By Erin G. Bragg


Is Laura Phoenix stuck in a rut? There is no denying that Phoenix is perhaps the bravest woman to ever step foot between the ropes of a Michigan Wrestling Organization ring. But it seems as of late the 4-time MWO Woman of the Year, former MWO Television Champion and member of Positive Promotions has been pushed to the sidelines of not only the organization all together, but within her own group as well.


JJ Hughes is now a 2- time Television champion, receiving a rematch only 2 shows later after losing it in the Battle Royal at WrestleRama 23 and will go on to defend his recovered TV Championship against Bam Grizzlee at the 2017 Slam-A-Thon in Waterford, Michigan on June 11th.


Roberto Cruz has become a rising star in his own right, even teaming with Phoenix on occasion. He has stamped his ticket into the Slam-A-Thon tournament where in a 4 corners match will face off against Tyson Dean, Cesar Ashur and The Demon Known as Skullz.


The only one on the outside looking in??


Phoenix. She is, as of the time of this article written, not been booked in any match for June 11th.


And she has been very oddly and eerily quiet about the whole situation. If anyone knows the past history of Laura Phoenix, when she feels like she is being held back, she not only comes out swinging but is very vocal about it in the process. When it seemed like Bam Grizzlee was in her way, she actually challenged him to a Best of 5 series where we have only seen them face off one time in Redford. Shortly after that, it seemed like it has all been forgotten about. But it has been silent.


From the perspective of this writer: Laura has this habit of not dealing so well with complacency. She doesn’t like to sit still rarely, if ever. It’s what lead to her turning against Rex Havoc. It’s even what lead her to being in the ring as a wrestler.


Heaven help the first soul that crosses her path when she has had enough of being forgotten about. Hell, just ask Sheldon Positive what Phoenix is like when she’s provoked.


And speaking of Mr. Positive; he has been extremely quiet as of late as well. In fact he’s barely been around at all. The last time we’ve seen Sheldon was at WrestleRama when his group were all eliminated by Bam Grizzlee. Phoenix seems to be the one that leads the promotion into battle when Positive is nowhere to be found. It’s odd to think of it this way, but the current combination of Positive Promotions is perhaps one of the most selfish group of individuals to ever be under the moniker of Positive Promotions. There is no common goal, there is no polar opposite group to battle against them. It’s just them versus the world, but in their own separate ways...


Maybe that is why it seems that during all of this; Laura has been lost in the shuffle. JJ took that spot battling Bam, Roberto slipping his way into these spots...and there is Laura, left on the outside. Waiting. And waiting....


And waiting....