Pope Brandon Brownson, the colorful and sometimes controversial commissioner of the Michigan Wrestling Organization, has announced he has resigned from his position in the promotion’s main office effective immediately. The announcement came in a joint statement from both Brownson and the MWO’s Board of Officials in the early hours of August 24.
              The Pope, who gained notoriety during his initial run as an announcer, was selected as the new commissioner last year. And according to MWO officials and fans, Brownson was well received in his position. He helped orchestrate some important matches this year, including main events for WrestleRama 23 and the 20th Anniversary of SummerSmash.
              Brownson first arrived to the MWO as part of the commentary team and quickly made a name for himself with his boisterous demeanor and witty sense of humor. When the organization was in need to fill the vacancy of the commissioner’s office, the Pope was a surprise choice but one that was overwhelmingly approved by the fan base.
              “Brandon Brownson has given his resignation as Commissioner of the Michigan Wrestling Organization, which we as the Board of Officials have accepted. We truly appreciate Mr. Brownson’s commitment to the MWO and his contributions to help improve the overall product for our fans. The door for his return is always open when his personal schedule allows it,” the official statement from the MWO’s main office stated.



“The Michigan Wrestling Organization is more than just as an indie company, it’s a family to me. And it’s with a heavy heart that I have to step away from that family. I won’t ramble on, just know that I love each and every single one of you (except for Stuntman Mike Goodman). Thank you for helping me live my childhood dreams, everyone. With that, Popey the Snowman has to hurry on his way. So I’ll say goodbye, my friends, but don’t you cry; I’ll be back again someday.”