Clouse
Jeremiah J. Hughes
Creature Feature John Campbell
Lone Wolf Rex Havoc
The Superstar Alex Crow
Alex “Cannonball” Steele
The Package Andrew Steele
Bam Grizzlee
Adrian Anderson
Fat Tony Caurdiea
The Alpha Jack Teryn
Dire Wolf Corey Kerr
Tyler Dean
Tyson Dean

No one can deny the fact that Old School Ric Caurdiea has been a defending champion since winning the Michigan Wrestling Organization Championship title last August at SummerSmash. A list of superstars—ranging from the Superstar Alex Crow and Loco to Jack Teryn and even CEO Jason “The Basher” Clouse—have unsuccessfully tried to wrest away the title belt from “Old School’s” grasp. However, at the 2019 MWO Bunkhouse Brawl event, the current kingpin of the organization will be challenged by an entirely new threat, a challenger that is as focused and dangerous as any two recent contenders and looking to make the most of his first one-on-one opportunity for the MWO Title.
              Under the strict management of Col. LawDog, the powerhouse known as Codename Omega will storm into the ring and attempt to overpower Caurdiea, just as he has done in his recent rise into title contention, including his victory in a gauntlet match to secure the title shot for the Bunkhouse Brawl. Omega has been a refocused machine in the ring and guided by a new game plan presumably orchestrated by LawDog. The manager has been vocal in his disdain for Omega’s lack of opportunity, even having a verbal confrontation with the Basher in a recent event at the MWO Studio. LawDog’s leadership has used his ill feelings as motivation for Omega’s push for the heavyweight title.
              But knocking Caurdiea off his throne atop the Michigan Wrestling Organization will prove to be a difficult task. The MWO Champion has been able to rise to any occasion on the biggest stages. “Old School’s” only point of concern may be any lack of focus on Omega’s challenge to the title as Ric continues to battle the Scum of the Earth faction. In a supercard setting, Caurdiea thrives and seemingly kicks it into overdrive. And in order to stop the momentum of Codename Omega, Ric Caurdiea may indeed need to go “old school.”


In the history of the Michigan Wrestling Organization, there have been some epic rivalries that, when all was said and done, it redefined the course of action either for the rivals involved or, in some cases, the entire organization as a whole. The 2019 Bunkhouse Brawl will feature the latest chapter in a feud that when it’s finally over will be remembered as one of the greatest conflicts ever. X-Convict and Skullz—former tag team championship partners known collectively as Dead X—will have another showdown in an effort to bury this feud once and for all. However, this time around, the respective managers of the former Dead X partners are likely to have more influence in the chaos that is sure to ensue from the opening bell.
              X-Convict’s return to extract revenge on the “Ruler of Parts Unknown” at Trick-or-Slam was a shock to the Disciples of Darkness. But when Angelique made her return in the corner of X-Con, she wasted little time in targeting Tragedy Ann and taking the Queen Disciple’s sacred doll. The last match between X-Con and Skullz at Christmas Clash ended in a cloud of controversy when Skullz was disqualified for using a chair he was holding on X-Con, when it reality X-Con threw the chair to Skullz and flopped onto the mat as if he had been clobbered with the object. An enraged Skullz brutally attacked the victorious X-Convict after the bell. A few weeks later, X-Convict returned the favor and left the “Ruler of Parts Unknown” laying following an impromptu fight.
              The Richfield Road Church is no stranger to big-time matches and this confrontation has a big fight feel to it. The personal level of the animosity continues to expand and the Bunkhouse Brawl will likely be the place where these two absolutely pummel one another. Both X-Convict and Skullz are main event caliber stars with multiple title reigns to their credits, but in order to move on in their careers, they’re going to have to bury the rivalry in some way, shape, or form.