For the second time in three years, the Creature Feature John Campbell has declared a war of sorts with the officials of the Michigan Wrestling Organization. Feeling as though he has been overlooked by the upper brass of the promotion, Campbell has gone as far as publically quitting the company altogether.
              Campbell’s frustration boiled over in an in-ring promo, where he voiced his displeasure of not being formally booked for the Bunkhouse Brawl supercard on February 25. But his absence from the official list of participants for the Brawl’s invitational battle royal main event didn’t prevent the Creature Feature from making his presence felt in the match. He stormed the ring and deposited several MWO superstars over the top rope, some crashing all the way to the floor of the Fenton Community & Cultural Center (their ouster from the match did not count considering Campbell was not an official participant in the match).  At the following live event on March 18 at The Bridge in Flint, the Creature Feature bought a ticket and sat ringside for the live event. Again, Campbell would storm the ring and again target one particular superstar: the Main Attraction JJ Hughes.
              The Creature Feature’s actions have more than gained the attention of the MWO Board of Officials. Since his resignation from the promotion, the Creature Feature has been very vocal about his feelings towards the organization, to the point that interim MWO commissioner Pure Fury Jeff Clouse spoke publically for the first time since Campbell’s resignation about the antics of the former two-time MWO Champion.
              “I understand John Campbell’s frustration, but I believe the whole thing has been blown way out of proportion,” Clouse said, “John’s been here long enough that you don’t need an official invite to compete in the Bunkhouse Brawl match. Every superstar is essentially eligible to participate.”
              Campbell’s argument is that there was no official commitment between he and the MWO officials in regards to his involvement in the Bunkhouse Brawl. And in his view, that was a major sign of disrespect the officials have for Campbell.
              “There’s nothing the MWO would like more than to sit down with John and talk about his issues with the company and hopefully come to an agreement to further his career here,” the interim commissioner added in his public comments, “But at the same time, if he’s not going to come to the table and work out a deal with us, then he has no business being in our rings.”
              Upon the Creature Feature’s resignation, there has been a jolt in the locker room with equal contingent of superstars who either support or condemn Campbell’s actions. A few of those superstars occupy the Positive Promotions, specifically Hughes and his manager, Mr. Sheldon Positive. The “Main Attraction” has been the frequent target of Campbell and now an enraged Hughes is looking to have an opportunity to officially confront Campbell in the ring. Both Campbell and Hughes have issued threats on social media in hopes of securing a one-on-one match at WrestleRama 24 on April 15.
              “Obviously the MWO board is aware of these comments,” said organization reporter Miguel Sanchez, “I don’t think there’s any way you can’t not have this match happen at WrestleRama.”
              PF offered another response when asked about the possibility of a Campbell-Hughes match at the Richfield Road Church in Flint, saying that the only chance of that match happening at WrestleRama is if Campbell and the MWO agree to terms on a new agreement.
              “John belongs to be on the WrestleRama card. The guy is one of the MWO’s greatest superstars,” PF said, “And a match with JJ Hughes would be awesome, but we need to talk to John before anything happens here and now or at WrestleRama.”
              The last time Campbell publically voiced his ill-feelings towards the organization was prior to the 2016 Bunkhouse Brawl event, where he would win the main event battle royal and go on to the dethrone THEE Cody Leedy as the MWO Champion at WrestleRama 22, the first of two solid reigns as champion. Sanchez wonders if Campbell is playing a mental game with the promotion in order to secure a title shot sooner rather than later.
              “Campbell has wrestled for a long time, and he’s very smart,” Sanchez said, “Behind all that craziness of the Creature Feature is a guy who knows how to work the system.”
              Whether he’s trying to “work the system” or not, the Creature Feature has drawn a line in the sand opposed to the Michigan Wrestling Organization. And in doing so, the already popular Campbell’s fan support has grown event larger among the landscape of MWO fans.
              “People love the anti-hero,” suggested long-time MWO columnist Wildman Williams, “And right now, John Campbell is providing that charge among the ‘rebel fans’ at live events. They’re seeing someone sticking it to the authority and they love it. No wonder he’s so popular right now.”
              Williams also believes that something will happen behind the scenes and we will see a Campbell vs. Hughes match on April 15. In the Wildman’s opinion, it could be the match of the night should it happen in an official capacity. But ultimately as many has said, it all falls on the shoulders of the Creature Feature John Campbell and whether he and the MWO are able to move forward together.