Exclusive Interview with Newcomers  Vegas & Kade

Lexx Vegas and JaXon Kade—collectively known as The Commission—have arrived to the Michigan Wrestling Organization and have instantly shaken up the promotion’s tag team division. Making their organization debut during a recent installment of MWO Championship Wrestling, The Commission has virtually become an over-night success in the eyes of the fans.
              Before their arrival to the MWO, The Commission was already a battle-tested force to be reckoned with. Vegas is a veteran of over a decade’s worth of ring wars, having been trained by the late Tony “The Crow” Jackson and establishing himself as a major singles star. Lexx won multiple championships with other organizations such as SAW and CWA, where was captured that promotion’s heavyweight and hardcore titles.
              Just over three years ago, Vegas’ career would change when he decided to take on a new protégé to train and show the ropes of professional wrestling. That upstart would be JaXon Kade. Once Kade embarked on his in-ring career, he and Lexx would form The Commission, and in the process kicked off an impressive run as one of the Mid-West’s top tag teams. At one point, The Commission held eight different tag team championships simultaneously. And now, they’re here in the MWO looking to conquer another promotional tag team division.
              “We heard about the talent, the fan base, and the management of the MWO,” said Vegas, “If the MWO is where the competition is, then The Commission needs to be here.”
              Last month, Vegas made the initial contact to MWO officials about possibly joining the ranks of the organization. And after a few conversations, the deal was made for The Commission to make their MWO debut during the September 30 “New Era Rising” event at the MWO Studio.
              “The Commission exceeded any expectations I had for their debut here,” said CEO Jason “the Basher” Clouse, “They were highly praised by Ric (Caurdiea) and (Jacob) Brawn. Both of those guys had worked on other shows with Vegas and Kade, so they felt they could add some depth to the tag division.”
              Upon The Commission’s arrival to the organization, they immediately set their sights on Hoss Fight, the returning team of Adrian Anderson & Fat Tony Caurdiea. But their match on a recent MWO Championship Wrestling was not the first time The Commission and Hoss Fight have squared off. In fact, their ongoing rivalry has passed through several other promotions before The Commission’s MWO debut.
              “This thing with Hoss Fight started as a friendly rivalry, but now it’s gotten personal,” said Lexx when discussing the animosity with Anderson and Fat Tony, “But we quickly learned that they are nothing more than egotistical jerks.” Vegas added that he wanted to keep the interview “family friendly” but he and JaXon have a strong disdain for Hoss Fight.
              Ultimately, the goal for The Commission is to win the MWO Tag Team championship but they also realize that before they get that opportunity, they’re going to have to soundly win their feud with Hoss Fight. And make no mistake about it, Fat Tony and Anderson are just as focused on the tag titles as The Commission, which will make for one of the most intense rivalries in recent tag team division history.



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