In the tradition of Trick-or-Slam, dating back to the 2001 installment of the Halloween supercard, the elimination tag team match has always been a highlight of the events. For the 20th annual Trick-or-Slam, officials have pulled out all the stops when they sanctioned this war between two team captains that have a great deal of animosity. Old School Ric Caurdiea and Victor Cross have both assembled all-star teams as they battle for supremacy in the Michigan Wrestling Organization.
              Caurdiea, a former MWO Great Lakes and Tag Team champion, has recruited the fan-favorite team of the Dean Boys, rising star Cesar Ashur, and reigning MWO Television champion A. Wicked. Together, this squad represents the future of the organization, and the fans have really rallied behind these superstars. Tyson & Tyler Dean are standouts in the competitive tag team division. Ashur is gaining a great deal of notoriety for his impressive showings in the ring. And what more can be said about Wicked, who has skyrocketed to superstardom in the organization, and sits atop of the TV title division.
              On the opposite side of the ring, Cross has pulled together the services of the Valor Society (DJ Edwards & Loco) and the towering combination of Adrian Anderson & Fat Tony. The decision to put Anderson & Tony and the Society on the same team raised some eyebrows considering the brewing tension between the two tandems is reaching a fevered pitch. But somehow, Cross has convinced the two teams to work together in order to eliminate Caurdiea and his team. There will be a lot more than just bragging rights in this match. For Cross, it’s his chance to really show that he is a true general in the ring, and a victory for his team would also be beneficial for the remaining survivors in terms of future title opportunities. For “Old School,” the same can be said, but his focus is first on Victor Cross, then the remaining piece of the elusive triple crown.


The key to these matches is team work, the ability to pool individual talents into one cohesive unit for the goal of victory over another team. Looking at this match from the outside in, I question Victor Cross’s motive in recruiting two tag teams who don’t like each other. Fat Tony & Adrian Anderson’s issues with the Valor Society, and vice versa, provide a big distraction from Team Cross. Ric Caurdiea, on the other hand, appears to have formed a united team with some of the MWO’s brightest young stars. But if the Transformers have taught us anything, it’s there always more than meets the eye. If Team Cross is to win this match, it will because he has orchestrated one heck of a game plan.