Ideas proposed offers exclusive designs at MWO live events

Early Friday morning, February 10, the Michigan Wrestling Organization’s Board of Officials issued a press release to announce an agreement that has been made between the promotion and an upstart  business that will be designing and printing MWO merchandise that will only be made available at live organization events.
              The statement, signed by both chief executive official Ryan Kidwell and interim commissioner Pope Brandon Brownson, was an announcement that took many insiders by surprise, considering the organization’s long-running online store that is powered by Clarification on the online store’s future was quickly presented by Brownson, who said that there are no plans in the near or distant future to close The MWO Store on
              Beginning this spring, JAKL Creations will begin distributing officially-endorsed MWO gear, with exclusive designs that will only be available at live events. Brownson said that he was confident that the first run of apparel offered through JAKL Creations would be ready for WrestleRama 23 on April 30. Ron Vincent, a representative for JAKL Creations, said that the initial months will be a growing period for the products to start really catching on with MWO fans. He is hopeful that the new business will be able to print at least two different designs on t-shirts for WrestleRama 23.
              In JAKL’s long-term plans, they have designed a series of logo shirts with a color combination of favorite professional and college sports teams. The product line, called MWO Logo Gametime Series, will feature such combinations as a white MWO logo on a red shirt for the Detroit Red Wings, or a yellow logo on a dark blue shirt in honor of the University of Michigan, or the Michigan State tribute of a white logo on a dark green shirt. Vincent said that he’s projecting the college-themed logo shirts would be available in the fall months. There has been no time table for other shirts combinations to be released.
              Brownson said that the MWO’s upper management is very optimistic that this will be a good situation for all parties involved. JAKL Creations is still very new and is in the process of starting it’s own social media sites, once other aspects have been finalized. Meanwhile, stay tuned to MWO News and social media outlets for any new developments on this new partnership.

This is a preview of some of the ideas pitched that planted the seed of the MWO's new partnership with upstart company JAKL Creations