New "Season" Concept Begins December 3

The landscape of the Michigan Wrestling Organization is about to change for the superstars competing in it. A new concept called the Division Challenge Series has been announced via press release from the governing officials of the organization.  The basis of the DCS is that superstars, who have been split into four separate divisions, will earn points accordingly based on the outcome of their matches. At the end of the inaugural season, the two top earning competitors from each division will move on to compete in the Slam-a-Thon tournament next June.

MWO superstars will earn points in a tiered format, with a pinfall or submission victory netting the maximum 10 points. Even those on the losing end of a match will earn as well however they would only receive one point. The concept of the Division Challenge Series is to motivate every organization star who steps into the ring to rise to the top of the promotion. Winning a division and advancing to the Slam-a-Thon tournament in hopes of earning a shot at the MWO Championship title would make anyone’s career in the promotion.

“With the creation of the Division Challenge Series, we’ve made sure that every single match means something to the wrestlers competing in them,” said one organization official in a subsequent follow-up conference call with members of the MWO news and publication team, “This is a trial run, so obviously it will be a learn as we go process until we find a winning format for both the roster of the MWO and our extremely loyal fan base.”

The Division Challenge Series inaugural season will begin at the MWO Wrestling Live event on Sunday, December 3 at The Bridge in Flint and will continue with each live event until Slam-a-Thon. The end of the “regular season” will likely be in early to mid-May, with those superstars qualifying for the tournament being given time to prepare for their opportunity to earn a shot at the organization’s biggest prize.

“I think this is a great idea,” said MWO Hall of Famer Pure Fury Jeff Clouse, “This Series format is unique for the MWO and I think it can be a very cool thing for wrestlers and fans. Having MWO matches really having an influence on a guy’s standing for a title shot is pretty innovative for us.”

While the announcement of the Division Challenge Series will likely be criticized by some, the launch of the trial season has many within the MWO locker room looking forward to the change and the chance to elevate their personal games.  Ultimately, the concept of the DCS will determine who will challenge the Michigan Wrestling Organization champion in the main event of SummerSmash next August, which is the prize for the winner of the Slam-a-Thon tournament.

“I applaud the MWO in trying something new,” said long-time organization columnist Wildman Williams, “There’s a very ‘real’ presence in place here with the divisions and the ratings systems, and I think we will see some of the hardest-hitting action to come into the MWO in quite some time.”

Below is a basic breakdown of the entire concept and some of the questions asked by the journalists on the conference call.

How Are The Matches Scored?
10 pts for a pinfall/submission win; 5 points for a disqualification or countout victory; 2 points for a draw or no contest; 1 point for a loss

How Will Tag Team Matches Be Scored?
Generally, the members of a winning team will both receive points based on the outcome of the matches. The exception will be in elimination tag matches, where only the winning members (“sole survivors”) will be awarded points

What Happens If Two Or More Wrestlers Are In A Ratings Tie?
If two superstars are locked in a tie, the winning percentage will be taken into consideration. If there is still a tie, a “playoff” between the tied wrestlers will take place to determine who will advance into the Slam-a-Thon tournament

Who Will Oversee The DCS?
That will fall upon the shoulders of the MWO commissioner

When Is The DCS Season?
The inaugural season begins Dec. 3, 2017 and lasts until the second week of May 2018