Rest In Peace. Three words that no Michigan Wrestling Organization superstar would want to hear coming from Skullz, the originator of the no-holds-barred stipulation that will now be implemented at the 20th Annual Trick-or-Slam. That is, of course, that superstar is the sinister Jack Teryn. For months, Skullz and Teryn have been involved a very heated rivalry that saw the “Ruler of Parts Unknown” upset during their first match at SummerSmash. In subsequent weeks that also saw Tragedy Ann and Eksel James Geer become focal points of the feud, Skullz has been stalking Teryn in a wild ride that will culminate on October 22 in Waterford.
              Skullz is naturally synonymous with the October supercard. He was in the main event of the first edition of Trick-or-Slam in 1998, and since then has been a staple at the Halloween-themed event. While he has seen his share of wins and losses at Trick-or-Slam, one thing for sure is that the “Ruler of Parts Unknown” has used the backdrop of Trick-or-Slam to channel his best and most dominant performances in the ring. He’s won championship gold and lost it in October. But this year, there is no title on the line. Instead the match with Teryn is personal. Geer’s influence on Teryn has made a big difference. Targeting Skullz to begin with was as bold a move as anyone looking to make an impact could make. And to the surprise of many, Teryn has been successful up to this point. Defeating Skullz was arguably Teryn’s biggest singles victory in the organization. Above all else, it proved that Jack Teryn is a monster and should be taken seriously as a legitimate contender to an MWO title. While Geer will likely have a game plan, it should be considered to have a plan of attack for Tragedy Ann. The “queen of the unknown” has become more involved as of late and is not afraid to engage in a confrontation with Geer.
              Skullz-Teryn II is a Rest in Peace Match. There are no disqualifications and no countouts. The only way to win the match is to pin your opponent in the ring. With no rules to follow, Teryn and the “Ruler of Parts Unknown” are expected to have one of the most physical matches in Trick-or-Slam history. One thing is certain: wherever the MWO championships reside at the moment, they are targets for whichever superstar emerges from this all-put brawl.

This will go down as the night the Michigan Wrestling Organization says goodbye to the legend that is Skullz. It’s been a great run, the guy has done it all here. And it’s fitting that the last time we see the almighty Ruler of Parts Unknown is at Trick-or-Slam. Here’s the thing, I cannot see a scenario that Jack Teryn does not come out of this RIP Match as the winner. He’s too big, too strong, and too focused. And if you compare the impact of Tragedy Ann and that of Eksel James Geer, I’m taking Eksel every time. Not to say that Tragedy isn’t important to the world of parts unknown, but Geer and Teryn have a plan. And in due time, probably when it’s too late, Jack Teryn will be the most dominating force in the MWO. And we can trace back the ascension to October 22, 2017.