The Michigan Wrestling Organization’s Board of Officials has reportedly appointed a new commissioner to oversee the direction of the live events. The controversy stems in the fact that top ranking officials have not publically revealed who is succeeding Pope Brandon Brownson as the MWO commissioner. Instead, long-time senior referee for the organization Orville Hughson has been anointed as the spokesman for the new commissioner.
              During the most recent edition of MWO Wrestling Live at the Richfield Road Church, Hughson officiated the contract signing between MWO Great Lakes champion the Fabulous Scotty Fraytown and No.1 contender Bam Grizzlee to sanction the Lumberjack Match that will take place at the 20th Annual Trick-or-Slam. Hughson’s involvement raised eyebrows, but the situation became a little clearer as it was confirmed that the long-time referee was the official spokesman of the commissioner’s office.
              Following Brownson’s resignation as commissioner during the summer and then Ryan “Frostbite” Kidwell stepping down as CEO of the promotion left insiders and the roster wondering who would be calling the shots at live events. Active superstars such as managers Mr. Positive and Simon Paige, commentator Shawn Whalen, and ring announcer Noah Andrew were all rumored to be considered for the commissioner’s office. One board of official member verified that neither Positive nor Paige would be promoted to the position, however said nothing regarding Whalen and Andrew’s standing was in the search for the new commissioner.
              Many within the MWO, specifically the locker room of in-ring superstars, are criticizing the officials’ stance of not revealing who is indeed calling the shots backstage. Many believe that Hughson is truly the new commissioner, but other dismiss that theory saying that Orville would have probably revealed as such when he oversaw the Fraytown-Grizzlee contract signing. Until the time that the commissioner is revealed, the rumor mill will continue to churn out various names of those who could be the commissioner. And at what point will the official announcement be made? There is speculation that Trick-or-Slam could be the day that we find out who is the new MWO commissioner is. However, there is no concrete evidence that suggests one way or another.

The Michigan Wrestling Organization announced that it will be returning to ONTV Studio in Lake Orion for a live cablecast of MWO Slammin’ Saturday Night on November 11, beginning at 6:05 PM. It will mark the first time in a year that the organization has invaded the ONTV airwaves with a live event. No matches have been announced, but one official said that Slammin’ Saturday Night will no doubt provide major developments as the MWO makes its way to Christmas Clash in December. The event can be seen live on all Orion Neighborhood Television stations in Oakland County as well as being streamed live at www.orionontv.org

LEFT: Senior referee Orville Hughson is the new spokesman of the commissioner's office
RIGHT: Old School Ric Caurdiea at ONTV Studio in a 2015 episode of Showdown Live