All the stars seem to be in alignment for the Creature Feature John Campbell to be looked upon as the odds-on-favorite to regain the Michigan Wrestling Organization Championship title. With the appropriate setting of Trick-or-Slam in the backdrop, Campbell saves his best performances for the month of October. However, this Halloween season is different from previous years. Yes, the Creature Feature will be as focused as he’s ever been. But if he doesn’t have a different game plan than the one he utilized in his title loss at SummerSmash, then the Real Deal Michael Reaver will have silenced his critics as a legitimate MWO Champion.
              Going into the SummerSmash main event, the Real Deal was virtually overlooked as a serious threat to Campbell’s title reign. What those insiders had seemingly forgotten is that Michael Reaver is one of the smartest and dangerous competitors in the MWO. Combine that with Reaver’s alliance with The Uprising, Campbell was at a major disadvantage and subsequentially, the numbers game proved to be too much for two-time title holder to overcome. Now that he has a better idea of the task in front of him, Campbell will likely be better prepared for the aggressive attack administered by Reaver and the constant outside distraction by the likes of manager Simon Paige, Blackwell, and Brother Will Vendetta.
              The intensity in this rematch will eclipse that of the SummerSmash showdown. The Creature Feature will be channeling the fans’ unwavering support in an effort to win his third heavyweight crown in the organization. History has shown that when Campbell s back into a corner, he comes out swinging and more often than not is successful.  But as motivated as Campbell is to regain the title, the defending champion may be even more motivated to score another impressive victory over the Creature Feature. That way, he can solidify his spot atop the MWO, while at the same time ensuring that The Uprising as a group remains in the driver’s seat in the organization. A veteran of 17 years, the Real Deal has a wealth of experience in big match situations. And for this reign as MWO Champion, this will be his biggest challenge to Reaver’s claim to be the top superstar in the MWO. Dethroning and then turning back the challenge of the Creature Feature John Campbell would be a major statement that Reaver is still a major threat between the ropes. 


Forget all the hoop-la-la about this being a custom made environment for the Creature Feature John Campbell. Just because it’s the Halloween season doesn’t give Campbell an advantage one way or another when it comes to dealing with MWO Champion Michael “Real Deal” Reaver. Take nothing away from Campbell—he’s one of the Michigan Wrestling Organization’s most experienced superstars, having competed all over the country during his career—but he’s facing an opponent who is even more determined to hold on to his MWO Title than he was when he was in pursuit of it. Reaver is dangerous, plain and simple. And with the management of Simon Paige in his corner, there’s no doubt The Uprising camp has a plan to turn back the Creature Feature once and for all.
              In order to retain the MWO Championship, the Real Deal has to steer clear of playing a mental game with someone like Campbell. Quite frankly, there’s no telling who’s running the ship of the Creature Feature. We’re talking about a guy whose best friend is a plastic candy bucket here, so playing a psychological warfare may not be effective. Slowing down the tempo of the match is Reaver’s best chance at Trick-or-Slam. It will keep Campbell, who is used to moving a million miles an hour, rattled kind of like a rat in a cage struggling to bust out. But if Campbell can manipulate a more smashmouth pace, the momentum will be clearly on his side and could be in striking distance of a third heavyweight title.