Drawing the most fans during their rare stops in Battle Creek for the No Holds Barred event on July 22, the Michigan Wrestling Organization delivered what could be deemed as an overall successful event at the Vegas Strip Club. Many of the MWO superstars took full advantage at the adult-only admitted event that was recorded for the MWO Network, but will be uploaded with a parental advisory-type of disclaimer prior to viewing. This was the MWO’s third event at what some call a “controversial venue” but the fans in attendance for NHB seemed to enjoy the show overall. Coming off a successful outing at the UAW’s Soberfest the week before despite a scorching mid-90s temperature, the MWO officials felt a sense of urgency to capitalize on the momentum from Soberfest to help build the upcoming SummerSmash supercard   ***  Cannonball Alex Steele is apparently still confused as to the outcome of his MWO Television Title rematch with Jason “The Basher” Clouse, in which he regained the title a week after losing it to Clouse. The fact is, Alex had more than a little help with his returning twin brother, Andrew “The Package” Steele, who switched places with a dazed Cannonball to roll up the Basher for the win. And then there was the appearance of The Fabulous Scotty Fraytown that could have also played a role in Clouse’s downfall. But those two will have their chance to settle their score at SummerSmash in a Best of 3 Fall Match   ***   Hoss Fight’s suspension due to their brutal attack on the Valor Society during No Holds Barred has all but killed their momentum to earn another shot at the MWO Tag Team Titles. Even though they were declared victorious at NHB, the Valor Society has their own mountain to climb with injuries to both Loco and DJ Edwards. Loco’s injury is rumored to sideline him for 12-16 weeks. The extent of Edward’s injury has not been publically disclosed but he is expected to go into solo competition until Loco is able to return to action   ***   SummerSmash is shaping up to be a stellar event, headlined by the triple threat match that will see The Superstar Alex Crow and Old School Ric Caurdiea challenging for Jacob Brawn’s MWO Championship Title. The Tag Team Title match is also anyone’s guess when Blackwell & THEE Cody Leedy challenges Teryn & Cross of the Disciples of Darkness. Another battle between Great Lakes Champion Bam Grizzlee and J.J. Hughes is on tap for Bam’s title and will likely steal the show yet again. There's a growing wave of anticipation for the Creature Feature John Campbell vs. Roberto Cruz and the Logan vs. Cesar Ashur matches. Those are going to be classic fights between powerhouses all looking to get their just due spotlight. And TV Champion Alex Steele has issued an open challenge for his belt. There’s a number of top talent that has yet to be signed to a match that could just as quickly end one of the Cannonball’s title run as the Basher did a few weeks ago.   ***   There’s one superstar in the MWO that is not getting nearly enough press from the organization staff, and he should be because he could be on the verge of an unleashing in the ring. “That Wrestler” Logan. The fans love him and he’s as powerful as any other wrestler in the MWO, and he is finding his stride between the ropes. The guy who at one time was referred to as the Darkstar Logan is quickly dissolving into this complete machine who wants some MWO championship recognition of some sort.   ***   Where is Tyson Dean? He has not been seen nor heard from since being drug out of the ring following the Dean Boys’ loss of the MWO Tag Team Championship to the Disciples of Darkness at Slam-a-Thon. Dean's brother, Tyler, is clearly and justifiably upset and wants answers. Stepping up and challenging the ceremonial leader of the Disciples, Skullz, was probably not the best way to go about things. Dean did just that at No Holds Barred. Yes, Tyler stunned Skullz for a moment, but it was Dean was left unconscious in the ring after Skullz straight up choked him out. Tragedy Ann and Aksel James Geer have not given any kind of update on Tyson’s whereabouts since Slam-a-Thon.   ***   Roberto Cruz should be seen as a serious title contender, and by the looks of things, the native of Miami, Florida has his sights set on the MWO Championship Title. Cruz was sitting ringside during the Brawn vs. Campbell main event at No Holds Barred when he inexplicably got into a confrontation with the Creature Feature after the match had concluded. They fought through the dressing room and into the parking lot before a number of officials and other wrestlers separated the two. It’s cool to see a guy with a lot of talent kind of insert himself into the mix whether the upper brass wanted him there or not. Targeting John Campbell, a former MWO Champion and one of the biggest stars in the company, is a brilliant move. Let’s face it, Roberto is not getting any kind of management help with the disarray that Positive Promotions seems to be in at this point. Cruz seems to be following in the footsteps of his Positive Promotions teammates J.J. Hughes and Scotty Fraytown, both of which are very much in title contention.   ***   Bad news is never a good thing, especially when one is on the comeback trail trying to get back in the spotlight. That’s the story for Rex Havoc, whose comeback was cut short by a reoccurring knee injury that refuses to properly heal. The injury has forced the “Lone Wolf” to the injured list as he endures another round of physical therapy. Hopefully his time out will be minimal. 

1—Jacob Brawn
2—Cannonball Alex Steele
3—Jack Teryn
4—Old School Ric Caurdiea
5—The Superstar Alex Steele
6—Valor Society
7—Roberto Cruz
8—Jason “The Basher” Clouse
10—The Fabulous Scotty Fraytown
11—Creature Feature John Campbell
12—Tyler Dean
13—Codename Omega
14—Hoss Fight
16—Bam Grizzlee
17—JJ Hughes
18—Laura Phoenix
19—THEE Cody Leedy
20—Victor Cross


It’s plain and simple, and it’s a common theme being echoed on this website and on the MWO’s social media outlets: there’s a much needed change coming to the entire company, from top to bottom. At the top will be the new stars like the Bam Grizzlees, the J.J. Hughes, the Logan’s, the Ric Caurdieas. At the bottom will be the guys who have paved the way for the aforementioned list of young talent, but their time has come and gone. Legends in every sense of the word, like the Jason “the Basher” Clouses, the Skullzs, the Michael Reavers, the Alex & Andrew Steeles (Alex’s TV Title time is on borrowed time), are being replaced in the key spots on the roster. Once this group of new headliners make their names known at the top of the marquee, this company will see a new wave of success.