by Erin Bragg

Saturday....May 6th....2016

A Fatal Four Way for the Michigan Wrestling Organization Television Title.

This was the last time that the man known as Rex Havoc graced the ring as he successfully defended the TV Title at WrestleRama 22 against Stuntman Mike, Jack Teryn and Scotty Fraytown.

There was no doubt the odds were stacked against him as he not only had only a 25% chance of retaining BUT he did it with at the time was thought to be a hip injury. But yet, there is no doubt, in what was considered his “retirement match” that he left it all out there at the Birch Run Expo Center.

Fast forward about a year, and after a period of rehabilitation that it was in fact a nagging knee injury that was the culprit of all the issues that forced “The Lone Wolf” to walk away. This was recently found out as I got to sit down and talk with the MWO Hall of Famer, after his shocking return at Christmas Clash 2017.


EB: Rex, first of all welcome back and thank you for taking the time out to talk to me for the MWO Website.


RH: Not a problem Erin!


EB: Ok first question: Going back, 1 year, 7 months and 11 days ago, your last match in the Michigan Wrestling Organization at Rama 22, what was it like for you know that it may have possibly been your last match?


RH: It was a very weird feeling. I had known at that point in time that I had redlined my body in terms of how much pain and punishment it had handled. I had one last match and knew I would pay for it dearly after it was said and done and usually people who do a retirement match don’t have a great winning streak. So I made it a point that, no matter what they brought, I would go out on top as champion.


EB: Well you did indeed win that match, successfully defending the Television Championship. You had your hand raised by Scotty Fraytown, and a very touching moment with your wife, Laura Phoenix and your daughter. When you got to the back, what was the reaction of the MWO Officials?


RH: I think it surprised them just as much as it did the fans. After getting checked out by the doctor after the match was over, one of the MWO officials came into the locker room and was kinda laughing and I said “Well now what” and the official said “We have no idea to be honest right now, We will Let you know in a few days.


EB: Bringing us to Redemption, when did they get ahold of you with what was going to happen with the TV Title?


RH: It was a few days after Rama was in the books. They told me they want me to give a goodbye speech to the fans before handing the title over and I had no problem doing that before my life after the ring begun.


EB: What was it like missing your first show after redemption over and retirement had begun?


RH: Weird cause I sat at home with my dog on the couch and watched TV all day long and my body and mind were like “I could get used to this” (laughing)


EB: Fast forwarding a bit, the original reason you walked away was because of a back/hip issue that you were having. When did that go from that to the actual real issue of your knee actually needing the attention?


RH: The hip issues was the start of it no doubt. I could not walk straight, had trouble getting out of chairs and couches. I was a mess. In November of that same year my knee just blew up, first visit they really didn’t see anything so we just slapped a brace on and figured it would work itself out. In March of this year, my leg started to seize up not allowing me to bend or just made it impossible to walk. Went in and got an MRI done, They told me they would have results in 72 hours. 12 hours later they called and said your having surgery.


EB: How long was recovery time supposed to be vs how long it really took you?


RH: They said a 6 month recovery was normal for the amount of damage I had. I was fully recovered in 4 months. First month and a half was letting it rest and getting motion back and then just going three to four days a week at the rehab center. Both parts got strong and had felt the best it had ever been in a short amount of time.


EB: You were seen from time to time backstage at MWO shows, any intention behind it or just to hang out.


RH: Mainly just to hang out, get out of the house from time to time and see the boys and girls in the back. I would help out talent from time to time and give them advice on things I saw. I may have left the ring but would always be apart of that locker room.


EB: Did you ever have any intention of returning to the ring?

RH: Honestly? No. I was enjoying my time away from the ring. Laura and I had reconnected outside of the business. When I would show up I had guys in the back ask me if missed it yet and would say not really. A lot of fans would ask me as well saying “when are you coming back?” and at first I was like “I’m retired” but the questions never stopped so it went to “Never say Never”.


EB: Now here we are, Christmas Clash 2017 has just wrapped up and we saw you make a spectacular return, making the save, as Positive Promotions turned viciously on Laura Phoenix. Was this a split decision, spur of the moment thing?


RH: Spur of the moment thing. I didn’t show up to the venue til the tag team title match had just started. After it was over and they were yelling at her I figured that was going to be it. Let’s face it she’s a big girl. When Fraytown punched her and then all four started stomping on her, MWO officials had to keep me back from going out there til they saw that the Ref they sent out was not going to do anything. Then I look at the official and the music guy and said I’m going out now. Rest is history now.


EB: And here we are, the save is made, the moment I think a few thought may happen but after so long didn’t think it was possible, did indeed happen. What is next for you, Rex? Is there any immediate plans?


RH: Tough to say right now. What Fraytown and the rest of the promotion boys did, it got the blood going and the energy up. I’m may have looked like I was in ring shape, but remember I am retired so do I have one last run in me? No one but myself and Laura will know for right now.


EB: Well I think everyone will be on the edge waiting to see what is next for you both. Rex, thank you so much for taking time out to sit down with me and give us a bit of an inside look. Good luck with everything!


RH: And thank you Erin.

Per typical, Rex has always played his hand close to his chest. One thing is for sure, the Lone Wolf has indeed made his presence known...and as for Fraytown and the rest of Positive Promotions are in for a long 2018.