To my loyal fans and dedicated readers, this portion of the latest entry of Williams’ Wisdom is directed towards you. You see, it’s the loyal readers that want to know the truth—good, bad, or otherwise. They know with me, I call it like it I see it whether the powers that be agree with it or not. I have established a unique connection with my readers and as I write this, I write this to them. Quite simply because they get it. They’re not these know-it-all critics who think they have it all figured out. No, my fans, my readers are loyal to the Michigan Wrestling Organization, the good and the bad. And yes, there are things that I often criticize but the fact is, I have been invested into this promotion for the majority of its existence and that’s why this different format for my column was dedicated to the topic at hand. It’s different. It’s unique from anything else on this website. It’s a symbolic warning shot that could indeed change the entire landscape of this promotion.

I want you to mentally store this next bit of information: WrestleRama 24 was held on Sunday, April 22, 2018 at the Richfield Road Church in Flint, Michigan. There will be several times in the foreseeable future that the current state of the MWO will be traced back to this particular day and place.

It was on that day that something happened that completely and totally flew under the radar of organization beat writers. When people left the church after WrestleRama had concluded, they weren’t talking about this topic. They were reliving other moments like The Uprising’s beatdown of Blackwell in a steel cage match or A. Wicked’s apparent last match in the MWO after losing the Television title to Great Lakes champ Bam Grizzlee. The formation of what could be one of the most dominating factions in Michigan Wrestling Organization history took place and virtually no one took it seriously. I did. I jumped right up with an audible “holy S&#%!” when I saw a burial of one of the great tag teams in recent memory.

X-Convict—Triple Crown champion and Hall of Famer—laid motionless after two chokeslams from his long-time Dead X partner Skullz in what was the final nail in the coffin for the team. It looked as if Skullz was coming to help X-Convict thwart off an attack by Victor Cross, Jack Teryn, and Stitches McVey. As the “Ruler of Parts Unknown” hovered over his busted up buddy, the formation came to fruition as Cross, Teryn, and McVey joined forces along with Tragedy Ann and Aksel Geer. Now if anyone doesn’t see where I’m going with this, you’ve totally missed the boat.

Here’s the thing. You can look at this one of two ways.
A. This is just a group of gimmicks who all have the same type of demeanor about them so it makes to group them into a faction just for the sake of filling the void that the predicted self-destruction of Positive Promotions will leave behind. You could look at it like, but you would be looking at it the wrong way.
Or B. This is a group consisting of superstars who are sick and tired of being looked over in favor of other wrestlers and have formed this bond under the direction of one of the most underrated talents in this organization, all under the leadership of one of the most iconic and polarizing superstars in MWO history. You can say what you want about Skullz. But the fact is, even after over 20 years, he still gets a reaction when he makes a public appearance. He has done it all in the MWO and he is identifiable as one of the cornerstones of the MWO.

I’m going with the latter here. Guys like Jack Teryn and Victor Cross have had opportunities during their time here. Both have held MWO titles, but they haven’t been able to break through into a consistent spot in the main event scene. Teryn was never actually defeated when he lost his share of the MWO Tag Team championship when the titles were held up following the dismissal of Stitches McVey. And you see how much the formation of the Disciples of Darkness has already benefitted Cross and Teryn. They’re the No.1 contenders to the tag titles and have already stamped their tickets to a match with the Dean Boys for the titles at Slam-a-Thon on June 24 exclusively on the MWO Network.

I’m not really sure how McVey is fitting into this equation just yet. He’s more or less assumed the “gate keeper” type of role I guess, someone who’s there to be called upon in times of need? I’m not sure what’s going on there. But what I do know is that Tragedy Ann is about to unleash the proverbial hell on the MWO. It’s only a matter of time before she orders a plan that will put the DOD into battle against the other factions, Positive Promotions and The Uprising.  Like I said earlier, Mr. Positive is going to have to get his group’s crap together and back on one page if they expect to remain an elite force in the MWO. The cohesiveness just isn’t there for the Promotions at this point. But The Uprising, on the other hand, they are THE faction in the MWO right now. Look at what Simon Paige’s creation has done for the members in it. Michael Reaver climbed back to the very top of the company, while Brother Will Vendetta and Cesar Ashur have become legit superstars in the organization. A meeting of the minds between Paige and Tragedy is an intriguing thought. Don’t be fooled by her quiet disposition at ringside. That woman has an evil side to her that’s clearly evident if you’re able to look into her lifeless eyes. If anyone thinks that Ann has spent the last 11 years or so not paying attention to what goes on in the MWO, you’ve got another thing coming. Add in another perspective of Aksel Geer, who took over the managerial services of Teryn once the Sinister Kingdom dissolved in 2017, and you’ve got the making of a unique squad covering all bases in what I believe will be a complete takeover.

But we’re jumping the gun here a little bit. First, the DOD has to continue their early momentum, and it appears as if Slam-a-Thon will be the first stop on that road of destruction. I wouldn’t want to be Tyson or Tyler Dean for anything in the world come Slam-a-Thon. Spending part of your day in the ring with a resurgent duo like Teryn and Cross does not sound like a good way to spend a Sunday.  And will we see Skullz at Slam-a-Thon? He’s not scheduled in a match, but that don’t mean he won’t be in the building, especially with such high stakes for Teryn and Cross.

To curb the momentum of the Disciples of Darkness for the sake of the Michigan Wrestling Organization unfortunately falls in the “mighty” shoulders of the Dean Boys. Yes, they’re very good wrestlers and they have big hearts and all that ga-ga crap. But c’mon, Tyler and Tyson have not been challenged like this, not even against Hoss Fight when they clashed at the Bunkhouse Brawl. Teryn and Cross just do not care about anything other than completing the mission set for by Tragedy Ann and Skullz.

But my sick mind wonders…what if somehow the Dean Boys were to retain the Tag Team titles…what would happen to Jack Teryn and Victor Cross? More than likely there would be hell to pay.