The Michigan Wrestling Organization returns to the airwaves of Orion Neighborhood Television on Saturday, April 6 for what many believe will be one of the most emotionally-charged events to ever take place on ONTV. As the last the last live event before WrestleRama 25, this upcoming edition of Slammin’ Saturday Night will have serious ramifications on the 25th anniversary supercard that takes place on Sunday, April 28.
              With several matches already signed for WrestleRama 25, MWO Chief Executive Official Jason “The Basher” Clouse and other officials will likely be extremely busy in the days leading up to Slammin’ Saturday Night, and especially during the live TV and internet broadcast itself. Several MWO superstars who have been added to the WrestleRama card will be knocking on the CEO’s door looking for opportunities to participate at the organization’s biggest event of the year. Clouse is said to be walking a fine line between presenting a must-see event that marks the organization’s return to the Lake Orion-based studio for the first time since 2017 and not compromising the matches already scheduled for WrestleRama 25.
              Through its social media accounts, the MWO announced two title matches, including an intriguing main event for Slammin’ Saturday Night, with X-Convict challenging Pure Fury Jeff Clouse for the MWO Television championship. The other title match will see Blackwell & THEE Cody Leedy defending their MWO Tag Team championships against Scum of the Earth members, the reunited Valor Society.
              As the MWO continues its road to the Fenton Community & Cultural Center on the last weekend of April, Slammin’ Saturday Night will certainly be a show that devoted organization fans will be talking about for the weeks leading up to WrestleRama 25. Here’s a few things to watch for and keep an eye on during this potentially historic broadcast.

TV Champion Jeff Clouse vs. X-Convict: While there is a level of respect between these two fellow Hall of Famers, there is a rivalry possibly brewing between PF and X-Con, stemming from an altercation during the Bunkhouse Brawl battle royal in February. Their brief in-ring partnership during the Brawl match was shattered upon both of their respective eliminations. Although he has a Falls Count Anywhere Match with Skullz at WrestleRama 25, X-Convict is determined to win the Television title and complete his quest to join the Grand Slam Club. However, a rejuvenated PF has sent a jolt in the TV title division and is poised to score an important title defense victory to continue to rebuild the division.
Tag Team Champions Pope-n-Friends vs. Valor Society: DJ Edwards and Loco played everyone in the palm of their hands when it discovered that Edwards was in cahoots with Loco and the rest of Scum of the Earth. Reunited under the faction’s umbrella, the Valor Society is looking to finally win the MWO Tag Team titles for the first time in their careers. However, standing in their way is the impressive of Blackwell & THEE Cody Leedy, the popular duo along with manager Pope Brandon Brownson, who has dominated the tag team division since capturing the belts at Christmas Clash. Their opposition for WrestleRama still yet to be announced, the reigning champions have their full attention on the Valor Society in their big-time title defense.

On April 28, four of the top superstars in the MWO will be competing in the main event of WrestleRama 25 for the Michigan Wrestling Organization Championship. As of press time, and according to organization insiders, only two of the four participants in the Fatal 4-Way Main Event will be in action on Slammin’ Saturday Night, while the other two have been ordered to stay away from the ONTV Studio to “maintain order at the event.” While the Superstar Alex Crow and reigning MWO Champion Old School Ric Caurdiea will not be in Lake Orion, the other two contenders—Jeremiah J. Hughes and 2019 Bunkhouse Brawl match winner Bam Grizzlee—will continue their ongoing rivalry in what is expected to be an intense one-on-one match that is key for both contenders to continue their momentum heading into WrestleRama 25.

Rex Havoc’s path to his opportunity to challenge for the MWO Great Lakes title at WrestleRama 25 will have to go through a tough obstacle on April 6. Manager Jordan J. Scavone is sending in MWO newcomer the Mighty Bojack into battle to curb the Lone Wolf’s momentum and to send back a scouting report back to Havoc’s WrestleRama opponent, reigning Great Lakes Champion Roberto Cruz. On paper, it may seem as if Havoc is facing an uphill battle and is outnumbered. At least that’s what The Takeover will have you believe. But in addition to the tremendous fan support the Hall of Famer has, he also has Laura Phoenix watching his back, whether she’s backstage, at the broadcast table calling the action, or positioned at ringside to keep Scavone in check. One person who has a vested interest and will no doubt be watching how the Havoc-Bojack match shapes up will be Cruz, who in some people’s mind is going into WrestleRama as an underdog. For Bojack, it’s the latest opportunity to make a name for himself in his new surroundings of the MWO. A win over Havoc would not only put a major dent in the Lone Wolf’s armor but will also elevate Bojack to title contention and The Takeover as perhaps the most dangerous group in the organization.

Professor Albert Teach has stirred up a lot of controversy since his shocking in-ring debut during the Bunkhouse Brawl match, eliminating former MWO champion Creature Feature John Campbell in the process. In the weeks since the Brawl, Campbell has not forgotten about the educator’s actions and has since become extremely angry about how everything went down in February. Meanwhile, the elusive Teach has taken to social media to continue his war of words with the Creature Feature. And with the last stop on the road to WrestleRama 25 coming through Lake Orion, Campbell has said he’s going to the ONTV Studio in search of the newcomer. While there is a lot of speculation on Teach’s in-ring ability, there is no question he has made more than an impact in the MWO, and with Campbell specifically. What happens if the Creature Feature catches up to Professor Teach during the live television and internet broadcast?

Among the chaos that is engulfing the backstage area of the Michigan Wrestling Organization in the final stretch to WrestleRama 25, one of the things officials are keeping an eye on is how CEO Jason “the Basher” Clouse will respond to heinous attack by Codename Omega and his commanding officer, Col. Lawdog. During a recent episode of MWO Championship Wrestling, Clouse was checking on a beaten Tyler Dean when he was ambushed by Omega. After leaving the chief executive official facedown in the ring, Lawdog and the powerful Omega spoke about continuously being overlooked and held down by the powers that be in the MWO, with the Basher as the public figurehead for the board of officials. The CEO has remained quiet since the attack, but he is planning on being at the ONTV Studio and is said to be busy working on the remainder of the WrestleRama 25 card. However, Lawdog has indicated that he and Omega will also be in Lake Orion. And considering that the backstage area of the ONTV Studio is smaller than other venues, the paths of these men are very likely to cross. How will the wrestler-turned-executive respond, like the CEO stereotype or the hot-headed brawler that has spent a quarter century waging wars between the ropes of a wrestling ring?

Saturday, April 6th @ 6:05 PM

ONTV Studio, 1349 Joslyn Rd. Lake Orion

Free Admission, however seating in the studio
is limited. Some overflow seating in lobby also

You can watch it live on ONTV television stations
in Oakland County or online at


Jeff Clouse (C) vs. X-Convict

Pope-n-Friends (C) vs. Valor Society

Rex Havoc vs. The Mighty Bojack

Bam Grizzlee vs. Jeremiah J. Hughes

Card subject to change