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As if the rivalry between MWO Champion Jacob Brawn and The Superstar Alex Crow wasn’t heated enough, the latest edition of MWO Wrestling Live on March 18 certainly added fuel to the fire. And as a result, it looks as if Crow will be unable to participate in the Slammin’ Saturday Night broadcast on ONTV coming up on April 7 due to injuries sustained in a postmatch attack by Brawn in Flint. Brawn was slated to battle MWO TV champion A. Wicked, but was shocked to learn that the Superstar had been picked as a guest referee for the Champion vs. Champion main event at The Bridge. Brawn turned his aggression to Crow after Codename Omega had surprisingly stormed the ring to target Wicked. An impromptu tag match was won by Crow and Wicked after Brawn left Omega to fend for himself. However, the MWO kingpin would make a strong statement by evidentially sidelining the No.1 contender to the organization title. Manager Jessica Monroe hinted that Brawn may also be absent from the ONTV television and internet broadcast but failed to give any concrete details ***** The card for WrestleRama 24 (Sunday, April 15 @ Richfield Road Church, Flint) is really beginning to take shape. Three blockbuster matches have already been confirmed to take place at the MWO’s greatest annual tradition. The Jacob Brawn vs. Alex Crow main event for the Michigan Wrestling Organization Championship was established at the Bunkhouse Brawl. But two other matches have since been confirmed. MWO Hall of Famer Jason “the Basher” Clouse will face The Fabulous Scotty Fraytown in the first ever one-on-one encounter between the two superstars. And in a match that will have major implications on the future of the MWO Title picture, Brother Will Vendetta of The Uprising will put his guaranteed title shot contract on the line against Old School Ric Caurdiea. The friction between these two dates back to last fall when both were vying for a future MWO title opportunity. They will meet in a highly charged showdown.   *****   Fat Tony & Adrian Anderson have made their intentions clear when they challenged MWO Tag Team champions the Dean Boys to a title match at WrestleRama 24. Following Tyler & Tyson’s title defense against the Valor Society on March 18, both tandems were jumped and beaten to the mat by the hulking duo. MWO officials have yet to make a formal announcement on what the Tag Team title match may be when April 15 rolls around. The same can be said in regards to the MWO Great Lakes and Television title matches that will take place at WrestleRama. Great Lakes champion Bam Grizzlee, who recently retained his title against Scotty Fraytown, and Television champion A. Wicked have yet to learn their opponents, but the list of contenders in each title division features some of the brightest stars in the promotion   *****   The stock of Positive Promotions member JJ Hughes continues to rise. The “Main Attraction” picked up a huge victory over the Darkstar Logan on March 18, thanks in part to outside interference from Promotions stablemate Roberto Cruz. Nevertheless, Hughes is becoming a major player in the MWO and it’s only a matter of time before he becomes a staple in the main event scene. However, Hughes has become the target of a very angry and outspoken Creature Feature John Campbell, who continues to infiltrate the MWO despite quitting the organization in February. More on Campbell’s story in a featured article on this website.   ******   Speaking of Darkstar Logan and Roberto Cruz, their rivalry is really reaching a fevered pitch. Their two previous official matches—Christmas Clash in December and February’s Bunkhouse Brawl—have not established a clear winner in this feud. Cruz’s ability to match up and become a serious thorn in the side of the Darkstar has many within the MWO’s main office taking notice of both of these grapplers, but especially Cruz who is quietly becoming a major threat in the solo title pictures.   *****   Former MWO commissioner Oscar Hoskey returned to the organization on March 18, as he was pegged as a substitute for the absent  Shawn Whalen at the commentary table alongside Jordan J. Scavone. It was Hoskey’s first public appearance at an organization event since departing from the promotion to focus on personal and health matters.   *****   Organization power couple Laura Phoenix and Rex Havoc have made it clear that their sights are still squarely on Positive Promotions, and in Laura’s case specifically, the target is on the back of Mr. Sheldon Positive. Phoenix and Havoc’s issues with the Promotions stable date back quite a considerable time. At WrestleRama 21 in April 2015, Rex and Laura downed Mr. Positive and former charge Victor Cross. Three years later, aside from Phoenix’s stint within Positive Promotions, the rivalry between Havoc and Laura continues.

LEFT: MWO Great Lakes champion Bam Grizzlee battles Scotty Fraytown in a recent title defense 
RIGHT: Interim commissioner Jeff Clouse is cleared to return to wrestling