THEE Cody Leedy’s ongoing conflict with The Uprising, specifically faction manager Simon Paige, has been well documented. Paige sent the 400-plus pound Blackwell into SummerSmash this past August with the hopes of ridding the Michigan Wrestling Organization of Leedy. Even in defeat, Cody made it known he was not going anywhere anytime soon. If anything, the SummerSmash confrontation only added fuel to the fire of this rivalry that will culminate in the biggest elimination tag team match in MWO history on October 22. And there now a stipulation added that if Cody’s team is victorious, he will get the chance to oppose Paige one-on-one in December at Christmas Clash.
              Paige consulted with his managerial colleague Mr. Positive to form an alliance between The Uprising and Positive Promotions. With Blackwell at the helm of the team as captain, Paige and Positive will combine Brother Will Vendetta, the Main Attraction JJ Hughes, Roberto Cruz, Laura Phoenix and the addition of Hall of Famer Kristian Klayton  into one mega team to battle Leedy’s squad of Jaysen Platinum, X-Convict, Alex Steele, Yos Bacane, and the Darkstar Logan. With six superstars on each side, this will be one of the most action-packed matches in Trick-or-Slam history.
              On paper, there may be a more cohesive nature on Team Blackwell, with both Paige and Positive helping mold the two stables into one team. But the addition of Klayton will be something to keep an eye on. The “Dragon Slayer” has no alliance with The Uprising or with Positive Promotions. The longest reigning Great Lakes champion in MWO history is a huge pickup for Blackwell’s team, but can he be trusted to truly work alongside his teammates. The common goal on Team Leedy is the various members’ hatred for both Paige and Positive. Platinum and X-Convict both spent time in Positive Promotions. Steele has unresolved issues with Phoenix. Bacane and Logan round out a very impressive group for Cody, one the team captain feels will lead his group to victory. Hopefully organization officials will assign multiple referees to this match. Because with 12 combustible elements, anything can happen.

There’s no question that Mr. Positive and Simon Paige can be considered the two most dangerous minds in the Michigan Wrestling Organization. Both managers have achieved great success by leading members of their respective stables to the top of the company. But make no mistake about it, while this Uprising/Positive Promotions union can be a dominant force, especially with big ole Blackwell leading the charge. The one guy not affiliated with either faction, that being the Dragon Slayer Kristian Klayton, can make or break this team. The group that THEE Cody Leedy represents a full spectrum of what the MWO has had to offer for a substantial amount time. Leedy was smart in recruiting Hall of Fame veterans Jaysen Platinum and X-Convict, and the return of The Darkstar Logan is a huge boost. Alex Steele is as tough as they come and has a lot of experience. But, ummm, Yos Bacane? That’s the green one, right? Or was he the red one? It won’t matter, I don’t expect him to be there with his hand raised as a survivor in the decision. This match is really a toss-up. Twelve people is a lot of chaos in one match. But I can say that Team Blackwell will do anything they can to keep Simon Paige from having to fight Leedy at Christmas Clash.