Positive Promotions member JJ Hughes is once again the Television champion of the Michigan Wrestling Organization after defeating Bam Grizzlee in a thrilling match during the MWO Wrestling Live show on May 21 at the Richfield Road Church in Flint. The “Main Attraction” was determined to redeem himself after losing the championship in the battle royal that opened WrestleRama 23 last month. Grizzlee, with one of the loudest ovations of the event, gave everything he had to retain the title. However, Hughes and the game plan that was executed were too much for the beloved Bam to overcome. The rivalry between Hughes and Grizzlee is far from over, as officials announced that the two would once again clash for the TV championship at Slam-a-Thon on Sunday, June 11. *** The man once known as the popular “Super Booty” is setting his sights on the biggest prize in the Michigan Wrestling Organization. After winning a fatal 4-way match at MWO Wrestling Live, Victor Cross stamped his ticket to Slam-a-Thon with a match for the Creature Feature John Campbell’s heavyweight title. Cross outlasted the Real Deal Michael Reaver, Cesar Ashur, and Old School Ric Caurdiea to emerge as the No.1 contender to the MWO Championship title. Cross poses a very tough challenge for Campbell, who had a physical encounter with Jack Teryn on the same card. But the “Creature Feature” has turned back some imposing threats to his MWO title, so he’s not necessarily the underdog heading into Slam-a-Thon *** The entire MWO fan base is still buzzing over the shocking altercation between Tragedy Ann and Jessica Monroe. In the aftermath of a match between Skullz and the Superstar Alex Crow, Monroe—who serves as Crow’s personal assistant—found herself alone in the ring with the “Ruler of Parts Unknown” and Tragedy Ann. The demonic diva chokeslammed Jessica in the ring, to the surprise and awe of the fans in attendance. There is little doubt whether this rivalry will continue or not ***  The disqualification victory over Alex Crow would not be the last time fans would see Skullz in the ring. After the conclusion of the main event, the “Ruler of Parts Unknown” emerged from the front entrance to ignite and all-out fight with Teryn, who had just competed against MWO champion John Campbell. A slugfest ensued that had to be broken apart by virtually the entire locker room. That’s after the army of referees failed to maintain order as they were all laid out, including senior referee Orville Hughson, who was on the receiving end of a Skullz chokeslam. With all the superstars keeping the two rivals at bay, Skullz and Teryn are on a collision course that may not be able to be contained ***  MWO Great Lakes champion Scotty Fraytown, who wishes to be known as Fabulous Scotty Fraytown, is not winning many fans over with his new outlook on his career and actions in the ring. During the recent live event at the Richfield Road Church, it appeared as if Alex Steele was kicking off his refocused solo career by winning the MWO Great Lakes championship. However, controversial means by the champion allowed the match to be restarted, with the Fabulous Fraytown eventually defeating Steele to remain champion. Once considered one of the most popular superstars in the MWO, a lot of Fraytown’s fan base have abandoned their support  ***  Codename Omega’s quest to end the career of Michigan Wrestling Organization Hall of Famer Jaysen Platinum cost him a victory on May 21. Platinum was not scheduled to be in Flint, but that didn’t stop Omega challenging the “Ghetto Superstar.” Newcomer Kris O’Conner took the opportunity to step into the ring with the imposing powerhouse. Omega had the match in hand when Platinum’s entrance music began playing. With Omega’s attention turned to the entrance, O’Conner rolled up Codename Omega for a stunning upset victory. This will certainly add fire to the rivalry between Platinum an Omega, who coincidentally are in the same bracket for the upcoming Slam-a-Thon tournament   ***  The feud between MWO Tag Team champions the Clouse Brothers and the best friend combination of Alex Crow & Jacob Brawn is getting personal.  Brawn had just competed against A. Wicked when Crow joined in a 2-on-1 attacked on Wicked. The Clouses emerged to defend their titles against the Azul Warriors. During the victory for the tag champs, the trio of Brawn, Crow, and Jessica Monroe sat near the entrance to heckle the brothers. Words were exchanged between tandems, but the feud took another step when it was announced that the Superstar and his best friend Brawn will challenge the Clouse Brothers for the Tag Team championship at Slam-a-Thon  ***   One team that will have a close eye on the outcome of the tag title match could be the wild card duo, since they just entered the tag team division in shocking fashion. Adrian Anderson and Fat Tony were seemingly in the midst of a bitter rivalry when they were on opposing sides in a six-person tag team match. “Big A” teamed with the Dean Boys, while Tony paired with Roberto Cruz & Laura Phoenix. During the match, Anderson and Fat Tony revealed their intentions by attacking their respective partners. So now, two of the biggest and most powerful superstars have joined forces in what is expected to be a major threat to the other tag teams in the Michigan Wrestling Organization. The MWO Editorial Department is pleased to welcome two new freelance writers to the staff, marking the first time in several years that the department has accepted applications to write articles for various news outlets concerning the organization. The department welcomes Erin Bragg and Miguel Sanchez to the MWO editorial staff.


Tragedy Ann chookeslams Jessica


Anderson & Tony team up


Kris shocks Omega


Clouse Bros. confront Crow & Brawn