By Melvin Pratt 

The 20th Anniversary of SummerSmash, held on August 13 at the Lake Callis Recreation Complex in Davison, provided many moments that Michigan Wrestling Organization fans will remember for some time to come. New champions were crowned. New rivalries ignited. And for one of the most established groups in the MWO, a dramatic change in their lineup may either strengthen or destroy it.
              Positive Promotions, headed up by manager Mr. Positive, has been a stalwart of organization supremacy for nearly five years now. Along the way, the group has been comprised of some of the brightest names to have ever competed in the MWO. Like most factions and stables, the roster under its umbrella has seen superstars come and go. From Jaysen Platinum and THEE Cody Leedy to JJ Hughes and Roberto Cruz, Mr. Positive has been able to form a stable of formidable talent. But, as most groups do, Positive Promotions seemed to have hit a roadblock in terms of gaining momentum to keep them on top as the dominant group in the organization. Especially since the formation and rise of The Uprising, Mr. Positive may have felt like he needed to shake up his stable. Perhaps he felt the Promotions camp needed a shot in the arm in order to rejuvenate Hughes, Cruz, and Laura Phoenix.
              “Mr. Positive is always thinking on how to keep his faction on top,”  said one MWO superstar who wished not to be named, “Say what you want about the guy, but Positive is one of the great managers in our history so I wasn’t at all surprised by his latest move.”
              The “move” alluded to was the addition of a new member into the Positive Promotions group. Just over an hour after Hughes lost the MWO Television championship to A. Wicked at SummerSmash, Positive saw the opportunity to send shock waves throughout the organization when it was revealed that another champion had joined the Positive Promotions group. In shocking fashion, MWO Great Lakes champion the Fabulous Scotty Fraytown revealed his new alliance with Mr. Positive and Positive Promotions. While on paper, the addition of Fraytown into the Promotions camp is a huge boost for the stable, others within the MWO are wondering if the Great Lakes champ is the right fit for the group.
              Fraytown has always marched to the beat of his own drummer. At no point during his tenures in the Michigan Wrestling Organization has the Fabulous One been a part of a faction or stable. He’s been a part of Trick-or-Slam elimination tag teams in the past, but never an “official member” of a faction. He’s loud, he’s brash, and he’s cocky, which is a drastic contrast to the usual subdued nature of Positive Promotions. Mr. Positive is a boisterous manager, but when it comes to in-ring warfare, there’s a strange sense of calm that surrounds Positive Promotions when it’s go time in the ring. As a manager, Mr. Positive has used to stable to elevate MWO talent. He guided Jaysen Platinum to the MWO Championship title and was at the helm as THEE Cody Leedy dominated the landscape as the longest-tenured TV champion in MWO history. Most recently, Hughes has benefitted from the group’s influence with his two runs as TV champion. With Fraytown, Positive is acquiring a champion already on top. And given the personality traits of Fraytown, it may seem it will take a lot of work to get the Fabulous One to get acclimated to his new stable.
              Many MWO insiders are split on what they think the future holds for Positive Promotions with the Fabulous Scotty Fraytown involved. Even some former members of the stable have gone on record to either applaud or condemn Fraytown’s joining of the Promotions.
              “Scotty Fraytown joining Positive Promotions is just what Mr. Positive needed to keep his group relevant,” said MWO reporter Leonard Broecker, “Especially as The Uprising is now in control of the MWO heavyweight title (stemming from Michael Reaver’s title win over John Campbell at SummerSmash), if Positive didn’t do something to add star power to his group, the end was near for the Promotions.”
              The acquisition of Scotty Fraytown certainly added star power. Even though he’s turned his back on his loyal fan base, Fraytown is one of the MWO’s best known superstars. With his new demenour and focus on his career, Fraytown is poised to be a big part of the organization’s future, something that was obviously appealing to Mr. Positive.  “Fraytown brings a certain level of experience and pizzazz to Positive Promotions,” Broecker said, “He may be just what this faction needed to recharge the batteries so to speak.”
              Other reporters who cover the MWO aren’t as optimistic for the future of Positive Promotions, some suggesting that Fraytown’s involvement in the group will ultimately lead to more problems within the group. The core roster of the “Main Attraction,” Phoenix, and Cruz have worked with each other for quite a while and are very familiar with one another. Fraytown’s addition and his boisterous demenour may be too much for the faction to adapt to.
              “If anyone thinks that Scotty Fraytown is going to be this savior of Positive Promotions and help keep this group as the No.1 faction in the MWO, they’re going to be sorely mistaken,” said columnist Wildman Williams, “I’m a fan of Fraytown and of Positive Promotions, but the two entities combined is like oil and water. Fraytown wants to be the center of attention, which he should, so the concept of working within a faction is just not going to work for Mr. Positive, his roster, and Scotty himself.”
              It’s going to be interesting to see how Fraytown works within Positive Promotions and how well he will be received as the weeks move on. At SummerSmash, they seemed like a cohesive unit after executing a plan that had obviously been premeditated to help Fraytown retain his Great Lakes championship against Bam Grizzlee—a frequent foe of Positive Promotions. But it almost seems as though the Fabulous Fraytown is being positioned as the unofficial leader of Positive Promotions, a role that Hughes had occupied during his time as a two-time MWO Television champion. Within an hour of losing the title, Hughes may have been replaced as the cornerstone of the Promotions by another superstar wearing a championship belt, leaving many to wonder how the “Main Attraction” is going to react to Fraytown being involved in Promotions business. Will the attention spent on Fraytown be too much for JJ to swallow, especially after all the work Hughes has put in to help keep Positive Promotions in the headlines? Representatives of the stable insist that there is no friction within Positive Promotions and that the addition of Scotty is a welcomed one by all members of the group.
              This could be a very interesting time for Positive Promotions. There is no doubt that the Fabulous Scotty Fraytown being added to the stable is just what Mr. Positive needed to keep his group relevant in the MWO. As The Uprising has done much of the same in terms of occupying the organization headlines, there could be a time where the two factions are embattled in an ultimate war for supremacy. Who the actual faction leader is could be the difference between victory or defeat. If the two stables were to begin a major a feud, the addition of Fraytown could be remembered as the best move for Positive Promotions, or it could be the final curtain call for one of the organization’s greatest factions. Time will tell.