The Michigan Wrestling Organization’s tag team division has had a long history of ups and downs, where the spotlight was firmly centered on the goings on in the division, and at other times it was not exactly lighting up the headlines. In 2017, the tag team division has been on fire, with some of the greatest array of talented tandems to occupy the scene at the same time that the promotion has seen. But the rivalry that has been centered on the MWO Tag Team championship for much of this year will finally come to its conclusion at Trick-or-Slam, where anything can happen.
              The Clouse Brothers and The Bromance have been locked in a bitter feud since the spring, when Jacob Brawn and the Superstar Alex Crow made their intentions clear that they were setting their sights on the belts in controversial fashion. While there is a great deal of hatred between the two teams, there is also a great deal of respect at the basis of this conflict. The best friends, managed by Jessica Monroe (who is no stranger of becoming involved in The Bromance’s matches), made a bold statement at WrestleRama 23 in April when they were the last team entering the tag turmoil match that the Clouses thought they had already won. Although Jason “the Basher” Clouse & Pure Fury Jeff Clouse had won the MWO Tag Team titles, their war with Brawn & Crow was just beginning. The Bromance won the titles from the brothers at Slam-a-Thon in June, before the Clouse Brothers regained them at SummerSmash two months later.
              Trick-or-Slam will be the end of this rivalry, with the best team claiming the top spot in the tag team division. And with a crop of rising teams waiting in the wings for their opportunity at the championships, either the Clouse Brothers or The Bromance will have little time to rest before focusing on a new challenge. However, the team that does not emerge from the Waterford Recreation Center will have to fight their way back into title contention through a list of other worthy duos.


The Clouses vs. The Bromance is one of those rare attractions that actually elevate the tag team division of the MWO. There have been less-than-stellar eras in the history of the tag team division here, but these four guys and the feud between them has people paying close attention. Brawn and Crow’s individual attacks on PF and the Basher on October 1 in Flint was definitive statement that they do not fear the legacies of the Clouse Brothers. And in an ironic twist here, these two teams return to the same building with the same circumstances that saw The Bromance win the titles. I think The Bromance and Ms. Monroe will have another game plan in place to ensure victory. The current champs are hurt and battered and will more than likely lose the belts to Crow and Brawn for the second time at the Waterford Recreation Center.