It May Not Be If Alex Crow Can Return,
But Does He Want To?

by Melvin Pratt, Editor-in-Chief

The look of deflation smeared across his face, the Superstar Alex Crow is a man who is hurting in every way imaginable.  After receiving less than thrilling news in a recent follow up appointment with his personal physician, Crow gingerly leaves the doctor’s office and continues to wonder and speculate. But with every scenario that has crossed the Superstar’s mind in the last two months, the questions always rebounds to just one inquiry: Why?
              It’s been nearly two months since Crow was on the receiving end of one of the most brutal and emotional betrayals in Michigan Wrestling Organization history. Prior to that fateful night at Trick-or-Slam, Crow was part of one of the two dominant tag teams in the MWO this year—The Bromance with Jacob Brawn, and managed by Jessica Monroe, the executive assistant that has been a constant in Alex’s corner since his historic debut in 2016. After The Bromance was unable to regain the MWO Tag Team championship, the tensions finally snapped when Brawn and Monroe doublecrossed Crow, administering injuries that are now threatening the future of one of the brightest stars in the organization.
              “You could feel something like that was coming with the tension in the locker room area,” said MWO insider and features writer Leonard Broecker, “The Bromance was as tight as a drum in the ring, but backstage was a different situation, a different vibe.”
              The attack on Crow is not only affecting him physically, but also on an emotional level. Brawn’s attacking of the Superstar can be chalked up to strictly a business decision that Brawn made for himself. The betrayal of Jessica Monroe was the epitome of what the word “betrayal” was created for. As the executive assistant, Monroe was credited for a lot of Crow’s success in his rookie year of 2016, where he won the MWO Great Lakes championship in his very first appearance in the organization. The two were a solid team together and their plan kept Crow as a top contender to the Great Lakes title, if not the champion, for all of 2016. It was the chance teaming with Brawn that would set the stage for the attack at Trick-or-Slam.
              “The Bromance had every reason not to be successful with the clashing styles of Crow and Brawn, but it simply worked,” said columnist Wildman Williams, “Their feud with the Clouses really elevated their worth in the tag team division. With Monroe’s involvement, they were the ‘it’ team in the MWO for this year.”
              Since Trick-or-Slam, Brawn has not spoken much about the attack on Alex Crow. Instead, Brawn said he is looking for new challenges and felt that the Superstar may have been holding him back. He did blame Crow for The Bromance’s inability to regain the tag titles they had lost back to the Clouse Brothers back at SummerSmash in August. Now with Jessica guiding the career of Brawn, mostly from a behind the scenes perspective lately—rumored to keep from having any chance of contact with Crow at an MWO venue or event—the betrayal is even more devastating for the Superstar.
              A spokesman for Crow gave little information when asked recently if Alex was going to be able to return to the ring, as there was concern that the extent of the injuries may end his in-ring career. “At this point, Mr. Crow is doing everything that is being advised to him by his medical team with the sole purpose and intent of hopefully being able to return to his wrestling career.”
              Alex Crow is at a crossroads of sorts in his professional wrestling career in the Michigan Wrestling Organization. The amount of damage done, and the ability to recover from it, to the Superstar will ultimately tell the tale of which way he’ll be able to go. Assuming he is able to return, what kind of Alex Crow will we see? Certainly an attack of this magnitude is likely to change a man’s perspective on a lot of things. The Alex Crow right now in present day, the injured wrestler nursing wounds of all sorts, is done. Something would have to line up in almost a perfect storm to get Crow back to “The Superstar” that not all that long ago dominated the Michigan Wrestling Organization’s Great Lakes championship division. Right now, the look in Alex’s eyes is one of a beaten man questioning his place within the industry he holds the most passion for in his professional life. The wrestler that dripped confidence every time he stepped into the ring is not the same man who is embarking on his greatest challenge to date, the battle to make a comeback if that’s the path that he’s able to take. Or are the wounds of the heart severe enough to the point that it has extinguished the fire for his passion for wrestling? We’ll all have to wait for the sequel…if there is one.