The Great Lakes championship has a unique lineage in the Michigan Wrestling Organization, showcasing some of the brightest stars and biggest matches in the promotion’s history. The contest scheduled to take place at the 20th Annual Trick-or-Slam, pitting reigning MWO Great Lakes champion the Fabulous Scotty Fraytown against top-ranked contender Bam Grizzlee, may eventually be its own chapter in the illustrious history book of this coveted title.
              The rivalry between Fraytown and Grizzlee was highlighted in a hard-fought match at SummerSmash, where Fraytown would retain the title. A subsequent rematch saw Bam come even closer to winning the championship, but Fraytown would again escape with his title intact. Along the way, Fraytown would shocked the MWO by joining Positive Promotions, adding instant star power and even more credibility to Mr. Positive’s stable. But with his new position within the Promotions, Fraytown now has the numbers advantage over Grizzlee. With the other members of Positive Promotions watching his back, the Fabulous titlist sent a powerful message to Bam during the recent contract signing to make the match official. After the contract was signed, Fraytown ordered for a full-on attack on Grizzlee by his stablemates.
              This match at Trick-or-Slam will be unlike their previous encounters. For the first time in over a decade, the MWO will sanction a Lumberjack Match between Fraytown and Bam with the Great Lakes title on the line. With the numbers evened up for the participants, the lumberjack surrounding the ring will be charged with the task of keeping the champion and challenger in the ring in the attempt to establish a clear winner in this epic rivalry.

It’s a Lumberjack Match, which to the common eye, is right up Bam Grizzlee’s ally, right? Not so fast. What does The Fabulous Fraytown—that’s what I’m calling him from now on—thrive on more than anything? Yes, being in the spotlight would be the correct answer. With several other MWO superstars at ringside watching these guys tear each other apart, The Fabulous Fraytown is going to use the opportunity to put his own brand on display. That could be his best chance to either win or lose this match. But there’s more than the Great Lakes title on the line here, it’s a matter of personal pride. Grizzlee may be more popular, but it’s going to take more than a cheerleading section to get him over the hump and find a way to take the title from one fabulous champion.