All eyes were on the ring when hundreds of people spent a part of their day at the Lake Callis Recreation Complex in Davison on August 13. The popular water park hosted the 20th Anniversary of SummerSmash in what will likely be remembered as one of the most historic events in Michigan Wrestling Organization history, with three of the four sanctioned championships changing hands, an unlikely tandem securing a future Tag Team title shot, and the foundations of some heated rivalries being set.
              Starting with a special preshow bonus match, the Positive Promotions camp started off strong when Roberto Cruz defeated the rising superstar Cesar Ashur in a hand fought contest. But Mr. Positive’s group had little time to celebrate Cruz’s victory. In the opening match of the main card, Promotion flagbearer JJ Hughes lost his MWO Television championship to the popular A.Wicked in an exciting back and forth match. The fans were firmly behind Wicked in this match. And while Wicked had been on the receiving end of humiliation by Hughes in the weeks leading up to SummerSmash, he made sure he gained a measure of revenge by winning his first organization title. The two rivals are expected to have a rematch during the MWO Wrestling Live show on Sept. 10. By the time SummerSmash had ended, Positive Promotions did have something to smile about: another championship added to the stable as MWO Great Lakes champion the Fabulous Scotty Fraytown revealed his defection to group with a controversial victory over Bam Grizzlee to retain his title.
              The Clouse Brothers—Jason “The Basher” Clouse & Pure Fury Jeff Clouse—regained the MWO Tag Team championship from The Bromance (Alex Crow & Jacob Brawn) in a heated match at SummerSmash. However, the victory didn’t come without its own controversy.  Jessica Monroe, Crow’s executive assistant  and manager of the team, tried to get physically involved that ultimately led to their downfall. Nursing an ankle injury, Monroe took off her walking boot and attempted to allow Crow to use it on a weapon. However, as the Basher ducked out of the way, Crow blasted his manager with it, rendering her unconscience. Brawn picked Jessica up and took her to the dressing room area for attention, leaving the Superstar on his own to be pinned following Jeff’s PF-5 to usher a second reign as champions for the popular sibling tag team.
              The numbers game in the form of The Uprising was finally able to wrest the Michigan Wrestling Organization Championship title from the Creature Feature John Campbell as the Real Deal Michael Reaver dethroned Campbell in the main event of SummerSmash. The Creature Feature had the early advantage, overpowering the Real Deal in the process. But once Reaver dictated the tempo of the match, Campbell was on defense trying to curb Reaver’s momentum. Once the referee went down, The Uprising’s plan went into motion. The group’s other members—Blackwell and Brother Will Vendetta—each came out to try to take down Campbell. Eventually, it would be too much for Campbell to overcome as Reaver was crowned MWO Champion for the first time in nearly a decade and ushering in a new era for the organization.
              In other blockbuster matches contested at SummerSmash, Jack Teryn pinned Skullz in a brutal match between the two heavyweights. An interesting note from this match was the Marvel of the Azul Warriors tag team making his precense felt in a verbal confrontation with Tragedy Ann. Teryn’s win over the “Ruler of Parts Unknown” may be his biggest singles victory of his MWO career. Old School Ric Caurdiea defeated Victor Cross in a highly-anticipated match between two superstars who are both eyeing the MWO Championship title. Caurdiea continues to rise in the ranks, but Cross is nowhere near being done in the MWO and has unfinished business with “Old School.” Two MWO Hall of Famers clashed at SummerSmash as Kristian Klayton scored an upset of sorts with his win over Jaysen Platinum. But the super-heavyweight  was determined to score a big win on a big stage. Most fans believed the “Ghetto Superstar” would beat Klayton, but the cagey veteran found a way to topple his much larger opponent. Before being a major part in the outcome of the Campbell-Reaver main event, The Uprising’s Blackwell defeated THEE Cody Leedy in a match that could’ve gone either way. Leedy was tenacious in his attack on Blackwell.  And perhaps the biggest upset of the card occurred in the four-corner tag team match to determine who will challenge the MWO Tag Team champions on Sept. 10 at the Bridge in Flint. The Bacanes—the rookie masked duo—outlasted the teams of the Dean Boys, Valor Society, and Fat Tony & Adrian Anderson to secure their first title shot. The fans showed their support for the Bacanes when they scored the decision in a wild match.
              All in all, the 20th Anniversary of SummerSmash was regarded as a big success for the Michigan Wrestling Organization. With the lake serving as a backdrop to the mayhem between the ropes,it seemed like a true summer extravaganza. The show was kicked off by a stirring rendition of our National Anthem performed by area resident Jennette Almanderez, who gained positive reviews of her performance. MWO officials are hoping to continue their business relationship with Lake Callis and is planning to explore more dates at the Davison park. 


A. Wicked def. MWO Television champion JJ Hughes to win the title...Kristian Klayton def. Jaysen Platinum...MWO Great Lakes champion Scotty Fraytown def. Bam Grizzlee...Blackwell def. THEE Cody Leedy...Clouse Brothers def. MWO Tag Team champions The Bromance to win the titles...The Bacanes def. Valor Society, Dean Boys, and Fat Tony & Adrian Anderson in a four-corner match...Jack Teryn def. Skullz...Ric Caurdiea def. Victor Cross...Real Deal Michael Reaver def. MWO Champion Creature Feature John Campbell to win the title